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  1. GhostMonk

    Where is Backdraft ?

    I'm noticing this with a lot of their stuff..... I noticed a lot of the stuff they had listed on their website at one point....is now gone. Including the new Ten Thunders Models (Chi Wardens, I think they're called. The ones that ride the paper lanterns) and the The Guild Models (The Day of the Dead Mariachi looking ones)......kind of upsetting 'cause I was looking to order them and theres no shops at all near me without driving 2 hours that sell malifaux
  2. GhostMonk

    New to Malifaux

    Oh I haven't given up, buddy and I try to meet up at least once a week to play. So far I'm on a winning streak. Last game we played we took the advice of everyone. We randomly drew schemes (after sitting down and writing them on cards). Battle looked one sided at first but turned around very quickly when I got an assassinate off on his leader with Yamaziko. Definitely plan on picking up McCabe, since I plan on doing an all cowboy themed list for the guild that I have called "The Law Rides On.." and then another list for Ten Thunders called "The Dragon Meets The Bull dog"
  3. GhostMonk

    Misaki (Ten Thunders) VS Tara (Outcasts) quiplet

    But definitely will take that advice and just randomly generate things and sit and learn that way. But either way.....it was fun running Misaki and seeing what some of them do.
  4. GhostMonk

    Misaki (Ten Thunders) VS Tara (Outcasts) quiplet

    Yeah I actually sat down and looked over the schemes, we need to get hard copies of them rather then using the app. Hell I still need to finish painting my miniatures. I just kinda wish we had more people in our area but none of the shops wanna carry the miniatures 'cause of 1st Edition.
  5. GhostMonk

    Misaki (Ten Thunders) VS Tara (Outcasts) quiplet

    Though after discussing it, next game we play is going to be a straight up "Battle to the Last Man"
  6. GhostMonk

    Misaki (Ten Thunders) VS Tara (Outcasts) quiplet

    Again, we're both still learning so, things weren't perfect. we did this on purpose to see what they were like, next one we do will be all randomly generated in the app
  7. Buddy and I played a game of Turf War Saturday evening. Misaki vs tara. We're both noobs so it took a bit longer then it should of since we had to read the rules up. Was a custom format, Turf War w/ Assassinate, Line in the Sand, Eliminate the leader ship, Hunting party, A Quick Murder. Since we're still learning, we decided we'll just do the same schemes across the board ( I know not proper but we did this to learn how they work). Our lists we're like this Ten Thunders Misaki- The Storm, Recalled Training, Conflux of Thunder Shang Sensei Yu (I'm not Mi, I'm Yu.......sorry)- Wandering River Style Shadow Emissary Ten Thunders Brother Outcasts Tara Karina The NOthing Beast Scion of the Void Void Wretch x3 Short and sweet, Ten Thunders Drove the outcasts back. Misaki got pushed around a lot by Shadow Emissary and Sensei Yu while thunder brother put the hurt on whoever came near him. The Nothing beast tried scaring the brother but he wanted nothing to do with it and put a wallop on him with a big 5 points of damage. Then Misaki took a hit for 5 but activated that turn using Deadly Dance, moved to cover, and her good friend Shang moved up and healed her for 3. Turn 2, more moving, more shoosting, and more melee. Turn 3 was where it got interesting, Shadow Emissary used his ranged attack and took down the nothing beast after burning a soulstone and triggering. The misaki snuck up on Tara and delievered the killing blow. By turn 4, I was up 7 points from a Quick Murder, and Eliminate the leader ship plus 1 point from turf war after blowing a bunch of air at the enemy (and buddy not wanting NOTHING to do with emissary and misaki XD)......we called the game, shook hands, and said good game. I hope to give more detailed reports in the future.....basically was just two noobs wrapping our heads around the ins and outs and having fun. Next match up will be a 50 Point SS Game. Same list.......with some tweeks and some additions.
  8. GhostMonk

    Assassinate? What does it mean!?!?!?!

    That's what I figured, so we did do it right then sweet. Did manage to get it off too on his Tara....was kind of epic.
  9. So Saturday a friend and I were playing a game of Turf War. We're both new, and couldn't really find it in the rule book. Misaki's assassinate gives hera + when her cache is empty. Needless to say I was quick to empty her cache. What we were questioning is, and we probably over looked it is...... Does Misaki only have 2 soul stones that she add's, and once she burns her two soul stones.....does she then get that? or does it have to be all your SS in your cache?
  10. GhostMonk

    Trying to start a League ((ADVICE NEEDED))

    Yeah that's what we've been practicing on, like this past Saturday at his place we played a Standard game of Turf War loaded with assassination rules. I wound up winning 7 to 0 only 'cause I kept pushing him off the point every chance I got and then held him back. But I digress, We'll probably set something up not on purpose soon.
  11. GhostMonk

    How do you choose crews?

    Exactly! I look at a lot of the older models, and granted they're metal.....I want to get them but all I can find is painted ones that basically look like they were painted with a Crayola crayon. Heck, my buddy found one that claimed Professionally painted.....he got it........it was colored with sharpies. But there is also plastic ones for factions I have no real interest in playing, like the Carrion Emissary.......I just wanna get in the worst way because of how cool it looks, and the stuff I wanna do with it.
  12. GhostMonk

    USA New England (+NY/NJ) Events Calendar

    Any groups in Southeastern, CT? Anywhere from Groton, to New London, to Manchester? Buddy and I just got into the game and well kind of wanting to play more then once a week...
  13. GhostMonk

    Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    huh, i'll have to check it out. I've been painting for about a year so trying to improve a bit this year.
  14. GhostMonk

    Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    I have to ask, what paints do you use for your skin? Also....how do you get them to look so smooth. I still can't get a hand on wet blending
  15. GhostMonk


    Haha I just might. Probably pick up the starterbox in the next few weeks since seems like you can't get them any other way. Right now I just wanna pick up something to store them in. Looking at the Malifaux bag. Collection kind of grew quicker then I thought it would XD