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  1. Right - so Obliteration is out and Freikorps is looking like the best option for that ability overall.
  2. Gesuma

    22.03 Update

    There is a limit? Katashiro is Minion (2) and that is the only one she can summon.
  3. Models that comboes with mightnight stalkers keyword ability: freikorps : Hannah can get leap, Freikorps engineer can draw a card, Steam Trunk can give him Equipment upgrades, Mercenary: Viktoria can coordinate attacks with him (easier with the non-leader Vik), Nephilim (Barbaros as leader): Terror Tot can use its protected on him, Obliteration: Scion can draw range and LoS from him, Tormented: Daw can heal when he draws and have several ways to push him, Montresor can obey him, Dead Outlaw can push him, Infamous: Wrastler can push him, I could see some use out of it with Freikorps, Mercenaries, Barbaros as leader, Tormented and Obliteration.
  4. I think Leveticus crew is somewhat difficult to play but still strong. Maybe there can be made some minor improvements here and there to make it easier to play him (which could make his crew strong in more hands). Sounds like you are putting A&D in harms way, too soon? Better to hold back the fast guy and push him forward when the dangerous stuff is busy elsewhere. I cannot think of any single 10ss that would be a lose situation for Ashes and dust to face off with unless you are too far from one of the edges of the table. He cannot tank many hits all at once, so you need to time it well, when to move him forward. However if your opponent put most focus on him, A&D like any other model will die completely, but think about how many "expensive" (high SS models) Actions that will cost your opponent. If he is spending like 12 expensive actions (four beater-activations) to take out Ashes and dust - maybe the cost of 9ss is not wasted if you also have ashes in a position that is bad for those/that beater? Desolation engine and ashes and dust is not tanks so maybe you would want to use some abominations or necropunks to lure in the damage, while Engine and A&D gets into position to retaliate. If you know you will face many strong ranged enemies you might want to not bring A&D and maybe also not Des. Engine - instead adding in some power from elsewhere like Mad Doc or some Von Schill stuff. Heck I am considering just throwing in some guilty that I want to run forward and annoy with in just about any Outcast crew. Again I will say you need to try to spread out so your force your opponent to spread out as well, which should lead to your models lasting longer. Maybe Leveticus as a whole is a bit too difficult to play, but I do think his crew is strong! Please do put a disagree on this post if you do not think leveticus crew is strong... if this post get enough, then maybe (unlikely) the staff will do some minor buffs for the crew.
  5. If you can spread out your crew (aiming for schemes/strats) and making your opponent do the same, your crew will do better spread out damage, while other crews generally need to do focused damage to one model. Des. Engine, Ashes and Dust, Rusty Alice and Leveticus can then move in for the kill at the right times and such. Desolation engine still needs Servant of Darkness and kept well covered until it reaches CC(the start game re-positioning is important with most tables terrains and enemy deployments), where it will heal to full as fast as it drops in HP - oh and you critically need the emissary, Effigy or other ranged healing, not just for Desolation engine - it will keep a lot of your models working longer, which is key in this crew. Servant of darkness on leveticus is usually also a perfect move. The ping damage adds up quickly.
  6. So you do not think Outcast is competitive?
  7. Really hard to balance a damn 2ss model!
  8. Hamelins crew seem hard to get to work - but I suppose with some top rate OOK models it can do fine. It just looks like the whole rat concept is a greatly nerfed version of Ramos crew.
  9. Gesuma

    3.22 Final Update

    It is a hard sell yeah , but the + on damage does make cheating a lot easier on the damage flip. I am not in favor of them, but I am not sure they cannot do some damage with that + on damage flips - but having to spend a severe to get the 4dmg - a bit expensive.
  10. Gesuma

    3.22 Final Update

    Well some ice taps could lure them out a bit, but I would not be surpriced it they end up back in the box again...
  11. I actually see Dreamer as the best killer crew in the game atm, mostly because of stitched. Beating Kirai however is no small feat.
  12. There is no way it can be stuck at one suit as we are then missing the rule telling us when that suit is picked. Is it at the start of the game? Does it count for every single game you have in the future? What if you play someone else? So it makes no sense - even if the rulebook is not 100% clear on this. I guess it would be nice if the rulebook stated: Whenever the Red joker is revealed/played/flipped the owner must pick one suit the red joker will be counted as for that action/trigger/ability/flip.
  13. Have you had success with that - I mean was it not just an uphill battle?!
  14. it is too bad Hamelins crew did not get the buffs it needed. You will have to play Hamelin super conservatively getting everything you can out of his Lure and bleeding disease...
  15. This clearly reads to me like Finger of trigger allow Perdita to shoot someone that engaged her and I know I am not the only one - so an FAQ is a minimum requirement here. Gunfighter: This model may treat any of its z Actions as having a range of y1". Finger on the Trigger a12" 7 - 12 Until the End Phase, after a model ends a move generated from the Charge Action within range, this model may immediately take a z Action targeting the model.
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