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  1. Badluck&blood!

    Asami blog article

    Hi My latest article on running Asami is now up http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/asami-managing-cards.html I hope you find it interesting or useful. Thanks
  2. Hi I've just written up a first thoughts on Asami at the Abnormalifaux blog. Hope it helps and can spring board some ideas. http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/asami-tanaka-first-thoughts-tactics.html
  3. Badluck&blood!

    BiteFaux - Chessington - Saturday 2nd of April - 50ss Fixed Master

    Hi I've just sent £10 to Walstowk@yahoo.com to pay for my ticket. Looking forward to this one. Now do I go TT or Neverborn.... Chris
  4. Badluck&blood!

    Under the Hanging Tree (The Faux from Grace). March 12th woking

    I would love to come. Just have to beg my wife for permission!
  5. Badluck&blood!

    BiteFaux - Chessington - Saturday 2nd of April - 50ss Fixed Master

    I'm in Colliers Wood/Mitcham so hopefully this could be possible, but I'll have to ask permission from my wife first!
  6. Badluck&blood!

    Getting The Lone Swordsman to work

    He needs to hug cover a lot. He also benefits from Sensai Yu giving him pushes. I love his model and the idea of him but he is pants on the table so I mostly leave him on the shelf.
  7. Badluck&blood!

    Top 10 Ten Thunders

    Hi there As a bit of Xmas fun, I've posted up my Top Ten 10 Thunders. Not just the best, but also the most fun or atmospheric. http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/loudest-thunder-my-top-10-ten-thunders.html?showComment=1450528822737
  8. Badluck&blood!

    Ten Thunders Archer vs Katanaka Sniper

    I've tried the archers a bit because I adore the models but I have never, ever done anything useful with them. At most I've found they cause a couple of wounds and are then killed at long range or just melee to death. I've tried cover, I've tried the upgrade. Nothing has ever worked. The Katanaka sniper on the other hand has brought me nothing but goodness. I've had them drop a guild guard or two with critical strike, or tie up board area's with aggressive From the Shadow's deployment or be well placed for schemes or scheme markers. They are the same price but can just do more things better. I really wish the archers were viable but I find like a lot of the early TT stuff, they aren't.
  9. Hi Just wanted to let people know I've posted up part 1 of a 2 part review of Yan Lo http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/broken-thunder.html I'd love to know what people think and if I've missed anything.
  10. Badluck&blood!

    Master Spotlight The Dreamer

    I've just discovered the podcast and am really enjoying it. I got my ass kicked by Insidiously Mad with his Dreamer often enough to hate that filth! Still I managed to get him to have to hide dreamer sobbing behind a tree whilst the Viktoria's butchered everything else in his crew - he still won on the last activation!