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  1. if you do not think Zoraida is auto include - read her card... She is well worth it in any crew. You can argue that it is not auto include, but "fostering creative play" is not what I would call auto include models with certain schemes and not how I see none-versatile models should work. But hey if we disagree on that then it is not a big deal. Just need a little re-balancing the auto-take models
  2. Zoraida is a good supporter. She looks like auto include with any other crew in Neverborn and how obey works with these schemes. There are some in other factions as well not as strong, but still with those schemes are almost autoinclude and if they were considered a model every crew should use in certain common scheme pools - I would think they would be versatile. Maybe you feel differently about the versatile keyword?
  3. Gesuma

    Mech Rider

    I used it and it was a mistake - it was not worth making sure I had enough strong models near enough already activated - I should had focused on the cheaper triggers or just used the fate tokens defensively or the attack trigger. The only thing that makes the Arcanist Rider any good is the scheme placement.
  4. Or a few strong obey models are so good any leader should include them with those schemes in the pool.
  5. As if obey is not powerful enough without that.
  6. If they are by faction I agree - if they are by keyword leader I really do think it can be far better balanced. Always giving the theme a decent chance.
  7. Time will tell if it minor Df buffs or such are needed - I just think people here seem to only focus on how some tough models got weakened a little as was needed while somewhat fragile models did not that as well. I am absolutely not against the change (want us to use more of the stones on models before the game start) - but with the mentality I read in here I do worry that some henchman got hit more than they needed as they were already borderline.
  8. Leader Ramos 24ss 2 fire, 2 ice, 2 metal Gamin 16ss Sandeep I am not sure how effective that list would be and what else to add - but it looks fun
  9. Hire 2 fire and 2 ice gamin and hire Sandeep to whichever crew (only Ramos would remove the tax of different gamin types) - you can then summon one ice and one fire gamin and combine to make a Ice golem and a fire golem. paying 16ss for the gamins so you save only 4ss with Sandeeps summoning action (and you would only earn two SS with this if you have Kaeris or Rasputina as leader). You might even have to spend soul stone for Sandeeps suit and after that you cannot summon until one ore both Golems dies and you would need to hired in 2 metal gamins as well to be able to summon another golem then(the max limit of 3 of each gamin type is another big limit here). Sandeeps summoning of Golems as a support master is not great - but it is fun
  10. It would require a lot of change from master to master. It would have been a great point to start out on, but now several masters and totems would need some rebalancing if it is changed now. We are still in beta though...
  11. Oh and basically the main part of the fun I see added in this is that I can do more stuff with the summoning now and mix it up more. Even if it is weak I like that I can do it!
  12. Sounds like you do not want to see any teams with more than one master in them? It is already quite limited if Sandeep is not leader. To get two Golems on the board you need to hire two gamins of one kind and one gamin of another kind and then Sandeep can summon 2 gamin to the one gamin(max two summons) combine a Golem that then gains one of the summon upgrades, so sandeep can only summon one gamin now which can combine with the other two gamins. You have payed 12SS for those 3 hired gamins that Sandeep spend actions, ss and or good cards to turn into two Golems. Without hired Gamins sandeep cannot summon enough to make a golem when he is not leader.
  13. I did say might - it does take a lot of playtesting to know for sure (I am not sure they need it but maybe they do) and frontline is not always something you control which is where the SS came in.
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