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  1. Zanna

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Wow, I survived in bronze to the very end and I get to take home a prize! I wasn't expecting that. This has been a wonderful experience, I'm so glad that I finally joined in after years of following Wyrd. Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable event.
  2. Okay, I'll play too. 1) Round 3, "Ladies of Redchapel" followed closely by round 2, "Terror on the Winter's Waves" 2) Round 2 @Guslado "Night Fishing", I was worried about being paired up against you, I'm glad I wasn't. Round 4 @helldrad "Murphy's Law", I loved the RoboCop model. Round 2 @gribble "Nor any Drop to Drink", the Beermancer will definitely come up in one of my games 3) I was hoping for a Halloween theme in October, Tribute to the Blood God, Invaders from Other World, or Through the Breach. 4) I wish I had submitted a stronger piece in round 1, but lack of time was a major factor. 5) My job gets ridiculously busy towards the end of the year, plus holiday/family obligations. I very nearly had to DNF in the final round, but I crammed 3 weeks of work into just a couple of days. I had to take shortcuts I didn't want to, like not painting details in areas that would not be photographed.
  3. Zanna


    Those poor gupps must be freezing!
  4. Zanna

    Winter wonder.. wasteland

    It's been a very busy holiday season. Unfortunately, I found myself ill when I finally had some time off. There's a decent chance that I will dnf. But, I'll post what I have so far anyway. Let's see how I do.
  5. I guess I'm hopping on the bandwagon, but I swear I planned to do this since round 1 (you all just beat me to it!). It definitely took some extra effort doing separate text for each piece, but I think it looks nice. Every round was really stressful but also really inspirational. I look forward to coming back next time.
  6. I made it with 3 minutes to spare! One man's wasteland is an ice gamin's wonderland. The humans are all dead in this post apocalyptic wasteland, but the ice creatures are having a wonderful time.
  7. I love the blue of the cavern. Did you sprinkle snow when you took the picture? It looks amazing!
  8. Alright! My miniatures finally arrived, it's time for a assembly all nighter. I'm so glad we have that extra week.
  9. Alright! My miniatures finally arrived, it's time for a assembly all nighter. I'm so glad we have that extra week.
  10. I'm telling myself the same thing.
  11. Be careful about getting too caught up in your work...
  12. It seems that this theme is coming into play in real life.