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Amesbury, MA: May 31, 2014 75SS Pool Tournament


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The next tournament in the 2014 tournament season is already upon us! This tournament will require a bit of homework on your part, but will provide a unique and interesting set-up! Also be sure to check out our Facebook Group, Amesbury Malifaux Players (A.M.P. It up!).



  • 45SS games

  • 3 Rounds (1 hour 45 minutes each)

  • 75SS Pool: your crews will be made from a pre-selected batch of models. Your Pool of models must conform to the following rules:

    • The total cost of all models cannot exceed 75SS

    • You must declare a Faction for your Pool

    • You must have two Masters in your Pool (these do not cost anything towards the Pool).

    • Upgrades must be a part of the Pool, but do NOT have to be purchased for specific models.

    • You must hire duplicate models/upgrades if you wish to have duplicate models/upgrades in your crews (i.e. if you wish to be able to have a crew consisting of six Rotten Belles, then your Pool must contain six Rotten Belles).

    • Mercenary models, or models hireable through Abilities, only cost their SS Cost in the Pool (i.e. your Ressurectionist Pool would like to hire a Convict Gunslinger using the Mercenary Characteristic, this model would cost you 7SS in your Pool, although it will cost you 8SS when you hire it in your crews during the tournament).

    • Any Models that are summoned mid-game do NOT have to be present in your Pool in order to be Summoned, only hired Models must appear in the Pool.

  • Bring multiple copies of your Pool (at least one for yourself and one to be handed in to the TO).

  • Wave 3 Models are NOT allowed (Waves 1 and 2 are acceptable with the up-to-date cards)

  • Proxies are allowed for things without publicly available models (any proxy requests for models with publicly available models can be asked for by contacting the TO before the day of the event).


  • There will be an accompanied painting competition (included in entry fee).

  • Prize will be voted on by the players, enter your CREW (one you use for the event, summoned models are optionally included if you wish, must be include at least six models).


  • Saturday, May 31, 2014

  • Registration begins at 10:30, first round begins at 11:30 (on the spot, don't be late).

  • $10 Entry fee (ALL of the entry fee goes towards prize support).

  • Prizes for First Place, Second Place, Best Painted, Best Sportsmanship, Spoon (Last Place), and a random door prize if there are eight or more players!



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That's great to hear Matt, we are always glad to have you. Yes, we will be using the Gaining Ground strategies and deployments, for those unfamiliar, those are listed below.


  • Round 1: Reconnoiter/Flank Deployment
  • Round 2: Stake a Claim/Standard Deployment
  • Round 3: Reckoning/Corner Deployment
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Thank you to everyone who came to the event! I have posted the final results below. Mike Cohen took home Best Sportsmanship (througha  tie breaker, so everyone was terrific, thank you!) and Matt Lotz took home Best Painted! Our next event is on August 9, 2014, you can find it here!


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