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  1. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I have to pick up on this. I see a lot of people saying the Morphling is weak but when you stick it on a unit of Skulkers, you have a unit that can teleport anywhere on the board and take an objective. Sit in the back until the end of the turn - activate, eat one fireteam to go to glory, fade and kill another fireteam and get a reinforcement token, then fade again using the morphling action anywhere on the table. Then use the Skulkers action to interact. Unless you've got the board presence to crowd it out you're going to lose control of that objective/have it pillaged.
  2. Oh man, 2C is where it's at. The game is still really good at 1C, and quite a bit quicker, but 2C is when it really starts to sing and all the cool toys come out to play. But yeah, I always field Margaret, unless I'm doing an Alliegance Box fight. Her mobility and general utility is just too good to pass up. I haven't tried gunning for Horo with her yet though. She'll miss out on some benefits because he's not a champion, plus his Cloud of Steam is an ability rather than an action (I think) so she couldn't redirect that with Rapier Wit. Still, it might be worth a shot - it'd be useful to flip him out of glory and bring that ridiculous armour down a peg.
  3. Thanks for the reply. We tend to play 2C almost exclusively. My opponent has paired up with the Frenzy and then the Siren. Funilly enough I found the Frenzy easier to deal with on the whole, although having them, Horo and an Alpha attacking together tore the heart out of my centre. Killing the single Skulker is easier said than done, because it can be kept out of line of sight and even if I can draw a bead on it, it'll be in cover. Not to mention it'll be in base with terrain, therefore double flipping. There will be at least one, if not two Karkinoi units crapping out eggs for the activation advantage, so the Skulker will wait until the last moment and then appear wherever it likes at the end of the turn and create/pillage/flip an objective. It's frustrating, but I've got to learn to play around it I guess. I have one unit of Borderers, but I tend to save them for the "Behind Enemy Lines" strat since it's such a good fit for them, but maybe I need to look at investing in another unit of them for early game stalling. And yeah, I knew about the +2AV - it's a great unit. I've also seriously considered the Mechanised Infantry as well. It's a good suggestion, because they offer such a solid, credible melee threat which will make plowing in to my lines much less attractive. However, I was trying to avoid teching in to Aby too much. Apart from anything else it means no Thrace, who always tends to perform well when I field her. I hadn't considered a second King's Hand though. I feared taking even one against Horo because of the asset stripping via his super heated claws but maybe two is the answer because of the redundancy it offers. In any case, it looks like my wallet might be the real victim here! Lots to think about...
  4. Alright chaps. After an early crop of victories I'm really starting to struggle vs. the Gibbering Hordes. The Striped Skulkers with Morphling being able to take any objective on the board feels ridiculous to try and deal with, but I'll save that for another topic. What's pushing them over the edge is Horomatangi and his "Bellow of Command" spamming out reinforcement tokens. To say nothing of the horrendous damage that thing can put out. When he goes in with an an Alpha Crawler my line just crumbles. Have any of you faced him yet and, if so, how so you deal with him? I've only played two games against him but in both I just tried to ignore him since taking him down didn't seem realistic. For reference my opponent takes Burning Man envoy so he can have the COTBM Horomatangi asset on him, in addition to his hordes one, and then Uncanny Instincts for the cheating and card advantage.
  5. Capture the Flag & Keep Calm & Carry on are probably my two most used. Capture the flag in particular is a potentially game breaking strat when used at the right time. Keep Calm & Carry on used on a unit of Rifle Corps has also been excellent - especially when your opponent believes a unit or objective to be safe. The Corps are so reliable they can often get themselves back in to glory on the second activation on top of whatever else they achieve. Earth strats, I like Behind Enemy lines for the same reason Razhem has stated - surprise steamfist weilding Welsh. I also think Unwaivering Resolve is great for mind games. Just knowing you have a card in hand that trumps even the Red Joker can cause some odd behavoir in your opponent. Assets, I don't have too much to add, although I will tend to use Military Assistant on Belle rather than Charles because she gets inbuilt Tomes on her dagger in glory and therefore benefits from the Two Heads are Better Than One trigger more reliably.
  6. Welcome to the other side I think GH suffer from clumping more than most because they tend to have lots of cheap bases and then have to spam down eggs in between them. What operation where you playing? The only one with mosh pit potential imho is pitched assault. The others naturally cause a better distribution of forces across the board (if you're trying to score the mission and not just kill that is). Also make sure that you're following the terrain guidance and don't have more than 25% coverage. If you're using lots of blocking/impassable terrain you want good gaps, at least 50mm wide, between each piece. Finally, spending the tactics token to disengage is well worth it - and commanders facing off against melee heavy forces should budget their tokens accordingly. Remember that one token does a whole unit - so each fireteam can disengage with just one token spent. It's difficult to find tokens in single commander games though, so if that's what you're playing then yeah, could be a struggle. As for my more general thoughts on this topic - I've played a lot of tabletop wargames over the years, and each game I play of ToS cements my opinion that this may be the best I've ever played. It's sublime - and produces better experiences more consistently than anything I've had on the table before it.
  7. Miss Leading - an alternate Charles Edmonton. Because everybody loves a gal in uniform with a giant gun, especially one who knows how to lead her shots. Amirite? Fold the tripod up, have the gun standing with her leaning on it, probably drinking some tea after a hard days sniping.
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