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Wet Behind The Ears


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Hi everyone! I'm Em, and I live outside Stevens Point, WI. I'm still fairly new to mini gaming, having cut my teeth on Warmachine only four months ago. A henchman came into my husband's game store, and as soon as he showed off his collection of Rotten Belles, I was hooked.

I'm really looking forward to diving headfirst into this wonderfully wicked world, and would love to get to know the community! I'll start off with how far into the story I've gotten.



I absolutely love the Neverborn faction, and received my Pandora Box Set today. I'm still reading through the rule book, so I'm definitely inexperienced. Feedback on the factions and game styles would be appreciated!

Thanks, everyone. :)

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That was a great read! But, being a Pandora player, I was a bit underwhelmed by the entry for her that they placed.


Pandora is about synergy and finesse. She doesn't go up and knock the bejeezus out of anyone (though Teddy or Baby Kade are decent at that), she and her crew are all about Wp duels and controlling the other opponent's choices. Muck around with the opponent's reality so they get a monkey wrench in their plans, in order for you to accomplish yours. Make them use a lot of cards to stop your shenanigans so that they don't have enough cards to do theirs.


She takes some getting used to, as I am finding out, but she is definitely a lot of fun. Combos and positioning and synergy are key. And I chose her specifically because I love the models. They're fun to paint!

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