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  1. Patz

    Malifaux 50ss tourney

    Malifaux 50ss tourney on 3 Sep 2017, 9am at TPCC,101 Cantonment Road, Singapore 461057 Event fee is $5 per player. Fixed master format. First come first served!
  2. Patz

    Malifauz Demo night

    Demo night on 25 Aug, 7pm at the cardgeeks. 195pearl hill crescent. S680196. will demo for whole night till 10pm.
  3. Henchman hardcore tourney on 26 august 2017, 10am at Tanjong Pagar CC. 101 Cantonment Road, Singapore 089774. $5 per entry!
  4. Hi Guys, i gota couple of questions of Jack's abilities. 1) if an enemy model has frame for murder on it and it died to Jack's curses, does it award VPs? 2) i took betrayer and twist and turn upgrade on Jack. I made an enemy model tormented by final fate trigger and then i cast twist and turn to make it attack Jack, who controls the horror check? I heard that i will control the enemy's flip and i can cheat with my hand to fail it if i can. Is it correct?
  5. Patz

    Malifaux 50ss tourney

    Hey Guys, 50ss tourney coming up at The Card Geeks, 195 pearl hill crescent, 10am to 6pm on sat, 22 July 2017! Fixed Master! C'mon down!
  6. Hi Guys, need to ask a question on scoring for schemes. Basically the tokens from my scheme called Set Up will interfere with my Claim Jump. However if I can be allowed to remove the Set Up tokens first, I can also score the Claim Jump scheme The two middle tokens will score Set Up. However one of them will prevent me from scoring Claim Jump as it is within 4". What is the procedure for removing the tokens?
  7. Malifaux HH tourney on Sat, 27 May 2017, 9am at the Card Geeks, Singapore
  8. Henchman Hardcore tourney on 8th April 2017, 9am at the Card Geeks
  9. Patz

    Malifaux Tourney 2017

    Malifaux Tourney 2017 on Sat, 4 Feb 2017, 9am at The Card Geeks Block 4 Queen's Road #02-111 Farrer Gardens Singapore 260004
  10. This Sunday, 18 Dec 2016, 50ss tourney at Cheng San CC, 9.30am to 7pm.
  11. Executioner also shines with the new upgrade in my opinion. Will also try him out. I am just trying to stablise my mercs auto include first. So far, Hannah is a must take for me. I also like Johan. I will take performer and Aionus next
  12. Really gd tips! I need to play more with her. In the game again Titania, i gave out alot of slow with her and a fast peacekeeper. Now i am thinking of Aionus too
  13. Thanks! I also find that evidence is difficult to obtain if your opponent dun interact. Particularly against Titania
  14. Questions, How did you guys generate Evidence if the opponent don't interact? And how does Nellie play the scheme marker game? I tried her last night and it was v diff to get it done
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