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  1. I think only Lucius could really do it at a Runic Binding rate, and he's reliant on Draw Out Secrets to make that happen.
  2. Something no-one is truly prepared to deal with.
  3. Only if you think you'll have trouble getting it later. I have tried this and if you can't support that model in the middle, it will easily get caught. If you rush the middle marker, it makes it easy for your opponent to engage that model, potentially trapping your lodestone in a place where you can't score your backfield markers.
  4. He's here occasionally: @ScottishMetaLew My last game is set up as Titania vs Ivan. Rough, but doable. No lists as of yet.
  5. Alas, this loophole doesn't help out my poor, slow Waldegeists.
  6. I can facilitate this.
  7. I think you'll find fewer bad pools than you think. Titania is a great foundation to build upon as you're learning. Have fun! 🍁
  8. For Corrupted Ley Lines I usually start with Rougaru, Emissary, and a Waldgeist and build to the matchup from there. Waldegeist and Gorar are usually claiming my first two Ley Lines then passing the Lodestone to Emissary to pick up 3-4. Rougaru is getting Titania and maybe Emissary up the board, then he supports the runners and uses roar/claws to try deny points. I've come around to The Way of the Lashing Tendril.
  9. Killjoy is niche, but his upgrade and bury mechanic have uses. Keeping up with the crew is only a problem if you're playing aggro Titania, but you don't have to play her that way. I've used Killjoy as an anchor and let Aeslin and Titania draw models into his reach with thorns. It can do work. @Roadhouse is a solid Titania player, but I find this game is far too varied and Titania is far too flexible to be starting crew building with 28ss locked. If she is one master in your roster, then playing her a specific way for specific pools makes more sense, but while she's your only master I woul
  10. Interested but concerned about committing to too many games and mostly focused on the mws events.
  11. Great game, @Filox and well played. It was neck and neck, but I feel like I made a couple of mistakes and my opponent didn't. The right guy won this one Turn 1 I think I should have cheated initiative. I remember Filox flipped high, but I believe a severe from my hand would have been worth activating last with Titania T1. I told a friend before this match that I would be able to tell the caliber of opponent by how much they valued killing the Gorar, and well... it was relevant. I wasn't too concerned about losing the Malisaurus T1, but I definitely underestimated how deep J would be a
  12. It doesn't. The trigger uses target of the attack, and then pulses to affect models within 2". The models in the pulse are not targeted.
  13. I don't envy you. Euri could have some serious game into Explorers if not for Jedza existing.
  14. Update for R1: 5-4 with Titania vs Mah in a fantastic game against @Axilees. Dreamer was my first pick, but in a Standard/Assassinate pool against Bayou Titania seemed safer. Mah, Zipp, and Zoraida all looked likely in this pool, and the first two have the tools to punish Dreamer while putting up points. I felt comfortable with Titania into any of the three and she had good scoring options in the pool, so that settled it. I brought Titania (+Pact), Gorar, Emissary, Rider (+Pact), Aeslin, a Black Blood Shaman, and a 10ss cache. I chose Assassinate and Research Mission. My opponent br
  15. Lol. No. We're a faction of large damage tracks, but no anti-healing. We have to kill things naturally like schmucks.
  16. This is why I like the Emissary. You're still getting aoe and hazardous, plus you get stagger, severe terrain, and a slightly more durable body. You don't have to manage tokens for your offense/defense. Once the hungry land is down, they're down and you don't need activation control each round for value.
  17. Great point on tentacles! It's so often overlooked and it really shines into a low MV opponent like this. I disagree about Rider. His 1/2/3 damage track vs Armor doesn't really hold up and I don't think Ride With Me is needed in Wedge. The blasts sorta make up for it, but I think there are better options.
  18. It's definitely a pain in the neck for Pandora. As is often the case, Candy's aura really shines in this situation. You can definitely outpace his condition removal though if you are prolific enough.
  19. Ish. Hoffman is WP 7 (I think) but the rest is fairly low WP. However, most of the models are Armor 2, so self loathing loses a lot of value even on the beaters.
  20. Geryon are very good against most melee beaters. Although all the pushes in Hoffman mitigate that substantially. Is it worth the tax to bring into a Pandora crew? I've considered them ook for anti-charge tech in the past, but usually I decide they aren't worth the points without ice pillar support.
  21. It's not blasphemy, but alas the ws events are currently single-master only.
  22. I like Emissary in Pandora with multiple sorrows and multiple lyssa, but I don't think that works in an evidence pool, sadly.
  23. Not quite the same role, but haz/severe really messes up the robot bubble. It's not gonna go down T1, but you should be able to clog up a spot where OP has models early T2. The placement can definitely be hard, but the ghosts at least don't care.
  24. Ehn.. aside from Joss' irreducible damage, the crew also has a fair amount of anti-construct plans. I do like the lure, but she's not your only option for that. Good on the map, plus Spread It Around handing out staggered is great against the augmented bonus action thing. And hazardous gets real good with misery. I like him in this matchup way more than Hina. Focus control, burning, blasts, plus once Joss is dealt with (you have to do so or you lose), Terrifying holds up well. I'm skeptical it's worth it in Pandora's crew for 7 points. Better to bring the emissary and f
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