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  1. If youre running Hinamatsu or WW as your master then running a summon list is very difficult as you have few resources for scrap markers and the stuffed tokens are not easy to come by. Drop the stitched and bring the cheap wicked dolls. You can kill them easily enough with Vasilisa and a beater then summon your stitched if needed. This will free up some points for the Bandersnatch if you like.
  2. If you are playing with buildings that have a footprint of 6" or smaller (advised in the rules" then having no entry points seems the best option, that is how we play. Otherwise if you are going for a theme around a building such as a big factory, I do agree that a minimum of three is the best. Possibly allowing windows as an option and adding the rule that 1 action to break a window or open, close a door could add to some interesting moments.
  3. https://bitsofwar.com/12-vehicles-vehicle-bits?p=2 Look under Valves and needle indicators. Took me a little while to find it. Hope it helps.
  4. Hello again. Thanks to several members I was able to find a nightmare edition teddy from Gencon 2011. I am still looking however for a metal edition teddy (I believe M1) and if anyone happens to have any Puppetwars teddies from the boosters. I may be willing to buy the whole Puppetwars set if someone is looking to sell them as a lot. Thank you. Kind regards. J
  5. Hello all. I am looking for a metal nightmare edition teddy that has the alternative arm/head and screaming child. If you have one and are willing to part with it (name a price or anything you need for trade). Please contact me. I promise to give it a new home and plenty of attention. Thank you in advance. Jesse
  6. I've read a report in another thread about the Collodi and Zoraida combination and its sinergy is amazing. As for Teddy being 11 points, My point was that there are other beaters to choose from, even if not the best suited. Teddy's ability to heal fills a certain niche. His consume can be a way to clear out some marrionettes to summon Stitched.
  7. That's assuming that you are not hiring a beater puppet to start with. Teddy comes to mind and he benefits from Collodi's Fill with stones and Vasilisa's Field repair since he is a construct. This is just one example. Downside is not being able to benefit from Collodi's Puppetmaster but it's a payoff to babysit Teddy with Vasilisa able to heal every turn and with the right cards, quite alot.
  8. Hello, Are you still looking for McTavish en metal? Anything else from the gremlin metal line? I have a few extra I would like to pass on. J
  9. Yes they are. I had bought 2 boxes a while back and was going to use them for a sea side town but then I was inspired to do the bayou table and they worked perfectly.
  10. Tht depends on the agreement before the match between myself and my opponent. If we decide that all of the game mat is considered severe terrain than any model that ignores terrain will have a significant advantage. Otherwise boardwalks are open terrain, any terrain with trees could be considered oncealing but I haven't thought of an idea for hazardess terrain yet apart from crocodiles. :D. The abundance of terrain did pose some limitations to pushes and pulls since most of the boardwalks are either height 0 or 1 with a small piece being height 2.
  11. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. My portable phone doesn't like posting in the forum apparently. Thank you for your question. All of the terrain is modular. I originally considered the idea of dividing the table into quarters and using permanent terrain with resin but i wanted to be able to easily store the terrain, but more importantly create a new table after each match. So all of the pieces fit into a plastic tote that I can cover and store away. Each tote contains terrain for a different theme. For example one for caves, one for a frozen ruined city and another for wild west.
  12. Jwinks


    A simple question. Is there any way to summon new doves through Arcanists? I didn't see any actions in the Performers cards and I may have overlooked another possibility. Thank you.
  13. I will be trying my hand at Ramos hopefully in the near future so these clarifications and posts are very helpful. Has anyone tried creating a crew with a metal gamin just for the scrap makers it drops for Ramos? I am really wondering if it is a worthwhile investment for the additional scrap and to help breach the limitation for 2 or three steam arachnids early game.
  14. They way that I have understood it is that markers of the same name do not stack effects (burning for example) therefore if you push or move a figurines through several makers you do not risk to have stacked effects. markers such as underbrush I understand is that you can attack from anywhere within the same terrain with the same name (underbrush markers) and if several markers touch each other that you can count the whole as one single marker as long as it meets the distance requirement. I feel that being able to reach across the board to attack an opponent seems powerful.
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