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  1. Got my faction pack. The High River Monk cards are the misprinted ones.
  2. I think page 8 Under Flips and page 9 under Fate Modifiers answers this. For a flip you reveal the top card of the deck and then add it to the conflict. Fate modifiers cause multiple cards to be revealed, but only one is placed in the conflict and any others are discarded. The way the jokers are written, they only add their effect if added to the conflict.
  3. I’ve had this issue come up a couple of times and I think I have it resolved, but I wanted to hear some other opinions in case I’ve missed something. Final Repose: Models killed by this model do not Drop any Markers when killed. (Demise) Excess Material: After this model is killed, Drop a Scrap Marker anywhere within 3” of this model. So the question is would Final Repose stop this Demise ability from working? The rule book uses the same “after a model is killed” terminology for dropping corpse and scrap markers, which makes me think that Final Repose would stop Excess Material from working. Am I missing anything or is this correct?
  4. Reading Luck Thief and Fate Modifiers makes me think that b would be correct. Luck Thief says that enemy models treat all as . Because of this, the modifiers wouldn’t cancel each other.
  5. Gauntlet Games will be hosting it’s first M3e event on July 6. First round starts at 11. The event will be free to play. There are no painting requirements. Just show up and play. The Breakdown • 50ss 3 round tournament • 11-6 • Fixed faction • No entry fee • No Painting requirements •Deadman’s Hand is allowed Location: Gauntlet Games, 3231 S 13th, Lincoln, Ne
  6. I’ve only done it a couple of times, it works ok with Mei, but it’s nothing to write home about. It seems like it’s mostly annoying, but can be a little debilitating if the enemy has no condition removal and you can throw it out fast enough.
  7. I would completely agree if Disciple was worded similarly to Mimic or Copycat. I don’t think there’s much more to say at this point. I think anything past this point is just going to be repeating ourselves, unless there’s something new to be said.
  8. That Yan Lo can take as a (0) action arguably allows you to treat it as one with the way Disciple is worded. If it were worded like other abilities that allow a model to take an action on another models card like the Changeling’s Copycat or the Doppelganger’s Mimic, which say “This model may (1) attack actions printed on any model or upgrade within (aura)3 which does not list a model by name” and “Select a (1) action printed on a non-leader models stat card or upgrades that do not list a model by name.” Saying take another models (x) action and take an (x) action printed on another models card may seem basically the same, but the specific wording can get different results. It may just be a case of wording not being as well thought out in the case of Sensei Yu and/or Yan Lo when compared to the Changeling and Doppelganger, but the wording is potentially different enough to matter.
  9. I don’t think the changeling faq really relates to this in a relevant way.
  10. I’m not sure that I can agree with this because of the wording on Disciple. “This model immediately takes a (0) action belonging to a friendly leader in play. “ If it said a (0) action printed on the models card, then I would completely agree.
  11. That’s how asking questions works, isn’t it?
  12. If you tap on the scheme/strategy on the left side of the screen it will show crew 1, tapping the right side gives the option for crew 2. That’s how it works on iOS anyway.
  13. There will be a Henchman Hardcore event at Gauntlet Games on June 30th. Entry is free, so just show up and play. Gauntlet Games 3231 S 13th, Lincoln, Ne The first round starts at 1:00
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