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  1. They are a typical reactionary piece which is (as usual) over costed since it does a niche powerful thing, but cant be incorporated in your own game strategy. Serves as a good "counter" against things with defensive triggers or undead. In general, its not a piece you take "seriously" since by taking it you are gambling 2-3 stones on the possibility that the opponent will have an ability which Exorcists counter. Its a pretty flimsy idea to have. Although, they are fun once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, Malifaux is full of these types of models, which are quite often disregarded.
  2. Yes, a great business logic, I concurr. Although I prefer to buy models for looks and theme not abilities. Good thing tjat ortegas are cool, although crazy pirate frank less so...
  3. I agree, but somehow it feels that the whole faction was hit pretty hard for this single ability. Its not something "faction wide" like crit strike, or an ability that a generic model(s) could have (priced correctly) which would warrant taking it into an account for the whole faction. Somehow it looks like every time there was a situation: "Maybe this is a little weak, maybe add a bit of armor, a stat increase..." the decision would end up: "Nah, there is always Francisco, its fine.". Not to mention Francisco being an Ortega Family themed named character, who gets shoehorned in practicall
  4. I too agree and definitely don't think guild is underpowered as a faction (!!), but the whole guardsmen theme with lucius feels quite (a lot) underwhelming. The FAQ part I was wondering about the abilities which can change scheme markers at the end of the game. That used to be an awesome ability when scheme markers were resolved at the end of the game. Right on, trikk! PS. Thanks Justin, for taking the time to share your thoughts!
  5. (not trying to sound snarky) Is anything being (or planning to be) done about it? At least some FAQ rebalances in the works? ie. abilities that affect scheme markers at the end of the game (lucius, mcm) where these days schemes score every turn. @Justin: Also wondering, did the fact that Francisco has such an amazing ability influence the design of other models?
  6. Umm, yeah... A bit much, thnx!
  7. Im in europe, croatia. For trade I do have a miss anthrope. How much would you want for her?
  8. My biggest problem with guild (my faction) is Francisco. I am sick of that guy, so stupidly good and essential for many crews, it breaks the theme and list flexibility. Not taking him in 80% of the time is actively gimping yourself, while taking him becomes tediously boring. Sometimes I wonder if some models/masters have been balanced with francisco in mind...
  9. As title says, with card preferred.
  10. Jakob has been settled in the meantime, but thanks for the offer!
  11. Hmmm, should I reconsider my expansion into never born?
  12. What are some of the common auras you would use it and on who? Chatty from mortimer comes to mind... other?
  13. They tie in much better with the rest of the mimics than some random swamp/forest sprites... Very good concept, liking them a lot!
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