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  1. I think Captain/Emissary are near auto includes for Colette, since they're the best Min 3 Beaters she had affordable access to and they synergize well with her ability to put them where the pain needs to go. You can threaten the enemy deployment zone on 1 with both of them. Envy is also a solid choice with her, as she can drop him into a Sniper nest to bring the pain. The rest seem more all around utility picks (condition removal, weird burying scheme running, holding a Magical Training upgrade, etc), but those three seem like they'll get play.
  2. susannymn

    Colette Card

    I think the way to think of it is: It's not Colette doing it, it's not Colette's rule, the text is not on her card. It's the Doves. So, each of the 3 Doves get to do that once. Possibly per activation of any model, possibly per turn. That's the unclear part.
  3. susannymn

    Colette Card

    Re: 2/7 Hotfix ...OK, not to encourage anything and I think the Doves were fine before, but shouldn't Smuggle Soulstone be 'Once Per Turn' instead of 'Activation', since the thing is technically happening outside of the Doves Activation? I mean, the intent is to make Colette draw from a different Dove each time, right? So 'Turn' would make that clearer?
  4. susannymn

    Colette Card

    Haven't spent much time on the schemes, but wouldn't this protect the Doves from, like, Mark for Death?
  5. susannymn

    Colette Card

    It's not an infinite loop, she's hard bound by the number of Doves present and can't summon more than she starts with, so it does have bounds . Also, it's Doves. Spamming Doves seems like the *least* lethal option out there for any summon in the game.
  6. susannymn

    Colette Card

    Re: Colette's changes this week - I really dig them. The Soulstone trick with the Doves is exactly the kind of thing she needed, now she can actually get the suits she needs to function the way she's supposed to and it's on an expendable resource too. Changing her this way will also incentivise playing her in her own crew instead of dropping her into another crew, since you'd have to pay the tax for each dove she brings with her. Also, yay summoning Doves! Glad you're back! Would love you slightly more if you were on a Mask instead of a Tome but I know we can't have everything!
  7. Fun note: If Colette is stunned, she literally can't deal damage.
  8. OK, that's done. Colette can't guarantee a bury anymore, her movement trick got worse, and she lost her damaging melee attack (or, she lost the suit on it,.so damage is now suit or stone dependant). She may be the only Master in the game now that doesn't have a damaging melee attack (double check me on this), barring the right triggers. If she gets Stunned, she now dies, pretty easily. I think this went too far. I get why it happened, but I think it still went too far. So now I propose a change, entirely thematic and that may help her get her feet back while not feeling too OP: Give her back her demi-Soulstone from 2e. She is so radically suit dependant, that getting back her stone means she'll get *one* thing right each turn at least, so she better make it count. It's also very fluffy and is an easy enough change. Eh? Eh?
  9. "Colette: Adjusted Fade Away by turning it into a Df/Wp Tome Trigger and reduces damage by 2 instead of having the Action fail. Reduced Df to -5TOME. Reduced Presto Chango’s stat to 6. Showstopper’s Pulse reduced to 2”. Lowered Sword Trick to 3/4/6. Removed Crow on Distracting Illusions." Oof. *pours one out for Colette*
  10. That does make it difficult to balance, doesn't it? Like, if that weren't an option then we could have powerful Masters, but weak Totems or Crews. Or we could have weaker Masters propped up by the other models available. But alas, we must balance raw in every potential combination. We need to factor Sandeep summoning Fire Gamin into a Kaeris crew, and Ironsides being flung forward in a Colette crew, etc. Makes it very tricky. Very, very tricky...
  11. 'Performer' is marked for changes in the 1/31 document. And now we wait...
  12. susannymn


    You can put the birds in a relatively safe spot (behind a building, completely out of LOS, etc) and still teleport your Beater forward. You can jump a significant Distance with the scheme market hopping, including getting a perfect charge angle for your murderer centerpiece.
  13. susannymn


    Min 3 Damage is a Hell of a drug . And they're all Versatile, the ones I mentioned. So they fit. And I did mention the Coryphee!
  14. susannymn


    Think of it this way: It's turn one. Two doves active. They fly forward 14", into defensible positions where they're safe from retaliation. Maybe your opponent can get a beater on them, maybe not. It's almost worse for them if they can. After your opponent has used all but three models, it's Colette's turn. She has the option now to walk forward once, which will put both Doves (or their killers) into range. She then can Presto Chango. If the Doves are alive, then she has sent the Captain and the Arcane Emissary forward like 16" into perfect charge range on the enemy's back line. If the Doves were killed, then she instead grabs the murders and drops their already activated selves directly in front of the Captain and the Emissary and, screw it, the Coryphee and Envy and whoever else wants a piece of them. The target dies. You can deliver murder reliably on Turn One, where you want it, every time. Doves make this happen.
  15. susannymn


    Doves are there to run into position and then be Presto Chango'd out so your Beater is now in enemy lines. Or to swap.out for the enemy Leader when you throw them into *your* lines to be curb stomped by your entire crew. They could be better, but they're fine.
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