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Found 75 results

  1. The school club I run wants to start puppet wars competition! We don't know what size toy box: Cast your votes with reasons why A. Shoebox B. Chest C. Wardrobe D. Puppapocalypse
  2. Hello all, title says it all. Playing a TTRPG with a goblin druid that runs around in a teddy bear outfit when not shapeshifted... looking to buy the mini that fits.
  3. Alright, it's time to get a little crazy, Steve over Gulf Coast Gaming Events has invited us out to run demos at Mobicon 2018. Mobicon, also known as the Mobile, AL Comic con will be held May 25th-27th at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel in downtown Mobile, AL. Bellow is the Wyrd games schedule for the Weekend: Friday: Game: Puppet Wars: Unstitched Time: 2pm-4pm Player Count: 2-3 Saturday: Game: Puppet Wars Unstitched Time: 3PM to 5PM Player Count: 2-4 Game: The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn Time: 11PM to 1AM Player Count: 3+ Sunday: Game: Kings of Artifice Time: 12pm to 2pm Player Count: 2-4 As always, my schedule is open for impromptu games all weekend, these are just my set demos. I will basically be living in the BOARD Game Room all weekend, (In the past, this was a downstairs area of the con, the upstairs game room is reserved for Miniatures.) The games are free, but an event badge is required, for more information on Mobicon see: http://www.mobilecomiccon.org/
  4. After an unexpectedly long hiatus, we're back at MacNarb Gaming starting in June of 2017. Keep an eye on this thread as I'll be posting upcoming events here. I'll see you at: MacNarb Gaming 2307 Highway 90 Gautier, MS 39553 228-497-0303 Impromptu Demos If you contact me a day or two ahead of time ( I have to work out transportation to Gautier, as I'm based in Mobile, Al.) I can be out to demo Malifaux or Puppet Wars Unstitched. As of June 2017, I usually at the store and available, Thursday - Sunday 4-11pm. If you want to contact me for any demos outside the above times, you can contact me by: Private Message on the Wyrd Forums Email: Dare_to_Wish@msn.com
  5. So glad I go into this when there were heaps around but now they are so rare it's not funny! Any help would be great as it's only Super Looking for: - Pokey Victoria Would be nice: - Piglet (s) - Bayou Gremlins - Hog Whisperer - Sorrow - Silurid
  6. Hello puppet pals! So i have a couple of questions. Are you guys still playing it and if yes, how often? Also, did you guys mainly buy this game because you played malifaux or because it seemed cool? The reason for these questions is actually because i need to know hos this should be introduced in my gaming community
  7. As the PW site is no longer in use, are there any downloads of the updated cards to Unstitched? I heard the old site had stat cards to use the models in the newer game, but we're never released in plastic. Is anyone able to provide the cards?
  8. Greetings, all! I am finding I don't have the time or wherewithal to devote to this hobby, and so am cleaning out my hobby closet. In there are some Ressurrectionists, Neverborn as well as some limited editions, translucents and other odds and ends. Listed prices are negotiable if you're buying multiple things, all items are NIB unless listed otherwise and items can be sold piecemeal. Shipping will be Priority Mail from Alaska. In no particular order: Nightmare Dreamer $75 Nightmare Teddy $75 Dead Justice (Nightmare Lady Justice crew) $75 Miss Terious (alternate Death Marshall) $25 Miss Ery (alternate Teddy) $25 Santana Ortega (alternate Santiago), one NIB/one NOS $40/$30 Alternate Perdita (assembled) $25 Alternate Fransisco (assembled) $25 Johana (alternate Johan, NOS) $25 Alternate performer (NOS) $25 Avatar Seamus $75 Avatar Nicodem $50 Translucent Kirai $50 Translucent Jakobs/Dark Debts $50 Translucent Dreamer/Hide & Seek $50 Translucent Pandora/No Shelter $50 Translucent Bete Noir $25 Metal Puppet Wars lot (all NIB...base game plus 3 expansions...would rather not split this lot) $100 Malifaux Battlefoam bag (like new, pluck foam layer still unplucked) $40 Customeeple Ressurectionists token set (with container, 5 Resser scheme markers and 10 Resser 30mm markers, among the other, usual contents) $30 I also have a lot of Ressurrectionist and Neverborn models still in their boxes that I would rehome for MSRP -40-50%. If you're interested let me know and I can provide a list. I figured the pricey things are enough to start.
  9. Looking to get hold of any Guild Puppet wars models that aren't in the Unstitched box. I'm especially after Lucius. I'm in the UK but okay with paying for international postage if the right models are on offer.
  10. I've decieded I'll start a blog on this here site, it seems to make sense being as most of my hobby focuses around Wyrd games. I also run a blog on Wordpress, so it'll be the same post as on here, if I like posting here more I might move over altogether, but will see for now. First up, a look back on my hobby for the past year seems to be a decent place to start..... I've been meaning to do a little look back on what I've been up to last year in both gaming and painting, as much as for myself as for the blog. It being a fair old while since my last post I thought I'd better. Thinking back to the start of 2015 gaming wise I was still playing a lot of Molly and got my highest placing of the year at the leauge of Extraordinary Henchman in January (6/30). I played in four tournaments from Jan to March, LoEH sat and sun, Vapnartak and Lemonentry, using Molly in 3 and Viks in 1. I then had a massive tournament hiatus not going to another one until September, playing a lot of Guildball in the time between as well as Malifaux. I sold most of my Resser collection in the spring and then learnt how to play Kirai, using her in tournaments for the rest of the year. Attending From the Shadows, Drunken Monkey, Into the Quarantine Zone and the UKGT 2015. Best result from these was probably the UKGT, finishing 32/88, winning 4/7 games. Favourite tournament of the year was the UKGT, it was an awesome weekend, as weekend events tend to be, 7 great games and the social side was amazing, not least because the of the awesome night out on the Saturday. I must say 2 day tournaments are by far my favourite because of the total immersion you enter into, but these are few and far between for me due to family commitments etc which makes them all the more special. So a total of 8 Malifaux tournaments in 2015 which is fairly low considering 2014 was 10. I have a feeling there'll be more for me this year. Non-malifaux and Guildball gaming consisted of family gaming, Puppet Wars (fricking love this game) a game of Dreadfleet and the usual board style games, Forbidden Island, Dobble, Takenoko, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, Zombicide etc. Painting has been pretty lacklustre this year for me I think. The year started with me finishing of a 30K Worldeaters army commission Another Commission in the form of a high level Fisherman team for Guildball After this I decided I was giving up commision painting for several reasons so focused back on painting up my own models. I Painted up a couple of Puppets Also a full Puppet crew, in a week, to play Malifaux in the GT Did some Dreadfleet terrain and other bits (not finished) Painted and textured some boards to make a gaming table Made myself a paint rack Put together two Guildball teams, made a goal and painted one model Painted some random Malifaux models that needed finishing And pretty much finished painting the whole of my Kirai crew So actually looking at it like that I've just convinced myself I haven't been too unproductive with the painting/hobby in 2015, I just haven't painted many Malifaux crews I guess. Awards for painting in tournaments? Well, I entered into 4/8 best painted competitions of the tournaments I went to (really seems like more than that, actually shocked that it's that low!) Of the 4, I won best painted once with my Viks crew and placed 2nd in best painted trinity of models. 1/4 and 1 2nd place isn't bad at all, happy with that. Next up I think I'll write a post on what I'll be planning on doing in the coming year and my aims/goals for it, so until then! Bye
  11. I am looking for puppet wars teddy models. Preferably unpainted, but either way is fine. I have 40k orks to trade or I am also willing to paypal you for them instead. Lets make a deal!
  12. COME ONE COME ALL, to Regncon in Bergen, Norway! These two days, two WHOLE DAYS, I'm going to run demos in both Malifaux and Puppet Wars! The doors for the Convention opens at 17.00/5 PM on Friday, and I'll be running these demos from 18.00 until we're kicked out. Friday there will be Malifaux demos, using the Malifaux Two Player Starter Set, while on Saturday there will be Puppet-Wars: Unstitched, the board game where dolls rip the stuffing out of eachother! Fun fun fun! So to recap: Location: St. Paul Skole, Bergen. If you're unsure where it is, give me a shout and I'll gladly help! Malifaux Date: 9th of October Time: 18.00 - 23.00 Puppet-Wars: Unstitched Date: 10th of October Time: 10.00 - 15.00 Hope to see you there!
  13. Hi All, I was thinking about creating a Puppet Wars mod for Table Top Simulator as a way to learn how to do some 3D modelling for funsies in my spare time. I notice that Wyrd published a Vassal mod for the game so I thought that maybe they would want to publish a Table Top Simulator mod with an actual artist doing the 3d sculpts (or using the ones they have already). Obviously I have no intention of upsetting anyone or causing copyright infringements, so I thought I'd open a discussion about it first before proceeding. (Note: If one does happen to appear, and I haven't received explicit permission from Wyrd to publish it, it's not mine, just to be clear.) Cheers, Asymptotic.
  14. Charnel


    From the album: Charnel's puppets

    Group shot of the puppets you get in the board game Puppetwars; Unstitched. Since I can't tag all of them, I'll just add a list here. All painted by me. Crows: Seamus Bete Noir Nurse (x3) Rotten Belle (x3) Punk Zombie (x3) Rams: Lady Justice The Judge Executioner (x3) Death Marshal (x3) Guild Austringer (x3) Masks: Silurid (x3) Malifaux Cherub (x3) Totems: Razorspine Rattler (x3) December Acolyte (x3) No suits: Pokey Viktoria Rusty Alyce Hooded Rider Misaki Convict Gunslinger (x3) Ronin (x3)
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