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  1. Yeah, I got that impression too. I should try a game or two with two of them to see if the spirit-cursed rebuff is alright. Obviously it’s weak to condition removal, but if they’re spending AP to remove a dinky condition like that I think I’m coming out ahead, especially when I spread it around. I’m mostly looking for a way to do a gremlin gunline that isn’t So’mer, and do something kind of different to see if it works. I’ve been having trouble with Neverborn lately, especially Lilith and Nekima, so keeping them at arm’s reach could help.
  2. Oh, pots. I completely missed that part. Oh well, I could move some things around for Burt, since he’s got everything the list wants. But the Gautreaux Bokor is the real star of the show, and I think the list could still run relatively close, do you guys have any experience with the Bokors?
  3. Hi fellow Gremlins, big fan, and pretty new to the game, I’ve been messing around with list ideas, mostly for my three favorites, Brewmaster, Wong, and Zipp. I’ve had an idea brewing in my head for a different playstyle for Wong for a little while now, more focused on Wong himself being kind of greedy and taking the Ooo Glowy buff for himself. the basic idea is to buff Wong with his own Magical condition, then use a short range gunline style to try and take advantage of the Gautreaux Bokor’s Spirit-cursed condition from Call to the Beyond and the “the spirits hate ‘em!” Ability by taking as many gremlins with cast actions as possible. The list is as follows: Wong with Explosive Solutions and A Gremlin’s Luck Old Cranky Sammy Lacroix with Ooo Glowy Gautreaux Bokor Gautreaux Bokor Banjonista Lightning Bug Swine-cursed Bayou Gremlin six stone Cache Again, this is a very rough sketch of a list, and a lot would change depending on the scenario, like swapping upgrades or bringing Big Brain Brin for condition removal and swapping other models based on what I’m fighting. The Swine-cursed is mostly there to be a generic good model that hangs back, pushes other gremlins around, and charges in to protect the squishier wizards behind him. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, it’s possibly too gimmicky or squishy or slow to be very effective, but what do you guys think of a list that tries to take advantage of the Bokor like this?
  4. Thanks, man. I'm like a grandpa when it comes to apps and stuff
  5. If I redownload it, I'll still have my $10 purchase of the cards, right? Do I have to do anything special for that?
  6. It's strange, I haven't found the update on my app yet, and no GG 2018 either! I looked on the app page and nothing said I needed an update, super confused
  7. Overall, I like this. I don't see anything that really makes me say "Wow, I'm fed up with Gremlins," the closest is the increased cost to Burt, but honestly 7SS Burt was goofy strong, and I'll still happily pay 8 for him. Franc was never really my favorite model and I can see people being bummed but honestly? I see no issues with his increase either, and same with McTavish. If you're paying for McTavish you're already planning on making him a huge part of your crew's plan so 1 SS is unlikely to make or break the whole list. The decreased costs are mostly fantastic, I've been cooking up a Zipp list involving Survivors and Mech-Chops, and I think Mancha Roja will have a chance at seeing play now, now that he's not 10 stones. Always liked Raphael, a decreased cost means I'll be using him more now. Wild Boars and Bushwhackers getting cheaper is good, but I still can't see a world where I use them much, other than maybe 1 bushwhacker in a Mah Tucket list, just because the rules they grant are only ok, and the Wild Boars are in general too unpredictable to be useful IMO. The reduced costs on Moon Shinobi and Whiskey Golem are great, my Inner Brewmaster is smiling. Lastly, Running Tab is 1 SS. Just as it always, always should have been. So, yeah. All in all a big green thumbs up from me!
  8. On the original topic, I think that calling the Gremlin Faction the Bayou faction would probably be better, overall. Honestly, I think the BEST solution would be for Gremlins to finally get a story along the lines of "Hey, we're relevant outside the Bayou now, watch out, other six factions!" and utilize all the Gremlins working together. We've been building up to it forever, heck we even got a Gremlin General, but of all the factions the Gremlins have had the slowest growing lore and the least impact on the ongoing storyline by far. I'd love to see a 3rd edition, since I just started playing, but I feel quite left in the lurch; I'm fighting a new master every game, and they have so many tools that I have a hard time keeping up or trying to figure out what'd be good and what's awful (Bringing brewmaster and all his pushes and conditions against Von Schill and his "Free shots every time you push" junk is a terrible plan, in retrospect). Honestly I'd love to see more models that follow the design of the Swine-Cursed. A minion that has a specific master in mind (Wong, with the Magical status and Blast Resistant) but at the same time can work in a number of different crews (Ulix likes having new pigs to work with, and both Ophelia and Som'er have enough blasts that a Swine-Cursed could provide a little melee punch). Not every crew wants Swine-Cursed, but they're usable by a number of different crews. Compare them to like, Moon Shinobi, who are kind of awful even in the crew they're designed for, and have almost zero synergy with any non-Brewmaster master. I feel like we need a book sort of like Age of Sigmar's General Handbook 2016/2017, that re-balances things a bit, and adds a little more. Stone rebalancing and some model alterations. We just had new upgrades for each master, but the upgrades are just that: upgrades. You're paying the price to slap on something that should honestly already be on the model to begin with, and even the cool new upgrades for Brewmaster don't make Moon Shinobi or the Whiskey golem playable (The whiskey golem upgrade is so, so close though)
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