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  1. aquenaton

    Another Campaign (Argentina)

    Hello! We are starting a new campaign the next weekend at Buenos Aires. It will be managed through the Malifaux Argentina Facebook group, where I will be posting the progress of each round. We are going to have 6 rounds of 2 weeks each, so many players can take part on it. Head to the facebook group for more information! EEven as most players will be playing at Armageddon Club (Franklin D. Roosvelt 5345, Villa Urquiza), players will be able to report their games played at other clubs!
  2. As m3e is not coming this year, I can say you can totally play Nicodem until then, and after that, maybe make some changes as you se the new rules. Right now, Nicodem is a summoner/support master, who creates what he needs for every task and throws it at your face, with fast and . I personally do not recommend him to start the game, as he benefits a lot from a huge pool of options (he can summon any undead resurrectionist minion) and needs an "engine" to fully run his summon game. Right now, with the game changing soon, maybe it is not the best to invest a lot in that engine that may or may not change. To play casually, you can totally use him as a support master, healing and buffing your crew and bringing back the ones that fall. Your punk zombies are going to be your friends not only with Nicodem, but with many other masters. I really like playing Nicodem with a fully poisonous crew, which could be considered to be McMourning's trick, but it works out. I do not play the summon game, and he seems to work out despite of that.
  3. aquenaton

    (Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires on September

    A couple pictures of the small tournament we had today! Congratulations to the winner!!! Glory to the Outcasts!
  4. aquenaton

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    @SunTsu, i know certain times a black joker can ruin your plan, I even had a game in wich I lost two of Reva´s activations because a black joker on horror duels, but the existence of that card means your plan needs to contemplate the option of your action failing because that flip. At my community, the Black Joker is considered the best card to have on your hand, because it means you can be shure you are not flipping it at the worst possible scenario. When playing gremlins, I move the deck a lot thanks to reckless and the ammount of AP I can generate. I try to make most plans to rely on not one good flip but many. Sommer is basically hiring skeeters only to make shure he does not flip a black joker on his 0 action!
  5. aquenaton

    Who is the best Grem master vs Neverborn?

    According to the internet wisdom, Zipp seems to be a very good pick against neverborn, as he can shut down soulstone use and interacts near him, which can be great at some scenarios. On the other hand, his Ml attack is aganinst Ht, which can wreck most neverborn masters defenses (Collodi, Lynch, Pandora and Lilith base their survival around some trick you can avoid with his attack). On the other hand, any gremlin master would like to bring "liquid bravery" to avoid being ruined by neverborn thicks.
  6. aquenaton

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I would like to read the rules before judging, but if to activate a pass token you need to spend a card, or cannot take two in a row, I see no problems with it. If not, I fear too that small crews can become a must (still you need a minimal ammount of models to get you VP).
  7. aquenaton

    Hinamatsu: Can anyone share play experience?

    She (or he?) is a new Henchman Puppet with melee master (2 extra attacks per activation) and prevents enemies to take actions out of activation. Even as its damage track seems very low, the enemy gets a condition that makes every hit do more damage (until it resets). I also love the mini (I was seeing if I should enter to Neverborn for it) but it does not scream to be mandatory on many games.
  8. aquenaton

    (Argentina) Demos in Buenos Aires!

    I am doing Demos at Armageddon Club (Franklin D. Roosvelt 5345, Villa Urquiza) and La Última Fortaleza (Belgrano 2650,Club Unión de Munro, 1° Piso) during August if you contact me!
  9. aquenaton

    Nicodem - Post Nerf

    I could see Sebastian on a more Poison Focused list, maybe with Shadow Embrance, a Shikome and a Gasser. Getting basically regeneration on your crew, doubled by Sebastian (happening at start of activation and end of turn) can make your summons a bit less fragile... but you are not taking the full summoning engine, so I would be happy with only adding a Shikome or something like that in the couse of the game.
  10. Not shure if it was confirmed, but I think I saw the first master and his totem come free, letting you add 50ss on models. Also, masters do not come with cache anymore, so we can expect a little drop on there. On the other hand, hiring models "out of theme" costs an additional ss, which can make people bring only one big model from other group, as the cheap minions stop being very cheap out of theme.
  11. aquenaton

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I really was expecting that the "theme or not theme" would not impact in the real cost of the models. I would have supposed it would limit the players max soulstone cache or the likes (maybe your limit is 7 when full theme, 6 if you play with less than 25% of your ss out, 5 if it is 50% or the likes) but I am assuming we are keeping the "cache" so I was just thinking to myself.
  12. aquenaton

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    Exactly! I love he is a plan-wrecker! Maybe he is not Fingers, but he can ruin some schemes, is also slippery, can be tanky, can ruin enemy positioning... is versatility on a model.
  13. aquenaton

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    He has not disappointed me yet, as there are still some strats where his mobility can be good, and he still is a very good disruptive piece.
  14. aquenaton

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    I also started to try him for a couple of games and I like what he does. As he has Perfect Camo and Pounce, attacking him is not very easy (once an enemy tried to jump into engagement with him, I pounced with meancing croack and sent the enemy back out of engagement). As an anti scheme runner he seems fine, but he only seems useful on games with many marker schemes, where he shines. His jump is very good on tables with good ammounts of terrain.
  15. aquenaton

    Zipp with Cooper!?!.......nope

    I would consider the option of going "full construct" with maybe sparks, the golem, mechanical porkchops and Zipp´s totem to fully support them. Still have not seen the cards, but maybe adding more gamins on the course of the game is a good idea.