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  1. Hey all! Just a bit less than a week left for team signups! If you are looking for a team, or are a team looking for a third, shoot me a DM this week and I'll try to facilitate connections. We're encouraging teams to be from a single meta, but if you have friends outside of your main region/country, you're welcome to put them on your team.
  2. Players can solo a master each round if they want. But, in the case of dual faction masters, only one player per team can declare each master each round. So if your team has EXP and TT players, can't both declare McCabe in the same round.
  3. Player pack is up on the original post! The player pack describes how round pairings will be determined; each round comes with three maps and teams will assign each of their players to a map. Pairings will be revealed at the start of each round. We are also going to require that players in a team each declare a different master within each round. E.g., if a team has a Bayou player and a Neverborn player and Neverborn declares Zoraida in Round 1, Bayou cannot declare Zoraida that round.
  4. Roughly, yes. It'll be a week or so behind. The intention is something running more or less at the same time as the MWS Championship for those who don't qualify.
  5. Ideally it'll be 3 rounds in the group stage and 3 rounds for Top 8 elimination. If it needs to happen to make the number work, we might add a week to the group stage, but we'll try to avoid that if possible. It'll be 1/week per round similar to the World Series. The group stage should end around the first week of September and the whole thing should be wrapped up by October.
  6. Alcathous

    Team Cup 2021

    Registration for the 2021 Vassal Team Cup is open! Successor to the team event held last year, the 2021 Team Cup will begin the third week of August. This is a 50ss, GG2, singles tournament to determine what nation can put together the best team of Malifaux players! Gather your best and get signed up! Registration will be open until August 5th, giving for us a week to organize groups and pairings. The tournament will start with a round-robin group phase to determine the top 8 teams. Then the top 8 will proceed to an elimination bracket to determine who gets to take home the cup. Teams must be made up of 3 players. Each player in a team must register as a different faction. Each team must play three different masters in a round. E.g., if a team has a Bayou player and a Neverborn player and Neverborn declares Zoraida in Round 1, Bayou cannot declare Zoraida that round. We do not want any one country to make up more than half of the teams, but other than that, there will be no limit to the number of teams that can register per country. A player pack with detailed rules and pools for the group phase will be posted Soon™. If you have any questions, contact myself or @Insomniakwulf. We're on the forums, but are more accessible via discord: alcathous#5867 // insomniakwulf#7233 7.25 Added Group Phase Players Pack Team Cup Players Pack - Group Phase.pdf
  7. Hello all! I'm pleased to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: Bad Things Happen This is your last chance to qualify for the invitational in August! Register to Bad Things Happen here. This event will run July 6th–Aug 2nd. Registration is open today and remain open until July 5th. This is a 4 round, 50ss, singles event. Your place in this event will apply towards qualification to the World Championship invitational that is tentatively scheduled to begin August 9th. I am GMT-7 based out of the US, but this event is open to anyone who wants to play. Player's pack with pools is attached. World Series rankings will are hosted at https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us! We are working on consolidating our information, but for now, we have these links: Series Event Calendar Player Contact List Game and Match Data Series Rules FAQ - We are trying to keep rules disputes contestant across the series. If something comes up in game, check here first. I will check this post as often as I can, but my preferred contact is via Discord: @Alcathous#5867 Bad Things Happen.pdf
  8. I'm not certain about that one, but I've always played a 0" move counts as a Move effect.
  9. I call foul. If you need to remove a word and add punctuation to get to the ruling you want, it's probably not the right ruling.
  10. Definitely looking forward to picking this up to play with my partner. Looks sweet!
  11. @Morgan Veningexactly right. Normally the card matters when relenting for the TN or for triggers, but in the case of Rougaru's roar, the trigger is enemy only and there's no TN. But 6" movement on Rex/Emissary/Aeslin/Titania can be real good. It's a simple AP transfer, really, but the Rougaru is fast enough to make it up in later turns.
  12. You do need to flip, there's just no chance of failure if you relent.
  13. Raffle Time! This is the second of three raffles that we’ll be doing for the world series and is based on participation in the February, March, and April event. We awarded a virtual raffle ticket to each player for participating in an event, for each game where a player scored 4+ VP, for finishing an event best in faction, and for finishing an event on the podium. Here’s our raffle winners this round: $5 Wyrd store voucher: @thefinaltuba $5 Wyrd store voucher: @SEV $10 Wyrd store voucher: @AJ $10 Wyrd store voucher: @Legislat $15 Wyrd store voucher: @Rastanor $20 Wyrd store voucher: ChickenLeg on Discord I’ll be in touch with the winners to pass along their codes. Congratulations to the winners and huge thanks to Wyrd for supporting this series! --- Speaking of the series, the July event, "Bad Things Happen", will be the last qualifying tournament before the World Series Championship. I will be posting a players pack Soon, but in the meantime you can get a head start on registration now. Bad Things Happen will be a 4-rounder with the first round starting July 6th. Once "Bad Things Happen" wraps up, invites for the Top 16 will be sent out. The Championship is scheduled to start approximately the second week of August, running for 6 weeks. --- Also in August, we will be bringing back the Team Cup! Teams of three will compete against each other for the right to claim their country is the best at Faux! Get your team ready and expect registration within the next month. Teams will register representing one country/region and each player will need to play a different faction. Similar to last time, there will be a group phase followed by a finalists bracket. However, we're going to streamline matchmaking and bring rounds down to 1 week each. We don't want to enforce a team limit per country this time, but we will keep an eye on things to make sure no single country is dominating the field.
  14. In thre Friendly, Enemy, & Control section of the rules: Since the example for "enemies controlling movement" uses "targets pushes", I think the acting model is controlling Bring It.
  15. When I have done this I've sat in the observer seat. You can't use the flip buttons, but you can still drag and flip the cards manually. It's not too bad.
  16. Recover Evidence dropped enemy strategy markers for the other team to pick up, so there is precedence for strats "seeing" a friendly/enemy distinction.
  17. You should try Emissary with Euripides sometime. It's spicy.
  18. Fae: Emissary should be green and Killjoy should be orange. Emissary should be in your main list over KJ. KJ is much more situational, harder to use, and would need to be flexed out sooner. Hooded rider and rougaru should be yellow. Serena should go down to orange. Savage: Crew looks good for the cost, but Cyclops are pretty much mandatory. I'd leave your core the same (it's good for learning) but move Cyclops to green. Lyssa should be yellow; no one should be buying changelings before Lyssa. The Howling should get on the list, either red/orange. Nightmare/Woe: Carver should be orange at least. Opportunist (Focus) is definitely tech worth having in rotation.
  19. The MWS event FAQ is updated to reflect the GG2 changes and errata. Mostly this removed redundant or overruled rulings. Here's the link to the document. Thanks for everyone's patience.
  20. Isn't it more to due with the fact that the Push rules explicitly state the pushed models stop when the hit Impassable (and therefore also Climbable) terrain?
  21. Don't! There's a lot of rules to keep track of in this game. Everyone misses one at some point.
  22. Climbing is a function of the walk action, so any other type of movement must go around.
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