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Found 1 result

  1. Last night I was able to get my first game with Nellie in. I'm hoping that other people might similarly have had a chance to get table time with her. Here is what I've found... Nellie VS Titania Guard the Stash: Convict Labor, Inspection, Exhaust, Setup, Leave Your Mark. I took Guild Funds, Misleading Headlines, and Delegation. With a 5 ss cache. I took Inspection and Exhaust. My crew included Printing Press, Phiona with Wrath of Guild, Greed, Hunter, Warden, Guardian, Field Reporter. What you need to know: The Warden and Guardian stayed by one Guard the Stash marker while Nellie, Phiona, and Greed stayed by the second. The Hunter and Field Reporter stayed by the table edges. Turn 1 Near the middle of the turn I activated the Printing Press to give Nellie +1 Evidence. Chain activated Nellie to give fast to Phiona, tried to give fast to another nearby model, but failed. I proceeded to use the +2 evidence to skip my activations which threw my opponent off. Since he was expecting me to get in his face sooner. Phiona managed to ram into the Claw doing minimal damage. Turn 2 Nellie managed to get up close to Claw to give him Mood Swings and Slow. Since Phiona was engaged with him already and he failed Wp test she got an extra swing. I forgot I had exhaust so I didn't activate early enough, I had no cards in hand and Phiona got Slow from an aura or trigger(can't remember). So I couldn't Exhaust the claw. Hunter and Field Reporter got Inspection nearly uncontested. Field Reporter never saw combat and was out of LoS of everything. Considering that in a normal Guild crew the Field Reporter would have either been a Watcher(which is weak) or a 6ss model I'm happy. I used Evidence to skip 2 activations again so that Phiona could get +flips and Greed could stay Manipulative. Scoring: Titania - 1VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 2VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. Turn 3 Nellie gets Phiona to kill the Claw because it was on one wound, but the Claw gets resurrected by Titania's totem. Phiona manages to get pushed by another model to be within the center of the board and several enemy scheme markers. I forgot to use my Evidence this turn. Didn't matter because I didn't want to drop another Scheme Marker for Titania to use to either heal or make me do Wp duels. Scoring: Titania - 5VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +3 vp for Setup. Nellie - 4VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. Turn 4 Printing Press dies because I over extended him. Greed gives Exhaust to Waldergeist. Guardian dies. Stiched Together nearly dies but stays on one wound. I used Evidence to give Nellie Hard to Kill, she was the only model within range. Not that it mattered. Scoring: Titania - 6VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 7VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. +1 vp for Exhaust Turn 5 Greed exhausts Waldergeist. Phiona gives a model Exhaust. Warden is alive on one wound. Nellie gives Propaganda to push Waldergeist away from Stash marker, but Tooth manages to hold position. I didn't generate any Evidence this turn. Hunter moves from the side to assist in locking down the Stash marker with the warden. I didn't have any evidence to use this turn. Scoring: Titania - 7VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 9VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Exhaust Overall Impression Nellie's upgrades were really good, but they were secondary for the most part except for Misleading Headlines and Delegation early on. Incite isn't the reason to take Misleading Headlines in my opinion, but Delegation was able to give a lot of my heavy hitters extra AP which they wouldn't have had before. Guild Funds did nothing for me, in most part because my opponent ignored Nellie which I think might have been a bad move as she is a support master. Nellie's first attack on her card very little, but helped build up Evidence. Phiona Gage's Wrath of the Guild is a must take as she is already getting for attack flips against already activated models. Getting for damage is awesome. Printing Press is a must have if just so Nellie can get an extra evidence early on. Arcane Resivour already helps her with having a hand size of 7 as well. Combat wise He's a distraction piece with all that armor. The rest of the crew didn't get much play, but the Field Reporter being 4ss meant I didn't feel bad it was stuck in a corner doing nothing. What I forgot: Nellie's evidence at the end of turn. Phiona's for attack flips. I remembered the damage one, but didn't realize it was built into her card. Greed's Manipulative one turn. To activate Phiona early turn 2 to get Exhaust. Turn 3 she was engaged by too many models to get it off since you can't interact while engaged with multiple models. What I got wrong: Interacts - models can interact with any engaged model even if there are multiple models in the engagement
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