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  1. Zanna

    Blind Date

    Some people look great... in certain lighting.
  2. 3 weeks?? Is that timer correct?
  3. Zanna

    Dirty Deeds

    Seems a shame to kill a pretty young thing like her with such a lovely voice, but I suppose the client did already pay... Maybe after this next song.
  4. Zanna

    They Did the Monster Mash

    This is simply lovely. The darkened background models give such wonderful ambiance.
  5. The Viktorias have a party to crash. A Neverborn’s hiding at the annual costumed bash. They dressed as rabbits, and made quite a splash. They spotted their bounty, and knew it meant cash. Hack and slash! It's over in a Flash When he hits the street he'll be MONSTER MASH!
  6. Inspiration finally struck! I'm so excited, I was getting a little worried that I had nothing the first two days of this round. 😅
  7. Zanna

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Two Results

    @Whirler Excellent piece, it totally blew me away! (Literally, I'm happily venturing off into silver now) I look forward to your next entries.
  8. Zanna


    Amazing detail! I really like all thine nicks and cracks in the armor. Well done.
  9. Zanna


    Ooo, nice 5 o'clock shadow!
  10. Zanna

    Detroit Rock City

    Good job! Black is always tricky, the pants looks especially nice.
  11. Zanna


    Good job! The face and hair look particularly nice.
  12. Zanna


    Nice job with your shading. He has some good looking overalls.
  13. Zanna

    Iron painter round 2

    At first glance "ooooo." Very well done, her face is exceptional.
  14. Zanna

    The last of the Mohicans

    I feel like he's about to start dancing.
  15. Zanna

    Keep it simple? Paint by numbers!

    I love it. This might be the most clever use of theme this round! (Sorry KISS fans)