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  1. Maxooo

    Starting Bayou/Gremlins in M3

    2 words @Da Big Baws : Go Ophelia !
  2. Maxooo

    Can't see the Bayou Subforum as a Guest

    Thanks ! Now the Bayou can ... SHINE ! šŸŽ‡šŸ»
  3. For some reason Bayou is the only Subforum i can't see when i'm not connected, is this some form of Guild repression, are you afraid our shine' is better than yours ?
  4. Maxooo

    Tips for building a thematic crew in M3E

    How dare would you call drinking an "issue" šŸ˜® , there can be only one explanation .... you are afflicted by the worst thing that can happen to one of us you are ... Soberrr' šŸ˜±
  5. Maxooo

    Things that caught my eye

    ahahah yeah i'm fine with most of the stuff if they write a cool story about it, they all welcome on the ship I mean we already have a silurid as a First-mate that eats people in the crew when he feels like it, after that, well the door is open for everything I usually love how the goofyness of Gremlins been handle so far, because it actually works, every crazy thing for human eyes is just a day to day thing in the bayou or on Zipp ship
  6. Maxooo

    Things that caught my eye

    I'm interested in that lore wise, i don't know anything story wise about the midnight stalker and Johan; if you have more input could you tell me a bit about both and why it would make more sense for Johan to join Zipp crew ? haven't read any Outcasts story so far
  7. Maxooo

    Things that caught my eye

    Yeah that's the only real question there ^^ i just assumed it was because it is a really ZIpp thing to do, everyone can try to brag but only Zipp and his crew mastered it šŸ˜›
  8. Maxooo

    Things that caught my eye

    Just found out The midnight stalker doesn't have the Infamous keyword anymore but still has the "showboating" ability, i don't know how to feel about that. maybe a misprint?
  9. Maxooo

    The Midnight Slaker no more Infamous

    Yeah i'm a bit sad too, for a more materialistic reason šŸ˜… : i just bought the stalker and i'm a Bayou player, haven't tried Zipp in M3E yet but was exited to try it. I guess i can still play it by annoucing Outcast, i gotta check upgrades to see if it is worth it So that's alright at least i like the model so i will have fun painting it anyway, but i'm not sure how i feel about the showboating ability: i mean if the model is not part of zipp crew anymore it makes no sense to me that he keeps "showboating". Maybe a misprint. So either give him back Infamous keyword or take his showboating away if you want him to be a no keywords outcast versatile, and my argument is not about playability because i haven't tried the model yet but just consistency story and theme wise.
  10. Maxooo

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Yup ! exactly But I don't know if it's intentional, if it is fair enough... lore might explain it or who knows once i see it painted by Angel Giraldez the scuplt might start to grow on me lol Having said that i think it is just a bad job on the render, because he doesn't look that goofy in the art. Always been amazed at how close Wyrd makes their actual minis look like their concept art. So i guess just one small mistake becomes so evident ^^ No a big deal though, people can still use their old LCB if they already have one and the rest of the new scuplts seems really top notch! i like them
  11. Maxooo

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    That's it ! i found what that Chompy render looks like to me : a Monster Inc Monster but ... when he's on a coffee break.. šŸ˜ Hard to take him seriously after that ^^
  12. Maxooo

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    I'm glad i'm not the only one thinking that : the Render of Chompy looks really really off ... In the art they all look cool and menacing and the minis are gonna be great,i really like the 3 alps and coppelius !! but that Chompy lost all his flavor during the 3D render, i couldn't explain why, maybe proportions, maybe his "cute" eyes that make him look like a sad puppy or maybe because the current scuplt was so amazing that it is too hard to top ^^ So all in all, really great job but don't be mad at me neverborn players if i laugh at your new Chompy šŸ¤£
  13. Maxooo

    M3e sculpts

    Ahhahah nice šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£ , I agree Brewmaster is never drunk, and for me is a mix of Snoop DOg and Santa ! I love him in the Chugmugs story! if some of you haven't read it yet i really strongly encourage it ! it's in Wyrd Chronicles nĀ°27 and it's free so gogogo ! You get a clear feel of how Brewmaster feels about Gremlins and about booze in general ! šŸ˜ cannot be a Gremlin and not love the living legend that he is !
  14. Maxooo

    New to the game

    No problem to be fair i am sorry as well, i thought for some reason you were a spammer šŸ˜… You know how we are in the Bayou: always a bit feisty, shine' is on me
  15. Maxooo

    New to the game

    welll he already bought it... it's one of the first thing he said in his first message and been mentioned in others following, plus i'm not totaly aware of rules here about posting a shopping link .. well ...