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  1. Hey there, we played a game this day where three Arachnids became a Swarm. And now they got injured. What do we do? Do they have to remain a Swarm now? Otherwise: who would be injured? Just one Arachnid? Thx for some ideas 😊
  2. Hey there, if I get an SS Bonus in Shifting Loyalties, do I get to keep the unused SS? Are sold units rounded up? Plus: if , let‘s say, I sacrifice a Steam Arachnid, is it annihilated or does it flip for injuries? Thanks 4 the help!
  3. That’s exactly what my son and I were wondering about! He just bought the Ramoscrew😸
  4. Oh, I thought you add the suit as in you replace it! so much to learn 👌🏻 Thx a mil
  5. Hi guys, One thing I dont get: if it says e.g. „For every ram in the final duel total....“. How do I get more than one ram? In duel flips it is one card for each opponent? Bests, Zolledine
  6. One last question though - this Monk of many Ability doesn't get me new Upgrades into play. I can only swap them to other figures, right? And: can I attach them to ANY model - no restrictions?
  7. Thank you! We have a lot of fences... cool idea to make them „soft“... and I will put together a tent. Awesome idea!
  8. Thank you guys so much! One question though about 5: do I have to pay for the upgrades in SS?
  9. What exactly would be soft cover? If there is wood in it (fences, broken coaches... ) it’s hard. If there is stone (houses, rocks...) it’s hard. So what do you guys have on the table that is soft? Thx for your help!
  10. Can’t find it in the rules. Can you hire more than one enforcer? I guessed not.... Thx for the help!
  11. Hey there, some questions after my fourth play... 1. Does „Knowing Wind....“ always work? Just by standing next to Shenlong one is protected? 2. Why should I pick up the Burning or Poison condition? Is there any advantage? 3. Can I spawn Peasants „endlessly“? As long as one is alive to use Miracle? 4. What is the limit to Defence etc. if I choose Flow like water? 5. Can I choose upgrades through Monk of many styles up to the limit of three? So start with none and boost during the game? Thx for your help!
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