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  1. sorry @Caedrus this month i have to mulligan 😕 hopefully next month i'll have something
  2. Ahah ! Since Alphonse is a Leblanc i could see his cousin Sparks help in the process But @Primate guess seems very likely : we'll see I will be happy either way, only thing that i wouldn't like is if the 3 Test Subjects are 3 Orangutans : i want 3 different beast if possible
  3. Maxooo

    Tors Tables

    Breathtaking !! 😮👍
  4. Slop Hauler done for 5ss ! ( @Nikodemus I don't know what that means but it sounds like a good thing so Thank you 😄)
  5. some progress on my slop hauler decided to go for that one first, instead of the one with the barrel on his back
  6. Thanks @Caedrus ! That's how they look when they done : (painted thoses months ago, haven't painted much since then ^^) I call them my Little Devils Thats how i see gremlins !
  7. I like this one! Maybe a little much on the Heroic scale side but for some reason it works for me this time ( maybe coz he's fat ? 😛) ps: what's going on with his socks ? in the render they made it look like multiple leather straps or something lol
  8. So February i think will be one of thoses 3, maybe 2 or maybe some other gremlins ( i have a lot of them standing and waiting on the shelf of shame ^^ ) , let's see how it goes
  9. @Burnin' Coal What you're doing is.. Criminal! yeah i said it ! 😛 With such beautiful painted minis how can, We that haven't picked up TOS, resist anymore !? ...😭
  10. My, OH, MY! ... 😮 RIP yool 1981-2019 ... 😂 I feel like I opened Pandora's Box, but i can't be held responsible if some person pass the TN 14 Wp duel ! am I?
  11. yeah ... not as bad as the Lord Chompy Bits was but i hope it doesn't become a trend. Stop giving thoses renders to do to the intern!! ( i'm joking don't crucify me! i have no idea who or how many people work on thoses renders )
  12. Throw us a bone !! come on I think i've seen it mentioned in the New Years wishes so I guess you guys haven't totally gave up on Bayou Bash but i'm not really the patient type 😛 I love the M3e hype but what about some Bayou Bash glimpses as a cherry on top !!
  13. Ahah ! Ain't just an impression IT IS stronger!! French Squad is StronK !😛 And Btw I'm quite impressed with that Purifying Flame, I always found that model kinda ugly for some reason but i guess it was cause' i haven't seen yours so far I love that you went for a really Dark squeletton for more contrast and also like the different tones on that sweat sweat OSL'ed base
  14. Oh yeah! you got good eyes, couldn't see that but now that you say it, it may contribute to that "meh" feeling about the pose. I agree that he looks a bit static and also i find the cape a little too "GW thick" I find that the mask in the art and the one in the render both look cool ! I just wonder why they went a totally other direction with the style of it in the render but at least it still ended up looking gud
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