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Found 2 results

  1. i've been crawling around the game for some time and finally managed to make some friends move towards Malifaux too. Im a book collector of sorts and any game that has a good and catchy fluff i try to get all of it (like all warmahodes books and most 40k codexes). Im still working on getting the old malifaux books (soon...) but im intrigued by the mention of the Tyrants. Some trapped, some manipulators of events. These god-like evils from beyond that make malifaux their playground. I know there are December (Rasputina), one inside Sonia Criid (or her mask or something), Plague with hammelin, Obliteratio with Tara, Dragon with Shen Long, and so on. How many of them there are? where are them (o inside who, or favoring who)? I've tried surfing the web and this forum but haven't found anny concise list or article about it. If anyone can lend a hand i'll be grateful
  2. I just finished reading book 3 and felt the urge to start a discussion on what happened there cause things most certainly did happen -Lucius blowing up the Governor General leaving the Guild leaderless and being overrun with Neverborn -The resulting explosion caused by the Governor's failed attempt to become a Tyrant would have killed every other character that could manifest (aka all the masters) BUT instead released the emissaries from the effigies, could it have been that the effigies drained the power to break free thus saving all the masters? So that leaves the Guild's power mostly shattered except for a few pockets of survivors, the Tyrants are coming as eluded to by Leveticus and Lucius's loyalties to the neverborn in question (as he had no qualms in blowing up all the major neverborn leaders). Also why such an elaborate scheme in crippling the Guild? Was it Lucius wanted also to kill all the other major faction leaders as well? What are your thoughts of the storyline?