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    Hinamatsu: Can anyone share play experience?

    I don't have much experience with Titania, but I would say that there are better targets for queen's champion. 2 points for an upgrade are a lot, so you should maximize them. Let's look at the 3 bonuses of queen's champion: - armor+1: I think it's worth more with someone that doesn't already have armor - flip + : as for armor, a model that already has a +, it's fine. You don't need so many + for the melee attack, flipping 2 cards is ok, 3 cards are overkill and sometimes also too much (if BJ is waiting in your deck;) ). Instead, if you give + to a model that doesn't have it normally, that is an awesome bonus. - schemes deployed on attack: this is a nice bonus due to melee master, but I think that this bonus alone isn't worth the deal. For queen's champion I would look first at Nekima ( armor +1 and +flip here are awesome ) or rider (not for armor, but +flip here is really nice) I hope you will find some useful informations here above
  2. Raging_Iggy

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I would never leave Collodi without Strum I think that 20-21 point are way too much for those 2 models, if you need to murder a thing (not to much sturdy) is probably more efficient point-wise a fast Coryphee + Collodi pushes (I like this for vendetta). Hinamatsu is ok and really good in Collodi but will go down if left alone inside enemy crew.
  3. Raging_Iggy

    Pandora Tactica

    I think there aren't "must haves" (maybe models that you take 80% of the time) but here my take on pandy brawler: Kade now at 6 is fine (even if he works better in Woe is me), personally i don't like Teddy, i think there are better options. IMHO always take Pmagic rather than poltergeist, 3 sorrows are way too much, 1 is fine (if you want a sorrow at alla costs) and you already double the damage without losing too much versatility / toughness. Models i use frequently: Insidious Madnesses, Lilitu, Dopple, Lust, Rider, Iggy. Sometimes: 1 Sorrow, Changelings, effigy, Kade, Wisp. Rarely: Coppelius, Barbaros, Emissary. I don't suggest to use Nekima in brawler pandy: you can't sustain both with stones.
  4. Raging_Iggy

    Hinamatsu: Can anyone share play experience?

    Hi, actually played her a lot with Collodi, where she shines. With other masters she loses a lot of efficiency, because with Collodi she can: - take 2 DMG and gain fast (strum the threads). This gives her 5ap, and even without other pushed/moves, a treat range of 5+7+2 with a charge, and 5+5+5+2 with 2 attacks - take the buffs from brutal or arcane effigy (fated) - take the buffs from Collodi (fated): defensive is pretty good with "Faster than naked eye" if you have a bad hand - she can push Collodi turn1 with her melee master Aps, thanks to the + flip and low damage (in case of extremely bad cards) Generally, the Thousand Faces upgrade will give her a lot of versatility. With other masters, I think we have better options, and she loses so much compared to Collodi that I never tried her in other crews.