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  1. I models I own? Dreamer and Pandora crew Stitched, Madness, Teddy, Iggy, Twins, Nekima. Direction I'm taking? I have a month before the tournament and haven't played a game with Neverborn. Or this year. I could approach the pool as a Resser and know what I need to do. I'm looking at picking one master for this month as I'll only be able to get a handful of games. Interested in Dreamer, Titania, Lillith and Pandora.
  2. Single faction 2x 50ss fixed lists Game 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Recconnoiter Schemes: Claim Jump, Accusation, Frame for Murder, Hidden Trap, Undercover Entourage Game 2 Deployment: Corner Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Thier Graves, Accusation, Hunting Party, A Quick Murder Game 3 Deployment: Flank Strategy: Guard the Stash Schemes: Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Leave Your Mark, Search the Ruins, Covert Breakthrough ... I hate Claim Jump. Game 1 Recconiter wants you to spread out and not be near the center with lots of non-peons. Frame requires a specific kill. Hidden trap requires 3 schemes near an enemy. Entourage requires a named model to make it to the enemy deploy zone. Game 2 Turf War requires you to be central and brawly. Dig needs a scheme and a kill. Accusation needs you to keep enemy models alive, which I generally dislike. Hunting Party needs Henchmen and Enforcers doing the killing. Quick Murder needs you to kill the highest value target. Game 3 Guard the stash requires you to be central-ish and brawly. Frame requires a specific kill. Leave your Mark removes schemes in the backfield. Search the Ruins needs schemes center-board Covert Breakthrough needs scheme markers back board at the end of the game. ... So I could build two Dreamer lists; a brawly one and a summoning one. How does Neverborn do schemes, anyway?
  3. I should probably be more specific. Are there any other models I should consider for Dreamer? Madness for scheme running. Stitched because they are cool and do good damage. I just heard the twins were good in general. Daydreams... because they come in the box, get an attack from his upgrade and give me some activation control. Teddy is just a beater. Is summoning Dreamer just flat out better?
  4. So first ever attempt at a Neverborn list. There's a tourney in a month and I'm looking at hopping over to Neverborn. Probably just run the one list and try to paint it up. Strats haven't been released yet, this is kind of a shopping list. Dreamer, Sleep Cycles, Growing Up 3 Daydreams Teddy Lilu and Liitu Stitched Together 2 Insideous Madness 10 activations, 3 cache, 50ss. Tell me my list is terrible and fix it. Lol. Going to my LGS after work.
  5. Growing Up seems pretty decent. +4 HP, cg7 and an ok melee attack. But is it worth it? Being able to hide and shoot vs having to be in your opponent's face and let them dictate your waking..
  6. Hey guys, Haven't played on a year and I'm thinking about coming back. Possibly Neverborn for a fresh start. Apparently Dreamer gets a new upgrade that lets him chain into Chompy in the new book. You think aggro Dreamer is decent? What would that style of list look like at 50ss nowdays? There a pic of the upgrade somewhere?
  7. Wowwww summons not counting for quarters. That's a kick in the zombie nuts.
  8. To compliment. Reva for X strats, z for y strats. I really need to look at gg2017 again.
  9. I haven't played a game this year. One of my friends moved away, my girlfriend stopped playing and there really wasn't many playing near me. Even then I was playing Gremlins It looks like the game is making a bit of a resurgence and I'm toying with the idea of hopping back in. I picked up the Reva box. I wanted to play her when she was announced. Now I will. I have no other wave four/five releases. So any good Reva resources I can read around? Questions: What does she typically take in 50ss? If you were building a 50ss pair of fixed lists (without knowing the pool) what other master would you pair her with? Schemes/strats she likes/dislikes? There's a tournament in a few weeks and I'm thinking about playing.
  10. I've posted about this on A Wyrd Place, but I want a concrete place to log my thoughts about the project and keep track of my progress. "A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful and the mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale." Welcome to Night Vale is a US podcast series set in a community radio station, within the fictional desert town of Night Vale. Here, all the weird and strange things happen and people just deal with it. From angels not being real (it's illegal to say otherwise), through Faceless Old Women Who Secretly Live In Your Home, aliens, miniature civilisations and a glowing cloud that rains down dead animals of various sizes. (All hail) As a painting/conversion project, I'm going to base my Neverborn on it. With a focus on Titania, Dreamer and Pandora- as they're the masters I find the most appealing to play. I want the lists to end up being viable tournament lists, as I'm generally someone driven by competitive play. This is a painting project, but that's where it'll end up taking it. ... Cecil is The Dreamer. It's incredibly perfect. I'll need to find a model with glasses, a vest, bare forearms and headphones on his neck. Lord Chompy is clearly Station Management. He can be holding a letter that says "LEAVE APPROVED." Pandora - No idea. Titania - One of the Angels. All she needs is a darker complexion and a light globe. Titania's court could either be a) more Angels or b)) the complementary forest. Insidious Madness - Add books, Librarians. Primordial Magic - Koshekk. Need to find a suitable cat. Stitched Together - Write WHEAT on them. Wheat and Wheat Byproducts. Mr Tannen - The Man with the Tan Jacket and Deerskin Briefcase. Somehow? Widow Weaver - The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home. Potentially same thing for Doppleganger maybe. Themewise, desert bases with ruined town bits. Bricks, picket fences, corrugated iron. Places in Night Vale I can include somehow. ... Need ideas for Hiram McDaniels, Huntokar, Deer Mask people, Carlos, Tamika Flynn.. etc. Assembly has begun, but I totally need more ideas.
  11. Eh, I don't think there's such a thing as "cheesy." Just opponents who want easy wins. I don't think Stuffed Piglets are unfair. I'm not sure I'd play them at 3ss. I'd prefer a significant Minion at that price break. Spamming them has huge disadvantages, too. They are a huge chunk of your list that can barely participate in the schemes/strategies part of this scheme/strategy driven game. Insignificant and entirely crappy stats are what make them fair.
  12. I think Earl is worth taking even if you're not needing scheme running. He's a Bayou Gremlin with huge mobility. You always need scoring models for things.. and mobility is king.
  13. I've played about 3-4 games with a single Lightning Bug and found it much better than expected. Tinkering With The Unknown is such a trap, though. If you tinker it'll die or get pushed around. And you want those low tomes for your Mech Skeeter carrying Burt.
  14. Yeah, but it doesn't stop Red Joker damage- which is what I thought it did. Ooops!
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