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  1. Right now, he can produce one Corpse per turn, and most his Living hire options can produce corpses too. Right now, in stead of making him needing less corpses, I would prefer if he could use them for more things, such as healing, empowering his actions, etc. I ran a game against Ulix (his crew does not produce corpses) before the last update and at the end of the game I had so many corpses I could not put counters for them, and Nico was using only one per turn as his "many models summon" did not trigger even once. I agree that right now Nicodem does not offer many tricks to his crew, I saw him as a walking aura of and his activations were not very passionate. His Rigor Mortis could really get some interesting triggers (maybe pushing or healing) as well as his Decay. I would love to see some kind of Undead Obey as used against death marshalls when he lost his mind, but it is not mandatory.
  2. Hi! The local campaign has ended and I forgot to post some pictures about it! During 6 rounds (of two weeks each), players expanded their arsenals until the las games, where we had a big pit fight between the regulars!
  3. I know it only works at my country, but because of the time at which I paid the models and the prices they are now, with the devaluation and inflation, I had paid the models as less than a quarter than they cost now
  4. Hi! The past weekend I have been at Bahía Blanca, where the Encuentro Nacional de Juegos de Mesa took place. Game designers from all over the country, as well as many roleplaying-games communities assisted to the event. While I did not manage to teach many players about Malifaux (no wargames this time), There had been quite some players fascinated with the idea of a roleplaying game using cards, so... we had awesome adventures in the Bayou!!! The players even managed to return alive to the village and drink some booze. Some other pictures from the event:
  5. Hi! I am a Resser and Gremlin player, and I know that the latter can be a bit difficult to play properly, but are absolutely a blast. Does she have any other models besides the ones on those boxes? Even as both crews are cool, they do not possess much hiring things in common, so is almost like playing two different factions, as the models do not support each other between them. Do you have slop haulers? Sammy Lacroix, Merris Lacroix, Warpig, Gracie or Burt Jebsen? those are models that can be used on many crews andcould really cover some aspects relegated by her crews. Ophelia and her crew are really good a killing, but Rocinante should really get a few models to unlock the "summoning style". Remember this is a game focused on strategies and schemes, and many gremlins have reckless: AP advantage wins the game. Are you using the new master upgrades? Ophelia really gained a lot with them. I would generally advice to keep playin whatever you like. Maybe, to get some more utility, Zipp could provide her with the best taxis in the game to deliver a Francois Missile to the face, but generally, experience is the best way to get victories. Hope this helps!
  6. Here are some photos from the last event! We had a great time playing some adventures! The Fated had entered a haunted house... and managed to leave relatively alive! It had been a wonderful adventure full of jokes and too many explosions. Also, we played many card and boardgames, and had a great time.
  7. Even as she has the option of using her personal emissary upgrade, I think the generic one benefits her crew a bit more, as it helps the accuracy of your minions, such as Shieldbearers and Rotten belles, who really like possitives.
  8. Asura Rotten and/or Yin can be good models too. I agree the Carrion Emissary seems to be a great model to use with her.
  9. Hello! I wanted to announce that, the next sunday 28, at 15pm, I will be running another TTB one-shot at the new event of "La Vieja Confiable"https://www.facebook.com/events/311757532747732/ at La Casa de Teresa (Acuña de Figueroa y Humahuaca), Buenos Aires. There will be multiple one-shots at the same time from different systems, all prepared for players without experience on roleplaying games as well as known fans. After that there will be many boardgames to play!
  10. Does Alt Lenny with Piglet count? What about the Limited Edition Bayou gremlin?http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2015/01/unboxing-malifaux-m2e-bayou-gremlin.html The Alt Swine Cursed? http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2017/09/unboxing-malifaux-alternate-swine-cursed.html Nyghtmare edition Whiskey golem? The War Rabbit also deserves a mention, and I don't know if there is also a bayou gator around Hope this helps!
  11. Hello! We are starting a new campaign the next weekend at Buenos Aires. It will be managed through the Malifaux Argentina Facebook group, where I will be posting the progress of each round. We are going to have 6 rounds of 2 weeks each, so many players can take part on it. Head to the facebook group for more information! EEven as most players will be playing at Armageddon Club (Franklin D. Roosvelt 5345, Villa Urquiza), players will be able to report their games played at other clubs!
  12. As m3e is not coming this year, I can say you can totally play Nicodem until then, and after that, maybe make some changes as you se the new rules. Right now, Nicodem is a summoner/support master, who creates what he needs for every task and throws it at your face, with fast and . I personally do not recommend him to start the game, as he benefits a lot from a huge pool of options (he can summon any undead resurrectionist minion) and needs an "engine" to fully run his summon game. Right now, with the game changing soon, maybe it is not the best to invest a lot in that engine that may or may not change. To play casually, you can totally use him as a support master, healing and buffing your crew and bringing back the ones that fall. Your punk zombies are going to be your friends not only with Nicodem, but with many other masters. I really like playing Nicodem with a fully poisonous crew, which could be considered to be McMourning's trick, but it works out. I do not play the summon game, and he seems to work out despite of that.
  13. A couple pictures of the small tournament we had today! Congratulations to the winner!!! Glory to the Outcasts!
  14. @SunTsu, i know certain times a black joker can ruin your plan, I even had a game in wich I lost two of Reva´s activations because a black joker on horror duels, but the existence of that card means your plan needs to contemplate the option of your action failing because that flip. At my community, the Black Joker is considered the best card to have on your hand, because it means you can be shure you are not flipping it at the worst possible scenario. When playing gremlins, I move the deck a lot thanks to reckless and the ammount of AP I can generate. I try to make most plans to rely on not one good flip but many. Sommer is basically hiring skeeters only to make shure he does not flip a black joker on his 0 action!
  15. According to the internet wisdom, Zipp seems to be a very good pick against neverborn, as he can shut down soulstone use and interacts near him, which can be great at some scenarios. On the other hand, his Ml attack is aganinst Ht, which can wreck most neverborn masters defenses (Collodi, Lynch, Pandora and Lilith base their survival around some trick you can avoid with his attack). On the other hand, any gremlin master would like to bring "liquid bravery" to avoid being ruined by neverborn thicks.
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