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  1. Her dmg track is above average for a schemerunner for sure.
  2. Agh sounded to good to be true, but a flying golem on a rampage sounds nice to!
  3. Moving your own golem with Grab and Drop? Sneaky! Ill try that on monday when im having my first game with the Golem.
  4. Not Is it hard not to "outreach" Rapsys 10' mirror with the Dancer? Since she moves so fast she might just leave Raspy in the dust.
  5. So I just started reading up on the Shifting Loyalties book and got to the Ice Dancer.. Holy h*** what a scheme-runner! It can move 16' across the board AND drop a marker in the same round?? The Butterfly Jump looks awesome on paper as well.. And for 6ss.. Dont know much about Colette but since Ice Dancer is a Showgirl I bet she has even more mad synergies than a plain scheme-runner for Rasputina.
  6. I feel like im hi-jacking the thread here but something like this should be a good baseline? Seamus, Sinister + Redchapel Madame Sybelle, Bleeding + Not too banged up 2 Rotten Belles Valedictorian Yin Necropunk
  7. Im looking into a Seamus-crew as well and Yin comes up everywhere you look but also Bette Noire. Valedictorian has come up as well, though im to newb to understand how good she actually is. Looks like a solid resilient beatstick to me and thats always useful.
  8. So after my first game with Kaeris I thought I would blurt out my initial thoughts.. So 4th game ever, still having huge problems keeping track of the scemes.... But I took the following: Kaeris with G&D, Blinding Flame Malifaux Child 2 Fire Gamin Johan Acolyte of December Firestarter 2 Gunsmiths And I was up against McCabe (not optimized since my opponent knew it was my 4th game ever), Dawn Serpent, Toshiro, Mr Graves, 2 Illuminated and... might have been something more. Flank deployment, Reconnoiter, Plant explosives, Recon. I think both of us forgot about scoring VP most of the game though Anyhow, first impressions. Beforehand I read up on Kaeris properly, alot of ppl stating that she doesnt do much damage and so on. And true, on her own she doesnt. But game ended with me wiping my opponent (1-1 on VP haha). Kaeris handing out burning and a few Immolates. But she layed down the foundation for everyone else in the crew. Gunsmiths firing away form the back lines on burning targets, the ++ helping ALOT. In combination with the centrally placed (and hidden) Acolyte to remove armour ahd HTW man did they do some work! Gamin helped with the extra burning, but not really doing alot of dmg, Child about same same, setting things on fire with the stray Immolate. The models I feel I didnt get the mileage out of was mostly Firestarter who threw some fire in the first round doing minor damage then went for Recon after nearly getting killed by the Dawnserpent. The Fire Gamin were.. well.. somewhat helpful but again, mainly just setting things on fire and its 8p of the list. Gunsmiths were the heroes (and heroinnes) of the game laying down massive damage with accuracy on the burning targets. I can however see the issues with dmg-output that Kaeris may have if you start spreading out the crew more since it's really hard to knock things down with just one model and you need to focus fire. Spreading out will definetly lower the dmg-output. This game we both ignored/forgot the VPs and mostly went for eachothers throats but Im really impressed with Kaeris survivability and how much dmg the crew as a whole could put out.
  9. Rephrase to "I gotta read my cards".
  10. I really gotta read up on the rules. Its a basic rulebook action for totems?
  11. Hahaha nice trick, but who would cast the paralyze through the Wendigo?
  12. So finally had my game last night and boy was that a learning experience. I brought: Raspy, Cold Nights, Pawn Wendigo Johan Snowstorm - Subzero Blessed of December Acolyte Ice Gamin Silent One First round started out great, Snowstorm blasting away 3 Alps with Tornado triggering like crazy and putting significant dmg on Coppelicus. Raspy and Silent one doing dmg as well. Second round i quickly realize im already in way to deep and quickly get crowded by Alps and Dreams. He pulls out Chompy which get killed by Snowstorm but Im really jammed up in the middle. Raspy fails to disengage (no Armour of December was a HUGE mistake) so no way to freeze them up. Killing Chompy Dreamer appears even deeper down in my zone and kills Snowstorm with Surrounded by Nightmares and after that it was quickly downhill until we called it game. A few things I will take with me from this game. First of all, Armour of December for the ability to disengage Rasputina. Second thing, dont have an answer for this though is how quickly you get crowded, boy those little bastards are fast. Once you are bogged down by 3-4 Alps/Daydreams is it game over or is there some way to handle the situation? If your opponent is a good player you'll probably never get to the Dreamer, seems like hes super-easy to keep out of harms way. Teddy... OMG... What a beatstick. And he's FAST! Without some shenaningans with push/toss or some additional movement its really hard to get Johan on Teddy, he's just to slow on his own. This game I tried to lure Teddy out with Blessed but didnt know he got to push back 4' after killing something so he was still out of range for Johan and next round gobbled him up. All in all a good learning experience but boy is Dreamer tough to face.
  13. So Im gathering my Kaeris crew together but has come to a halt in buying stuff (zero games played with her so far). What I have so far: Kaeris crew Malifaux Child Gunsmiths Metal Gamin Johan Now im swaying back and forth on the Railgolem, Mechrider, or just buying the Ramos-box for Howard and Joss... Any tips?
  14. I have put the Acolyte to good use targeting support-models in the backfield which you often cant reach. With the decent dmg track you can down for example a Nurse in one go.
  15. Both Johan and Hans would be useful against Dreamer... Sniping out those scheme-runners with Hans and bashin Teddys stuffing out with Johan... But as previouslt stated Rasputina seems like a good match for Dreamer as long as I can keep my self from plunging headlong towards him and rather going for scenario and being protective. I will definetly listen to Schemes and Stones ep.
  16. Well its nice someone takes into consideration that models actually costs money (Malifaux seems "relatively" cheap though), but not a real weakness no Since its my first game against Dreamer it will be watch and learn, stay out of Teddys way and make good use of Johans hammer. With Snowstorm and a Blessed I should have som mobility to counter his boardcontrol and be able to get some nice angles for mirroring. Johan would be totally unsupported if I field him but with his hammer he should get things done anyway.
  17. Considering running and buying Johan today haha... He looks like he's useful in more ways then one.
  18. As it happens what I have to my disposal is: Ice Golem 3 Ice Gamin Wendigo Silent Ones 1 Acolyte Snowstorm Blessed of December
  19. In this particular case I dont have any issues with slapping children silly hehe. But thanx for all the input. Now I know alot more of what im facing. When Chompy has not yet arrived, what are the prime targets? Any use killing of his dreams or just go for the mission?
  20. I might be opening up for a lengthy explanation about Dreamer but in cliffnote-form how does Dreamer and Chompy appear/disappear? How far from where Chompy is will Dreamer re-appear?
  21. Being generous with the Subzero might do it yes..
  22. Is it possible to Devour Chompy? Might be a very obvious strategy though.
  23. So third game ever this friday, probably facing off with the Dreamer and Chompy. Im always in the business of reading up on what Im facing as not to get caught completely with my pants down even though im a beginner. Since Raspy is the crew i own Raspy is the crew I will play regardless. So in the matchup between Raspy vs Dreamer, what should I watch out for and what are my main targets?
  24. Not having seen the card, what does it do?
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