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  1. Hey there, if a model shoots at another model and there is any crew's model in between them (meaning: LOS), does anything happen to the duel flip? I think, it should be some kind of cover as it is hard to shoot "through" a model...but then again: it's neither friendly fire nor blocking terrain... Thanks for your insights!
  2. I‘d be prone to that, too 😊
  3. Hey guys, I’m sure there must be a list somewhere that sums up the rule changes from M2e to M3e... is there?
  4. Hey there, we played a game this day where three Arachnids became a Swarm. And now they got injured. What do we do? Do they have to remain a Swarm now? Otherwise: who would be injured? Just one Arachnid? Thx for some ideas 😊
  5. Hey there, if I get an SS Bonus in Shifting Loyalties, do I get to keep the unused SS? Are sold units rounded up? Plus: if , let‘s say, I sacrifice a Steam Arachnid, is it annihilated or does it flip for injuries? Thanks 4 the help!
  6. That’s exactly what my son and I were wondering about! He just bought the Ramoscrew😸
  7. Oh, I thought you add the suit as in you replace it! so much to learn 👌🏻 Thx a mil
  8. Hi guys, One thing I dont get: if it says e.g. „For every ram in the final duel total....“. How do I get more than one ram? In duel flips it is one card for each opponent? Bests, Zolledine
  9. One last question though - this Monk of many Ability doesn't get me new Upgrades into play. I can only swap them to other figures, right? And: can I attach them to ANY model - no restrictions?
  10. Thank you! We have a lot of fences... cool idea to make them „soft“... and I will put together a tent. Awesome idea!
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