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  1. bas_2312

    Doctor's Visit

    I really like how these figures seemed to look at eachother. The creepy doctor vs the innocent child.
  2. bas_2312

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    I really have no inspiration for this theme. Let's hope I can get something together this weekend...
  3. bas_2312


    Not very original, but this is the first figure that crossed my mind!
  4. bas_2312

    The cat family (WIP) | 1st Jul updated

    Whats not to like? Great job on the painting! Would love to see some more in focus pictures
  5. bas_2312

    Catalogue? Metal Gremlins

    Ah yes, I also have the Warpig and Female Gremlin (Hogwhisperer). So now I have to add McTavish, alt Som'er and an Egg Hauler to my wishlist Thanks!
  6. bas_2312

    Catalogue? Metal Gremlins

    Hi guys, I'm trying to collect a Gremlin crew consisting of the old metal models. So far I have a bunch of metal models, but I can't seem to find out what's missing? Is there a list somewhere of which models were made in metal? I have the Ophelia crew set, Young LaCroix, Som'er crew set, Taxidermist, Slop Haulers, Hog whisperer, Piglets, Stuffed Piglets, Pigapult and even the special Rooster Rider. As far as I can see I'm only missing Lenny, the Avatar and a Giant Mosquito, am I correct in this?
  7. bas_2312

    Nellie & Friends (and more gangs to come?)

    Yesterday I played my first game of Malifaux ever, and it was so much fun! I played vs. Brewmaster, and actually managed to win! I can't wait to play my second game
  8. I recently finished painting my first crew box plus some extras. Now I only need to learn how to play this game.. hopefully I get to play my first match next week! What do you guys think I should add to this crew? And another thing I was thinking about: Is it possible in this game to play with themed models/crew? It seems to me you're really stimulated to add the best models of a faction to your crew...
  9. bas_2312


    Do you have any of the older metal mini's?
  10. Hi guys, I know it's a small chance, but I'm looking for a set of the Cat Herders and Cat Princess to fill out my Curiosity Killed the Cat crew. Does anyone have an extra set lying around? Please let me know if you do!