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Found 7 results

  1. I’m a longish time malifaux player in Northern VA looking to get into TTB. I’m most interested in being a fatemaster and wanted to get a sense for who was out there looking to play.
  2. So at NOVA this year there is a Treacherous Ties Format tourney. This means you can bring a 35SS crew where your Master is one faction, and the crew is a different faction. Looking at Arcanists specifically, which master would you take and what faction would back them up, OR which master would you pick to be an honorary Arcanist for the day? Ramos and guild constructs seems pretty solid. Colette and ANYONE seems good Ironsides wants M&SU models so that puts her out, Marcus can just hire beasts anyway, Rasputina wants those frozen heart models Kaeris is kind of a wild card, though I like the idea of her and Iggy as best friends, or monks from TT Alternately, I feel that we have such strong in faction models, nearly any master that isn't tied hard to theme could excell with access to Acolytes, Howard and the Mech Rider.
  3. So this weekend I had the pleasure to go to my first Con. The NOVA was a great experience. If you live close, or far, I would highly recommend coming out to this convention. NOVA had skilled players, as well as new guys just learning the game. The atmosphere was fun and competitive. The T/Os were great. Both love to play and love the game and the community behind it. I played in every event and had fun doing it. I got to meet the Wyrd staff and get a picture with Justin for some prizes. I played a game against Mason and it was a very good game. It was great seeing the people who make the game out there playing it with the other people who enjoy the game. Nova raised tons of money for charity, my wife had a great time in the painting classes, and great games were all around. If anyone is on the fence about going I would tell you to go in a heartbeat. Wyrd has a great staff with a great mentality towards the game and towards the people who play, and NOVA makes great games happen.
  4. Have a backlog of projects to complete? Unbuilt and/or Unpainted Models that have been waiting to be finished? Join the Victory Crew March 9th for Hobby Day and knock some of your backlog out Where: Victory Comics 586 South Washington Street Falls Church VA, 22046 (703) 241-9393 When: Saturday, March 9th, Noon-6PM?
  5. The weekly Thursday Victory Comics Malifaux game day and demoing. Where: Victory Comics 586 South Washington Street Falls Church VA, 22046 (703) 241-9393 When: Every Thursday 5:00pm - 9:00pm What: Game day and demos, come out and play with the local Victory Crew.
  6. Tournament Intent: This tournament is intended for all comers and to be less competitive and more thematic with rules to change up the standard game play including special terrain / events. An advantage for each player each round & an additional secret scheme for each player each round. Tournament Location: Huzzah Hobbies 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ste. 165 Ashburn, VA 20147 (703) 466.0460 Registration Fee: $10 Tournament Date: Saturday July 14th 2012 Tournament Time: 10.30-11.00 – Tournament Kick-off 11.00-11.15 – Round 1 Crew Draft 11.15-12.45 – Round 1 12.45-14.00 – Lunch break 14.00-14.15 – Round 2 Crew Draft 14.15-15.45 – Round 2 15.45-16.00 – Round 3 Crew Draft 16.00-17.30 – Round 3 17.30-17.45 – Round 4 Crew Draft (If there are at least 8 players) 17.45-19.15 – Round 4 Tournament Rules: Crew Construction: 35ss, Single faction Scoring: Domination Format (TP/Diff/VP) Prizes: 1st Place: 50% of the registration fee 2nd Place: 25% of the registration fee Best Painted: 25% of the registration fee Historian: One clamshell of their choosing not to exceed $20.00 (Explained in the pdf) Dead Heat: Upon agreement between opponents, any games played during this tournament will count toward the Dead Heat campaign points. Food: In the event there are at least 10 players I will order pizza for everyone. Further Questions: Any further questions can be direct to my email (dfc1356@rit.edu) or via PM. No I will not tell you the advantages or secret schemes it is meant to be kept secret. I will also post this on the ordo nova boards later today. Tournament flyer.pdf
  7. Hey Guys, I'm running a Tournament now, this should be interesting. Information that I must provide: Date: March 12th, Saturday Time: 11:30am to around 6ish Location: Game Parlor (Woodbridge location) 14508 Smoketown Road Woodbridge, VA 22192 Phone: (703) 551-4200 Fax: (703) 490-1888 Tournament Size: 21ss scrap [Official] Limit: 10 Sign-Up: Yes, email me, or pm before March 4th Tuesday. I will close the registration at midnight. Entry Fee: YOU MUST PAY...$5 [pay on tournament day] Prizes: Yes, TBD (No painting contest) Any question, you can ask me. I won't bite. libiss
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