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    Marcus NB

    Has someone tested him? On paper seems quite brutal as killing crew, cojo/rougarus and miranda into rougaru hit like trucks and become tanky with those upgrades. So, he can have up to 3 rougarus during the game, thanks to Miranda's shapeshift and can sustain their damage through drawing cards efficiently
  2. Raging_Iggy


    If your opponent plays a good Malifaux, you won't be able to stun with candy more than 2, maybe 3 times in a turn. Candy is a powerful hire, no doubt, but your opponent dictates how much she will be able to harm the enemy
  3. Opportunist as it is now gives a lot of possibilities, your version is just more "boring", if I can call it so (no offence here obviously). Here's a list of what you can do with opportunist, that with your version you couldn't do anymore: - use it defensively against focus/fast or even stunned (stunned goes off at end activation, so it's no harm for you if you strip it from an attacking piece) - strip condition to apply it again and do another ping of damage or another push (with another model, obviously) - strip single negative conditions from friendly. Your purposed wording would strip all conditions listed in opportunist (so also fast and focus for certain models)
  4. Do not agree, I play regularly Dreamer, and fiendish gamble is just good if you pitched a high card. The actual daydreaming is ready to print, and at turn 3 you will notice the difference in deck. Turn 4 and 5 you just start flipping a lot of severes .
  5. Raging_Iggy


    I open this topic to discuss about antipathy. Not for changing it, I still think aversion is ok for 6 stones, but I think that i, and others, have just overvalued the Aversion. After some games and thinking as the opponent, I came to conclusion that antipathy can be, more often than one can think, a real weakness that a clever opponent can exploit. The Neverborn player can surely check to avoid this exploits, but can be really difficult to think about all possible variables: - move, cheat to fail antipathy and reach a scoring place that would never be in range without antipathy (search ruins, breakthrough, and so on, a lot of schemes, nearly all schemes can be done exploiting this weakness) - charge, cheat to fail, push3, reach a good target at least 5/6 away from aversion (3 push, at least 1 base, 1/2 range) and smash it with the free charge melee action - also, with possible range attacks reach unreachable targets - move or charge, and with 3 push having range for support skills/auras - just leaving easily the close combat and be also able to drop SM
  6. I'm at first a Pandora/Dreamer player, and the only time I thought that my opponent's list was a really good combination of counters, was against ressers. This combination wasn't nice to have against: ruthless (upgrades, seamus), mourner (negates my ruthless - often against ressers I would pick rider+carver), carrion emissary (aura that negates soulstones)
  7. Even if Matsu is a great model, in fae has little sinergy. Aeslin gives you a lot more in fae, imho. Furthermore, they fullfill different roles, so it's a bit difficult to compare
  8. It's clear that something must be done with self loathing to fix these buggy problems, i' ll expand a bit what i've already said in the other topic: I see a few possible solutions, that IMHO can adjust these issues: 1) a little boring but i would call it "safe" solution: making self loathing do the damage track + conditions. Something like this: " Choose one of the target's non-Shockwave Attack Actions. This action's effect is the effect of the chosen Action. Consider only damage and conditions. " Here i would say that my wording should be improved (i actually don't have an idea of how to improve it) because it's not very clear on what conditions to consider. Example: Taelor's Relic Hammer deals 3/4/6 and ignores Shielding. My idea is that Pandora's self loathing should do 3/4/6 and not count this shielded. However, if an attack action states 3/3/4 damage and injured+1, Pandora should do 3/3/4 and injured +1. This solution solves quite all the issues but the once per activation (like Seamus gun). However, in Seamus example, Pandora will be able to copy the damage, but not the "ignore hard to wound". 2) the "compromise" solution: Something like this: " Choose one of the target's non-Shockwave Attack Actions. When checking if this action meets the requirements, consider the text in italics printed in the target's action as if it is printed in this action. This action's effect is the effect of the chosen Action." This solution resolves lots of problems, but maybe there are still issues with other non master models. Resolves the one per activation issue. Leaves Pandora with the really nice effects that give versatility to Self loathing ( like those action that do damge and pushes - example: Rougaru's action) 3) completely rework Self loathing. The idea that had @Angelshard is wonderful (1/2/3 damage track + 1 damage for every condition on the target) but i fear that is a real GAMBLE. So here is just up to Wyrd. Really can't in 1 week test enought, sadly.
  9. The Carver is ok, even if he misses something. It isn't an awesome model and probably not worth 10 ss, but will see play in pandora or Dreamer at least for his ruthless and focus denial. Moreover sometimes you could find useful his area damage ( with Dreamer) or for scheme marker denial. Probably could go down to 9 ss, or should get an adjustment like regen+1/+2 or 2/3/5 damage track instead 2/2/4. But don't know if devs have time for him, as he is far from being like other no-take models
  10. Sorry for dubble post, just it came to me an idea for self loathing text: It could apply the damage track (as m2e) + apply all conditions listed in target's action effect.
  11. I agree with you about the feeling that self loathing is buggy sometimes. Don't actually agree with the change with damage depending on conditions. I mean, it's a cool idea, but I think that could be a hard nerf to Pandora's damage, with no gain on other things like more conditions, more control, and so on. Actually you can put conditions on opponent, but let's say that 2 conditions is what you can expect. This means that you must prepare a lot the Pandora's turn if you want to use self loathing, because she will not be capable alone (and neither candy, because she will activate late, usually). I just feel that at this point a change like that needs to much testing to work properly. But really a cool idea, I must say. I think that the possible solutions could be: - make pandora/candy pay the test in italics. This could solve some issues. Probably give a little buff/adjustment to compensate the nerf. - change again like it was in m2e, only damage track. Probably give Pandora stat 7 again. Probably less cool effect and obviously a lot less versatile. I only see these two solutions at this point. Moreover, I would add a thing(different), about the Crushing Ego trigger: I find this trigger a bit cluncky, difficult to make it do something unless the opponent has 3/4 strong triggers, and generally just slowing the game (thinking of all possible triggers in play, valuing if it's ok or better crow trigger, valuing how much probability I have to have a good opponent trigger. Also the opponent, if flips a suite that I can use with good value, starts thinking if he should cheat. Normally I just prefer to give with changeling crows (if I have) and spread 2/3 slows What do you think?
  12. I tested today for second time this new version, and I must say that aura 6 is ok, and I'm really enjoying the control Pandora has. The ping is nice but when it comes to scheming the 2 push is really great and opens a lot of possibilities for her control game. Imho, she's is in good spot now
  13. About self loathing beeing a bit "buggy". Some people think that using self loathing on obey things to bypass restrictions, or using it on skills like Seamus's flintlock ecc...ecc..is a bit "buggy" or feels bad. I think that it can stay like that, but I also have a solution to give if developers would like to change it: just add to Self loathing the nerf " you must pay any costs in italics " so all " once per activation " have to be considered (or, if it can be misread, even a Faq). Than you could give a slight buff in the form of a trigger or +1 stat somewhere to compensate the nerf.
  14. I think that changeling are ok (they also don't have a bonus). If one wants to stop all the chains (even in others crew/factions), than you should solve the problem at the base and change the rule for "once per activation"
  15. Yeah, but I think probably the opponent will just engage Angel, for example. I find him ok piece, but sniper is really really situational (I see it as a strong play only for a sidearm 16" shot with coordinated attack trigger) since you want a + on damage in most situations, and Angel doesn't have a good disengaging action/ability. Tuco is the one I like more, and bloodwr. and Maurice the two that I like less. I don't know, maybe a MI6 instead of 5 on Angel could help him escaping a bit better, that's the main concern on him.
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