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  1. I just had a very poor experience that has me incredibly frustrated with my current situation. My roomate recently pitched a couple boxes he thought were trash, but they still had the cards for my witchling thralls, and nellie cochran's box in them. So at this point I'm in a situation where I can't even play those models because I don't have the rules. I contacted Wyrd support about purchasing replacements somehow, but they simply told me that there's nothing they can do, they can't help me. I just need replacement cards and I can't get them anywhere else apparently because they're not print on demand yet. I can't play with my new models without buying an unnecessary book, or a new box of them completely, and the company just outright refused to help me at all. I've never had any response like this from any of the other miniatures games that I've owned in the past, is this normal? Should I expect this going forward? I don't feel good supporting a company that has such disregard for people who can't even use their models because they lost their cards.
  2. I wasn't aware of a pdf I could look at. IS that something I have to buy, I'm super frustrated yea.
  3. Hi, my roomate recently threw away several boxes of my models thinking they were garbage and I lost the cards for several of my models including Nellie Cochran's box, and witchling thralls. I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to possibly purchase new ones.
  4. What do I need to purchase in order to acquire the corpse bloat upgrade?
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you mean to my response.
  6. I have a question on this. Do you have to purchase from one of the stores on their approved vendor's list? I have a flgs that I spent a couple hundred at, but they're not one of the stores you guys have listed in Missouri.
  7. No I guess that's true, what I mean is I wasn't very happy that we have such obvious, "best models" Once I get more experienced I can stop taking them, but why do that when they seem just...stronger than other choices in almost every situation? I personally seem forced to take them if I want to win. My friend actually has an almost 100% win rate against me, he usually plays lilith grow, or dreamer summon/grow and I just can't beat it. The one time he tried my lucius he was just humoring me.
  8. Oh I knew the shcemes were all limited to 3, but I didn't know the main strat was limited.
  9. Okay, thanks for the answer! I was confused by the beckoners lure ability which said something like, "Must end their movement as close as possible." So I thought there were two different variations of the rule or something
  10. I was just looking for some clarification on the push rules. If it's anything like other games I play a "push" towards a model can basically be in any direction as long as you end closer to the target than you started, is that true for this game? I ask because I was using Perdita and pushing 8 inches towards a family member, but I really wasn't going towards them at all, maybe ending half an inch closer than I was.
  11. My Neverborn friend tried to play my Lucius against me last night with something close to: Lucius, Lawyer, Beckoner, Illuminated, Illuminated, Terror Tot, Terror Tot, Stitched together, Stitched together. I played Perdita and I absolutely demolished him. It wasn't even close unfortunately for him. He started to see how poor lucius is with his minimally effective abilities that are far too difficult to actually cast. I killed everything he had and only lost one death marshall, and actually scored a maximum number of points in a 5 turn game 11. If anyone is curious my list was.... Perdita (Aura, Vengeance Bullet, Trick shooting), Francisco(Wade in), Dr. Grimwell (Debt to the Guild), Papa Loco(Debt to the guild), Death Marshall, Hunter, Austringer 2ss I haven't been keeping the game tally list up to date, but since I painted Francisco and an Austringer my win rate has gone way up, which I'm not actually overly happy with.
  12. I don't really like it much either actually. Like....how do you build a guild list? Well you put francisco and two austringers in it, then choose a master. I know it's been discussed on the forum before but it has sort of made me look elsewhere. I know every master has their own delicious models that work well with them, but in guild (and I don't know much about other factions yet) it seems like you have these models that are just too good not to take with EVERYONE. It's not a very big complaint, and I don't know how to resolve it really, but it's definitely something I've noticed when playing. I actually started winning games after I got my austringer and francisco painted. Also, I don't mean to sound too negative! It's just something I noticed after playing about 30 games total with guild. I'm still pretty new to the game overall.
  13. I had a quick question about when you had to declare you were using a soul stone to draw 2 additional cards at the draw phase. Do you get to look at your first six before spending the stone to draw 2 more, or do you have to declare spending a stone before you see any of your draws?
  14. I currently have the guild's brutal emissary, and I don't often find a very good use for it, but I am guilty of buying models I think look cool very often lol
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