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I used air brush, freehand, water effects and more! This project had a lot of firsts for me, I'm really pleased with how it came out. I had so much fun painting in the light emitting from the egg and the sharp shadows on his coat and on the rocks behind him.

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Round 1 [Object Source Lighting (OSL)] - Finished

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Very cool looking diorama and very imaginative. What does the egg represent?


It overall looks messy, but it isn't messy.

I really like the magic lake water effects on this one. What is it?

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Linus Mcmold, thank you so much! This was my first competitive model so it means a lot to have someone show interest.

The scene is my vision of the moment where one of my Fated players meets their destiny in my Through the Breach campaign. I got the idea of the egg from a Penny Dreadful and expanded on it in my game.

The egg is meant to be mysterious and enticing. A blinding light shines through the cracks in the egg as crystal clear water flows endlessly from within, filling the caverns, and  keeping the area full of life. 

I understand what you mean by messy but not messy. That, I think, is due to the lighting in the photo. I had a very hard time taking final photographs of the diorama. The model (in my opinion) looks beautiful in person. However, no matter how many different ways I attempted to take photos I couldn't capture the colors in a way that did the model justice. Every picture was too dark or too bright even using a light box. I had to catch a flight so I cut my photography short and settled on this picture with more light so you could see the color on Jean-Rene (which killed the hand painted shadows among other details I would have loved to show off😢) 

As for the water effects, I did a lot of experimenting with several options before I put any on the model. 

Here'swhat I used on the model:

First, I used 2 part mix of clear epoxy resin (which takes about 24 hours to solidify) to get a hard, solid, clear base. I had to pour it in layers to keep too much of it from being absorbed into the cork. Once it was mostly solid it was safe to pour another layer. 

The water holding the egg is also made of epoxy resin that I stretched and shaped while it was solidifying to look like water pouring out of it.

Second, I used Crystal Clear Liquid Nails (about 8 hours to solidify) to create the ripples and flow of the water which I shaped with a toothpick and the backs of paintbrushes.

Some of my free hand details were lost as a result of the photography lighting issues but I'm really proud of what I created.

Have a look at my work in progress pictures if you have time 😁 I would add a link to my wip in the forum but I'm not sure if it's allowed.


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Thank you for such a detailed answer.


I think WIPs were always allowed on this forum. There is a gallery with it.

It was also my first with a diorama for this competition. I have on that was for the previous Iron Painter, with a painted on background and I wanted to make an OSL as well (theme was Pretty in Pink).

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