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  1. sorry @Caedrus this month i have to mulligan 😕 hopefully next month i'll have something
  2. Ahah ! Since Alphonse is a Leblanc i could see his cousin Sparks help in the process But @Primate guess seems very likely : we'll see I will be happy either way, only thing that i wouldn't like is if the 3 Test Subjects are 3 Orangutans : i want 3 different beast if possible
  3. Who runs Bartertown ?! ...Say !!
  4. Maxooo

    Tors Tables

    Breathtaking !! 😮👍
  5. Slop Hauler done for 5ss ! ( @Nikodemus I don't know what that means but it sounds like a good thing so Thank you 😄)
  6. some progress on my slop hauler decided to go for that one first, instead of the one with the barrel on his back
  7. Thanks @Caedrus ! That's how they look when they done : (painted thoses months ago, haven't painted much since then ^^) I call them my Little Devils Thats how i see gremlins !
  8. Maxooo

    Test Subjects

    Yeah would make sense, i wouldn't mind 3 different creature, 1 molerat,1 fat chick, 1 piglet (or a baby gator ) Only thing that suprises me is the size 2, hummm... what could it be, a young rooster with lazer eyes ? ^^
  9. Maxooo

    is it Alphonse?

    I was reading the new "Growth Spurt" Bonus Action of Alphonse and i was wondering : is this Alphonse?? (all dressed up for some Chugmugs shenanigans ofc)
  10. I like this one! Maybe a little much on the Heroic scale side but for some reason it works for me this time ( maybe coz he's fat ? 😛) ps: what's going on with his socks ? in the render they made it look like multiple leather straps or something lol
  11. So February i think will be one of thoses 3, maybe 2 or maybe some other gremlins ( i have a lot of them standing and waiting on the shelf of shame ^^ ) , let's see how it goes
  12. Yeah the first part about ss cost doesn't make sense anymore and has to go, they will change it for sure
  13. @Burnin' Coal What you're doing is.. Criminal! yeah i said it ! 😛 With such beautiful painted minis how can, We that haven't picked up TOS, resist anymore !? ...😭
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