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  1. I love it, and will absolutely be getting mine! About the cards, I love the design except for the health track. It’s not all that practical. I’m hoping it gets changed.
  2. Absolutely agree on the stitched- it’s not a gamble if you can just pluck a 13. Keep it thematic or drop the damage track. And really not liking the dual-master either. There’s just 2 many exploits when Wyrd clearly had intended for 3e to be more thematically driven.
  3. As far as I was told with Anna lovelace- so yes she’s replacing the model, but then Yan Lo replaces using the Gokudo model- So that gets placed on any board edge as it comes straight back if used to bring in a new model, rather than dying. He gets to re-use the model he’s “summoned” in because it’s now a new model. The upgrade gets moved onto another model, and on top of it all he draws 2 cards. Any time I got close to maybe removing a model he just does the trick again and it’s back with full wounds and all the focus’ etc of the model it replaced. Its bad enough that all the
  4. Opening a thread to place utterly broken stuff that got overlooked in beta testing. After an encounter with Yan Lo and Anna Lovelace, making my first suggestion. When Anna can just freely kill their own models whatever the cost, and Yan Lo just summons them back in again at full health and unactivated, then we have an issue. (And hence spreading those previously locked up upgrades). My suggestion- a cost restriction on Anna’s ability. Or simply make it just for mindless zombies or a particular keyword. Already pretty sour on summoners in general- I just think that the ability t
  5. Had our first proper read and trial of the beta rules. Made a mistake right near the beginning, missing the scheme generation step and just picked a couple each, but probably didn't impact the game too much. Strategy was Cursed Idols, with flank deployment. (I feel the idol placement didn't work as well as it could have when using flank). Perdita crew consisted of mostly family and 2 pistoliers. My Nekima crew was Nephilim focused- Lelu and Lilitu with a shaman, 2 young and 3 tots. Bad average flips let me down early, losing both young and 2 tots by the opening activation of t
  6. We’re having some debate on the wording of this ability. Most of us agree that all remaining cards should be placed all on top, or all on bottom, in chosen order. Can I put 2 cards on top, and 1 on the bottom? I have therefore placed ALL cards on the top or bottom.
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