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  1. I built my bayou realllllllllll cheap thanks to local stores still having 2e stuff. 2e wong starter + wrastler box + alt lenny + merris + smugglers + Brin for the cost of any other 3e starter set. Missing cards sucks, but I haven't played a game without the app so.
  2. So I've jumped into this crew since the 2e stuff (Wong box, Lenny for Alphonse, cursed swine + wrastlers) was cheaper than the new Wrastler box. Compared to Parker it sure seems like a lot more plates to have to keep spinning.
  3. Excellent points! I'm still coming to grips with the game, and was wanting to bust out the Red Joker in my hand to delete a model. Chip damage it is.
  4. So what kinda things can Parker gangs do against gangs that bring a lot of Hard To Wound?
  5. Oh right, thanks So just to be crystal clear, even if Gunslinger had lost the duel, but survived, for sake of argument low damage + armor. Losing the duel with a mask wouldn't qualify for quick draw?
  6. So this came up in another beginner game; Lone Marshal on 1 HP, shoots Convict Gunslinger on 1 HP. Marshal has: Unnatural Vigor: After killing an enemy model, this model Heals 2 Gunslinger has: DF [mask] Quick Draw: If this action is 🔫 action, the attacking model suffers 2/4/5 damage. This damage flip suffers a negative. In our game the Lone Marshal flipped a Black Joker, but before that happened, we were curious as to whether the Gunslinger's ability would fire if he were dead, or if the Marshal would heal first.
  7. Hi, love the app, big big fan. I just can't seem to import crews from my friend's links. He sent me this, that he made on his ipad; https://m3e.page.link/ELrns4qVSTYQmtyCA - doesn't do anything when I tap it on my phone, app opens on the menu and nothing else. Made this on my google pixel 4; https://m3e.page.link/EeA6tbhhCS2Hgpgw5 - does the exact same thing. Is there a spot on the app I can enter a link to import a crew?
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