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  1. portab


    I'm not opposed to picking up another master to fill in if they would work better, haven't had a lot of luck with mcmourning, he's who I have been using in reckoning with mixed results
  2. portab


    Thanks, I was looking for the competitive option, just don't do proxies. I guess I'll just struggle through it til she's released.
  3. portab


    I don't think reva is available right now, also don't think Seamus is in stock anywhere. Are there any other good options, I have mcmourning and Molly but don't think they're great options. Would either Tara or Yan Lo be a decent option as I've never played them
  4. portab


    I pretty much play nico, looking to go all in on ressers 2017. What masters should I look at to cover reckoning strat.