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  1. Meatpuppet

    Different scale plastics?

    Thanks for clearing that up Justin. It's for a puppet Malifaux crew so having larger masters actually works out pretty well. Makes them stand out a little more. I don't know if all of them will be used but some of them will be at least.
  2. Meatpuppet

    Different scale plastics?

    These are both plastic, both feel like Wyrd plastic
  3. My friend bought some puppet wars sprues off of Ebay and I own the boxed game, when we compared the miniatures his were about 50% bigger and the sprues were on a different layout. Is there more than one plastic release for puppet wars?
  4. Looking to get hold of any Guild Puppet wars models that aren't in the Unstitched box. I'm especially after Lucius. I'm in the UK but okay with paying for international postage if the right models are on offer.
  5. Meatpuppet

    What do I need to make these models work?

    This is perfect, exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Some of these will be easy to make and I can get working on them as soon as I have a core list done. I'm not keen on perdita, she doesn't interest me very much at the moment. I think Justice, Sonnia and McCabe/Lucius will be enough to start with. Adding too many masters is just going to make things messy while I get used to Guild.
  6. Meatpuppet

    What do I need to make these models work?

    It's a modeling project and these are what I know I can make. I need to figure out the totems and then work out what other models I need to create.
  7. I've just acquired the following models and I'm wanting to fill in the gaps to make a competitive set of models. What more would I need to get some decent lists going? Lady Justice Sonnia McCabe Lucius Judge Pale rider 3 Executioners 3 Death Marshals 3 Austringers 3 Witchling stalkers 4 Guild dogs 1 Peacekeeper 4 Arachnids 3 Guild guard 3 Guild riflemen 1 Guild sergeant. 1 Doppleganger 1 Brutal effigy I'm not expecting people to make lists for me, just to help suggest where I turn from here to flesh out the options since it's lacking a little.
  8. Meatpuppet

    Are we that bad? Looking at the tiers discussion.

    Do we have a good UK Malifaux website where we can look up tournament results and lists people were playing? I'm considering getting into Guild and maybe representing at tournaments.
  9. Meatpuppet

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Bayou Gators'

    Could you not find a store that would sponsor you in exchange for a banner on your articles? You have the best resource for Malifaux models.
  10. I'm new to Malifaux and want to pick up steam fast as my meta is quite competitive, Vassal seems the ideal way to do this, so I thought I'd throw up a post here. Is there a Skype group or Discord channel for Vassal players? I don't always know my schedule and having a group of people on instant messenger to throw out a "any one up for a game?" would be a great help to getting a game going when I have a couple of hours free.
  11. Meatpuppet

    Big ol' gremlin booty make my eyes grow wide

    First edition Ophillia has more metal is perfect, she has huge pouty lips and boobs comparable to Trixi. She would make the perfect master for the crew.