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  1. I heard that the winning player had a set-list Nekima build: Nekima - cache 7 - Inhuman Reflexes Blood Hunter totem Hayreddin - Inhuman Reflexes Mature Nephilim - Ancient Pact Mature Nephilim - Ancient Pact Black Blood Shaman Major gameplan was kill something important and then out-activate.
  2. I think you can rep either one and probably get through the same sets of strats (and MOSTLY the same schemes) if you're on a budget. But there are places where one is better than the other. I'd agree with the podcast that Lucius has a bit more offense than Nellie, although either can, yknow, grab a peacekeeper and pale rider, so. Lucius is probably slightly better than Nellie at playing/preventing Plant Explosives (although shoving enemies back with the Printing Press is a lot of fun), while Nellie is probably slightly better at Corrupted Idols, particularly because she heals 2 per interact, so it's pretty easy to position so that you shift an idol 4" without taking damage on her, and still control an area of interaction with her Exclusive Interview bubble. I also think the podcast is correct that Nellie can get one thing to move really well (her bonus action is great), while Lucius can move a whole crew around a bit at a time.
  3. I'm pretty sure that "the same effect" means "the same instance of the effect." There are a handful of other abilities that make it clear that we aren't supposed to track the history of effects over the entire length of a turn or activation. So each instance of "Revel in Creation" is its own effect, the same way that shooting twice with a peacebringer is not the same attack. I'm not sure whether we have any sort of similar precedent, though, to identify a single model activating twice as "two models in a row" activating. Linguistically, it's pretty clear that it is actually one model activating twice, so without other rules bearing on it, I'd be inclined to allow it -- again, provided you have 10 tomes to work with in a late game turn.
  4. Thanks -- you're correct of course -- that should read "you will fail the action," as above, and I'll adjust it. Yes, I'm with you here and happy to confirm that again for anyone who references this. If you shift the target scheme marker with the trigger, it will be the new-and-final target, and the original one will not be affected.
  5. So, curious to confirm my read of the Prepared Explosives trigger on Undercover Reporter’s Arson ability. It seems to me that to use it: 1) you need a scheme marker within 10”, because otherwise the action will fail in step 3 on page 23 of the rule book, which will cause you to skip steps 4-5. This is because Arson reads, _Instead of dropping a shockwave marker, this action must center its shockwave on target scheme marker within range._ So even though you could intend to duel and cheat in your trigger suit on step 4 to move it to a marker anywhere in play, you cannot do that until you actually perform the duel, so if you don’t have an initial target, you will fail the (edit:) action. 2) Having targeted a marker within 10”, you are now free to duel, get or cheat for your trigger, and declare Prepared Explosives, which immediately (in step four of resolving the Arson action, because declaring triggers is part of performing the duel) changes the target marker to any marker in play. 3) you complete step 5 of resolving the action, taking the shockwave from the new location and then completing arson, in order, which means at the end of those duels you remove the marker. Does that match how others read this?
  6. I’ve written it out before or the Guild threads, but HotR has the single worst technical writing I’ve seen in a game. And I think our designers did a great job giving us a great game - this one is just particularly hard. i just posted the following to a local group FB thread on Basse: what happens is basically this: You hire Cornelius, Bernadette, and a Frontiersman. Cornelius deploys: a weird unspecified timing window is suddenly created. - his HOTR ability triggers, and he can deploy +1". - Bernadette's HOTR ability triggers, and Cornelius can deploy +1". Because it has a "+" sign, these stack, and he now can deploy +2". - the Frontiersman's HOTR triggers, and Cornelius can deploy +1". Because of the + sign stacking, he can now deploy +3". Now Bernadette deploys: a weird unspecified timing window is suddenly created ... etc.
  7. Yeah, we've got Omaha and Lincoln ... and I think there might be some guys in Des Moines who play?
  8. Yeah, I got into Malifaux because I loved the idea of a game broad enough to have a blind lady samurai committed to eradicating undead and a top-hat wearing investigator rolling up evidence in a rug! Between that and loving all the equal representation of women in Guild, I figured I'd love the faction! Still do, really (not thrilled to discover they're the fascists), and I'm well on my way to collecting the whole faction, so there's some sunk cost in my models at this point! We'll see if I cross the Lucius bridge to Neverborn or the Hoffman bridge to Arcanists someday ... probably just in time for the Soulstone Miner/Steam Arachnid Swarm/Stitched Together nerf of "models starting with S!" ;P
  9. Obviously we need a Guild Invitational for all NA Guild players! Let's see ArcanoThunderCasts win THAT one!
  10. A tournament style league? I’m yore huckleberry! Well, I mean ...
  11. Mostly curiosity! I’m mentally mapping out who’s where as I hear all these batreps and such, both to get a sense of how metas develop and in case I ever get out to travel tourneys!
  12. Thanks - it’s been a while now but I thought i had cheated out of the engineer attack - I think Hannah put in 8 wounds’ worth over three attacks, which would mean 14 total damage - that would be one of each damage track + a ram (well, 3 5 7 makes 15), which would have been enough to clear the peacekeeper even at full wounds. Anyway, fair game and well played - I agreed with you during the tourney that current RAW leave space for free-charge Hannah, but I’m definitely in the camp that it should be clarified in the opposite direction in an FAQ! ;D
  13. That's about what I've thought through with Basse so far. Do you play the Austringers "back" (e.g., the front of the original deployment zone) and use walk/focus/bird attacks, or do you also find yourself using standard ranged shots with them? The other issue I find in Basse games is the crew stringing out and winding up with an isolated forward target -- do you generally run Basse/Reichart/Rider more or less together, along with Bernadette for the lure? That really is a pretty big hammer. And finally, what about traps? I've found hiring 2-3 to be an effective way to slow my opponent's expansion in one direction, and to force them to either slow down or string out beaters. I've experimented with bringing one Pathfinder just to let the traps reposition for the amusing focus/charge attack. Any thoughts there?
  14. This is correct, but I think that's not the significant part of @solkan's definition -- the "damage suffered" is the reference point for Corrupted Idols when it checks for the distance, and Jack Daw's ability actually changes the value of "damage suffered," as follows: "When this model 'suffers damage,' it may discard a card. If it does so, the damage this model suffers is changed to 1 irreducible damage." So Jack Daw's ability literally changes the value of the reference point for the Corrupted Idols resulting toss, and they're going to be the same. If the Daw player wants to throw it farther (with Daw), then s/he will have to take more than 1 damage on Daw to do it.
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