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  1. This is mine unfinished yet, its pinned up with some reinforced bar coming out of the ruins.
  2. I would love to see something new for gencon sale, maybe a new adjunct for each of the factions. Or even a dual adjunct would be interesting. I agreed with area being a non cheatable flip. And would also suggest having the Area flip being at a -# based on distance away from original target.
  3. Awesome some other side updates :),Any news possible on when the two player starter might be along
  4. You could have a faction of cults, have limited cult units but each master worships a different tyrants/gods/cult of malifaux and have limited upgrades that change what hiring pool they could have. So e.g burning man cult master could have two limited upgrades one to hire nightmares and say another to hire mages but the Reva cult master would have something along the lines of undead. So it would kinda be similar to ten thunders diversity but still kinda unique.
  5. I have been playing it as within 12" and Los of the witch hunter that activated
  6. Alt Sonnia and Hoffman have my vote
  7. I was hoping before we got to preview this year book, that it should be Master Upgrades and a Totem for each master, in doing so Wyrd could sell each set of upgrades along with a alt master and a new master totem. But alts based on the artwork in the new book would be awesome
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