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  1. wobbly_goggy

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    I really like that he's a mixed bag...leap is always incredible, scheme markers as everyone's mentioned, pounce, menacing croak. . He's a cool toolkit. Goes down under a couple decent attacks but I rate him really highly.
  2. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    God, I should go to bed ready for another day of GenCon but I've really got to say... (having missed the last 7 pages of thread)... Everything I've heard (and I spend about 20 minutes firing questions at one of the guys at the Wyrd stand) about M3E has been fantastic. If you aren't excited yet, you should be!!! And more than anything, if you have any concerns or are worried or want to make sure the next edition is great and the transition to it is smooth... SIGN UP TO THE BETA TESTING! !!! (If you don't help make it better, you can't moan after)
  3. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    God, I sincerely hope that 'Severe Underbrush' gets a name change 😢
  4. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Part (number) - the last two Iron Skeeters.. still not up to standard they'd be if I haven't rushed, but I had to get as much done as possible before GenCon splurging.... and I'm now on 80% complete, hurrah! 23 + Iron Skeeter (6) + Iron Skeeter (6) = 35 for the month Definitely finished for now, as I need to get ready to head to Canada tomorrow then GENCON roadtrip next week! I cannot explain how excited I am!!! (All three are in the photo as they insisted on a group pic)
  5. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Isn't this what people said about M1 -> M2E though? And now we have the best game ever, so... let's wait and see and be sickeningly positive and optimistic
  6. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Maybe mercenary keyword....and limited numbers/not all crews can hire them
  7. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Are we here to discuss your personal life or an awesome new version of the game? I somehow doubt that top of any business' list of concerns when writing a new edition of a game is 'looking out for super niche cases of mini collecting totally out of line with what most people do'. They haven't said Collodi is invalidated. Are you planning on going to many 'Wyrd official' events? As I've previously stated, most Henchman (ie those who run events) will certainly allow these masters at their events
  8. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Exactly.... but it's been like... one day. Let's not overreact until we know the facts
  9. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    140 pounds?!?! First purchase?? Have you bought all of the options available at once? You don't have cash to burn but you can immediately spunk 140 quid on a crew???? Christ alive, I wish I had that kind of cash! Crew box, assemble, play a few games, maybe add something, and add options when possible would be more like the norm for gaming I would have thought!!! There is something planned for Collodi. maybe he's be part of the new faction? Who knows? But you can still play with him before 3rd ed comes out. Though 140 quid's worth of minis might take a while to assemble, let alone paint...
  10. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Anyone strictly competitive will have enough minis that it's less of an issue. Also you can't please all the people all the time. The strictly competitive is a small percentage. Keeping more people mote interested is more important. Side note - strictlycompetitive Nico was frankly horrible to play against. The main purpose of a game is for both people to enjoy it. There are plenty more masters to chose from. Far more than have gone. So you can use the dead ones for fun, non dead ones for competition. Don't bother learning them for competitive play...and that's that
  11. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    A lot of people are worried about losing their favourite Master, which is understandable. But, as I think has been pointed out, when waiting for Book 2 of M2E, many of us had a ton of minis we couldn't use at all. I expect you'd counter this by saying 'yeah but our models are out of the game!' - but they're getting rules. The Masters who have disappeared are getting rules. And they will be as balanced as the continuing masters. This has been stated very clearly by Mason/admin people. So what's the issue? Your Master isn't tournament legal... how many of you are honestly, regularly going to large, strict tournaments? Proxies and unpainted models have not been tournament legal in M2E, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. In any sort of community event the Henchman/TO decides. And presumably you'll know them. Maybe it's your friend. And I am pretty sure they will say 'dead' Masters are OK to play. Because they are gamers too, because they want their events to be fun, because they want everyone to enjoy the game. I am a Henchman, and I will for sure be allowing 'dead' masters, as we have a bunch of them in my community (which is small). But I also allow unpainted minis, and when people forget to pack a particular toy, I have allowed proxies(as we make it clear to everyone what it is). Because I am not a monster, I am a person, playing with people. I therefore suggest to everyone who has worries about not being able to use Lilith/Nico/Ramos etc that you check in with your local Henchman/gaming store and see what their stance is/will be on you using them at their events. Going forward, your master may not be in M4E! But that could be in another 6 years. Or maybe they'll be back. Perhaps there'll be a new Global Campaign in which you can win the release (in story and in a physical sense) of one of the 'dead' masters. Perhaps that would motivate people to play the campaign? And in 6 or so years, who can honestly say they won't have expanded their collection and so will miss a master if they really are gone forever (in 6 years time, after playing them with dead rules and using other masters in the intervening period)? (I appreciate people may have non-master models out of faction now, which may end up being utterly useless) but we don't know the combinations/key words which will be available so it doesn't mean you won't be able to use them in thematic crews.)
  12. wobbly_goggy

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Wow!! Just. ...wow!! My first reaction was one of fear, but reading the intention of the new edition I am excited! The best thing about 1st to 2nd was how much easier it became to play without constantly searching for what certain rules and abilities mean. I get the impression that this is the improvement in experience we're going to get with 3rd
  13. wobbly_goggy

    Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Apprentice Wesley added (with a typically bright sunshine shiny and blurry picture) Which is 3 + 20 = 23ss so far Just in case anyone thinks I'm cheating and posting pictures of minis already in my collection (which you don't, because you're awesome and trust me), here is a picture of my paint station with partially done Wes and a few others who are on the way to being finished (atm I am clearing a lot of my 'part painted' collection)
  14. wobbly_goggy

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    Are you hiding out of sight? I have played in tournaments with nowhere near enough terrain (as recommended in the rulebook) and then they do tend to drop like flies. For me hidey sneaky is the way forward... Or give the opp something in their face that they'll care about more so the Bayous can go off sneakin'
  15. wobbly_goggy

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    Question - how do you stop them getting smashed? They're not strong and go down to a couple of OK attacks in my experience. I've had a bit of success with the obvios franc /fingers shenanigans but if a half decent opponent sees what you'll do, Mr skeeter is blown up or moved out of position easily. ... (in my experience) I try hiding them but thein movement isn't so amazing that I've found I can afford to waste movement going behind the best cover available (their smoke helps but there's that risk of extra wounds...and with my luck. ..)