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  1. ZIPP GOT A HAT!!!! nothing can stop him now! Would have liked a trigger to drop a piano in stead of the cannonball, but that attack seems very funny as it is.
  2. I simply cannot understand why are those rabbits ressers. I mean... I love the possibility to give archie thee hat he deserves, but still is a very strange thing to have surrounded by corpses. I think the Bayou would have given them a great wellcome. Maybe swapping the heads of the two models?
  3. I find quite amusing that, right now, when announcing Seamus, it is really hard to tech against. As regular Seamus is a very independent master, that tends to bring a very OOK crew, with mobility and diverse, you cannot be ready to face him and ALSO a redchapell crew, with most models forming a strong bubble and bringing people into the party to desmember one by one. If you bring many shockwaves, the OG Seamus all-stars will not suffer about it at all
  4. Even as the model seems to be really fun, I also fear that his keyword has been so dependant of his OG version that it will be hard to make this one shine. With so many tricks for scheming (and anti-scheming) I would thint that using a very sturdy crew, with elite models, would be the right way, and letting Sommer disrupt the opponent and make your hitters scheme in his activation. It would be a good plan, but i think his crew needs many models to work properly, (relying on bayou bash to have acceptable stats) and right now, only Lenny and Olaf are capable of not dying in a single activation. Will try to play this version soon, maybe in casual games, while trying to learn the keyword, it will be good.
  5. Old models are valid for the new rules, as they represent the same characters. I think there is a downloadable file from wyrd that features the new rules with the old art, if you want to use those models and have cards that match. In the case of Dreamer, I think his older model is amazing, and buying the old crew gives you some extra models you would have to buy from another box with the new crew (M2E dreamer has alps, daydreams and copellus while the new one lacks his daydreams, that are sold on another box). I do not remember if the new Dreamer features something that you would feel strange on the old one, such as an attack based on his bat. When the game shifted from m1e to m2e, i remember the metal Joss model was valid, but it featured a man with two axes, while the rules gave him a metal arm to punch people. I recommend you to still look for other models in the crew, because, if you do not like any other model in the faction, you will not enjoy a crew that focuses on summonning as much as possible.
  6. Maybe this is Seamus not as the plot advanced but from before he became the nÂș1 wanted human? If that is the case, he is still a just got his mind broken, as is beginning to dabble in necromancy and murder. The new model seems really fun, and this alternative of Seamus apparently will enjoy his crew and work surrounded by them... that is nice.
  7. We have still Leveticus and Sandeep avaigable and looking for a match, it is quite probable we are gonna see an old-men team-up, and it promises to be great. On the other hand, a gremlin taxidermist could totally enter his university at some point...
  8. I think the Reva/Kaeris reveal gave most people the idea that most crossovers would be "related". I think that, in some cases, it was the case, trying to create models that would be of some use for keywords that, to begin with, already have things in common. The reverant guy prevents enemies from removing fire, something both crews would enjoy. The mei-mah model is a new construct, making better the sub-theme of the tricksy crew, and is generally useful on the case of the construct-heavy Foundry keyword. While Euripides/Rasputina is not a shure thing, it is very probable, mostly because, if the new model interacts in some way with ice pillars and the rest of the crew has no means of providing them, it would feel out of ballance. I would have expected a December/Apex model that was some kind of master acolyte from the cult, but as Cooper got paired with Marcus, it did not happen. In the trichi-experimental combo, I also expected them to be together, but it seems they managed to create models that can give use of other parts of the keywords, mantaining their use without relying entirely on poison spam. What would you think about a Wong/Hamelin enforcer that makes shockwaves from small models as it detonates them? Some kind of very agressive taxidermist. As there is no confirmation, we still cannot be shure if Kirai and Sonnia are out of the equation for recieving shared models. It seems almost impossible at this point, but maybe we are surprised and find out that Hammelin is now setting his rats on fire...
  9. I am quite shocked that Outcasts got the least reveals (Bayou got quite a few towards the end) so there are still many potential surprises. Do you think Leveticus will get his Horse back? That was the first idea of an "alternative master" that crossed my mind, but the time passed and no master got new keywords. What do you think?
  10. I really loved her crew's concept on M2E. Hercrew was a very survivable one that refused to stay dead and Reva (and many of her models) punished the enemy for messing with your people. Reva was a very powerful hitter, that could do tons of consistent damage from a good distance. Also, she could make any corpse a vector to attack from. Right now, she keeps the "attack from corpses" thing, but her keyword now focuses a lot on spreading pyre markers with mixed results. If you would like to play sturdy crews, difficult to bring down models and make your opponent feel like he is wasting his AP as your models dont die or he needs to pay a huge price for it, I think you will find Transmortis, Experimental or Ancestors as acceptable crews. Those can take a punch and recover their forces. If you want a master independent from it's keyword, capable of obliterating anything on one turn without exposing itself, I think Seamus, McMourning or even Perdita can be acceptable options.
  11. Interesting! As the crew really benefits from the upgrades, it seems you did not lose on the bigger picture damage output. If that's right, when do you consider using trhe OG Ophelia? She seems to be able to do more damage by herself, and has condition remmoval if I am not wrong. When would you choose between them?
  12. I would like some kind of "reflection summoning" for collette, where you generate a second model and one of them is a mere "smoke and shadows copy"
  13. Oh my... Seamus + Sommer... imagine the size of THE BIGGEST HAT
  14. I must admit I envy the new good doctor, that way of combining parts would really cause the admiration of the best Taxidermists. If they did something that bold to McMourning, I hope we can see some really inventive alternative masters. What do you think Wong will look like?
  15. Ok, this new doctor seems to be absolutely mad... I love it! He will miss many tricks from the old one, as he cannot scarpel anything and heal back, but the Appendages seem really fun. Would have loved to see that concept on a Gremlin Taxidermist but still, amazing.
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