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  1. luckyreplica

    Still playing and reasons

    Awesome, really happy that there are others out there! Like it happens so often, I have been cought up in life and I am going for vacation the next week, but after my homecoming (no spiderman pun there!) I will create a sort of boardgame-day at my local community for people to try 3 board games I currently play that I own: Dice Masters Puppet Wars And Warhammer 40k Conquest, which unfortunately has gone oop, but it is quite fun and more managable as is, so it doesn't turn into another big Magic the Gathering fever. I will post here how it goes, and the level of interest for Puppet Wars...
  2. luckyreplica

    Still playing and reasons

    So I am guessing people mainly did this. Too bad, but I am still gonna introduce it as a seperate game to malifaux. I feel that a lot of people has compared it to malifaux and that has maked for a worse experience...
  3. luckyreplica

    Still playing and reasons

    Hello puppet pals! So i have a couple of questions. Are you guys still playing it and if yes, how often? Also, did you guys mainly buy this game because you played malifaux or because it seemed cool? The reason for these questions is actually because i need to know hos this should be introduced in my gaming community
  4. luckyreplica

    Puppet Wars - PDF Cards for the 'missing' models

    This is awesome, and i think a Lot of people do want to revitalize this game. Else people would not have asked for that PDF so long time after. And i can see people are still checking back on the forums once in a while, so Wyrd should really notice that there is an interest in this game And @Brass Monkey the PDF is pitch perfekt. Printed out those badboys and laminated 'em... Hard to tell the difference
  5. luckyreplica

    Unstitched Rules

    https://www.wyrd-games.net/puppet-wars Down in the bottom on the left, that link works fine for me. Takes me to: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/55ad3e7de4b0550249ead1cb/1437417085990/Puppet+Wars+Rules.pdf Let me know if this works
  6. luckyreplica

    Updated Stat Cards.

    I totally agree. Silver tower, skirmish games, lords of Hellas.. All games seem extremely popular and they are all board games or small army games. What also struck me is the lack of "professional" or OK quality battlereports. I dable with the idea of making one in a bit of a cartoony manner. The potential is huuuuge and i have no idea how Wyrd can let this potential stormer go to waste, especially when they could use terraclips... You are right and i know some who wont Play it because of its ties with malifaux... But here is the thing, it is a separate board game. It should not include the full or half the mechanics in my opinion. Sounds like a crazy good idea. Also thought about some in house obstacles to put on the board, and my Friend and i talked about creating our own board alltogether. Anyways, i see there are still some burning spirits for this game, which makes me even more excited for this. Just had a game today with a friend, his first time playing it. December acolyte is a beast and a huge gamechanger with a little luck in the cards. Add in some Ranged or high movement to poke those last stitches... Boom
  7. luckyreplica

    Updated Stat Cards.

    Sorry Omenbringer, meant to quote you
  8. luckyreplica

    Updated Stat Cards.

    Well, in either way, I am actually trying to revive this forum a bit. I am going to play this game with some different friends, bring it to my local community, and then I will start to answer some of the unanswered questions. Now, I am no superhero in figuring out combos or lineups for games, but perhaps it will encourage others to show some of their work or thoughts behind the strategies they use It is a long shot, but if the community would thrive a bit more, they might just start prioritizing this....
  9. luckyreplica

    Puppet Wars Teams? What would you suggest.

    Hello guys. Sorry if this is just annoying the most of you, but I would actually like to revive this topic about good army compositions. It is not like I am in any way an experienced player. I have had a couple of test games and that is it. What I do think is awesome though is Lady Justices ability with punk zombie. That can indeed give a kick back when it takes a rip. But a whole army, I haven't really made a good combo through that. Would be cool to hear if any of you have made some good lists
  10. luckyreplica

    Old boosters compatbility

    Brass Monkey, i would like them as well if you still have Them. Hmm, almost seems like Wyrd is trying to hide puppet wars as if it was a huge mistake... The only mistake here is the companys bad handle on the board game and the community for it
  11. Oh that wasnt med, hehe. I just bought their last pack in near mint. I can't really fathom how unknown this game is. It is a serious hit to people i Play it with...
  12. Did you get the booster pack from there?