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  1. Is there a way to jump down without taking falling damage?
  2. The Ortega's Getting after it, in the Badlands!
  3. So I have some poker chips from events i participated in, in 2e. but i don't see the link to cash them in. Is that gone now? if so i'll use them as tokens. just wasn't sure?
  4. Well hopefully it gets some more love soon. I am excited to see how it all goes and I hope it didnt just finish painting my Abyssinia for nothing lol.
  5. I am just wondering if the lack of activity on TOS forums here due to no real interest in the game? or is the community at large for it just using some other medium for communicating?
  6. Holy up, are you telling me I can run two masters on a table at a time? *mind blown*
  7. If when building a crew, a Master or Henchman leader is counted as 0 for a cost. Why is there a cost associated with the Masters? My group and I feel like we are missing something, and are trying to make sure we are doing everything right.
  8. KuVenet


    Has there been any information about the addition of the other factions featured in the back of the core book? Im really enjoying this game and I am very curious as to how the guild will work and operate in the Other side. my search fu is weak i admit so if there is already information posted about it. Please just point me in the right direction!
  9. I had left Malifaux and the Breach behind me as it seemed i never had the time to devote to it. Then i saw 3rd Ed sitting on the shelf at my local game shop....and Here I am with my one way ticket to Malifaux City.. I should have never left! And I won't again!
  10. Are my penny dreadfuls and various suppliments still good with the TTB second edition?
  11. Short Notice I know, but Grand Adventures is having a tournament this weekend! 50 ss normal format. Please if you are going to attend the even sign up for it on our event page on facebook. This is so we get an accurate number of tables prepared for the event. Thanks! Link to the Event! https://www.facebook.com/events/394369564245092/
  12. Grand Adventures Comics and Games is hosting a Malifaux Tournament on 5 November 10 dollar entry fee, 40 SS with 2 hrs rounds, this event is aimed at beginners who want to get their feet wet in the Malifqux tournament scene. All the the info can be found on the Facebook event page. So sign up no check it out! https://www.facebook.com/events/571778629675900/?ti=icl
  13. Ride the train into the lands of Malifaux and start staking your claim!! I'll be running two one shot penny dreadful event on Sunday October 16th at Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro. I will have pre-construct characters available, or if you already have a character that you have been using at other events those will be allowed for play! First session will be from 10am-2pm Second Session will be from 3pm-7pm Each Session will only have enough seats for 6 people per, due to available playing space. PM me to check available spots! 1103 NW Broad St. Ste 4
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