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  1. I'm agreeing with Freman, she really needs a way to create scrap in order for people beyond levi to really get use out of her summoning. If she isn't able to generate the suit needed for the Quick stitching I ask that the suit requirement be removed entirely that way you have a few more cards you can burn.
  2. Considering the fact that my wife likes Nekima and I just bought her the Bound by law box last night I may just do this myself.
  3. I would like to one day do this as well. Do you remember what your crew was roughly?
  4. I see a few posts mentioning that the Automation shouldn't get the M&SU trait because Hoffman could hire it. As it is the Medical Automation can be hired by Iron Levi, why would it being able to be hired by Hoffman be so bad?
  5. I would love to see her gain the ability to summon a abomination like levi. After reading through the thread (particularly the rat puppet story) an idea came to me. What if she was given Creative Salvage as mentioned before but in place of Steadfast Protector she was given the ability to burn a wound or two to grant a suit to herself until the end of the turn? That way any master that takes her will be able to gain use of her stitching ability and you'll be able to pull off any of her triggers for a price.
  6. I wasn't sure if it was referring to the typical henchmen upgrade ruling or what. Thanks for the quick answers.
  7. I was reading the back of Archie's card and I am confused. "Attach an upgrade with the restriction of Archie to this model following the usual restrictions for attaching upgrades at the start of the game..." Does this mean that if I hire Archie with two upgrades come turn three he can in theory have the original two upgrades plus all three of the Archie upgrades? Or does this mean that I'm just cycling through his upgrades as ammo for "What did it just throw"?
  8. I'm looking at the 2017 errata bundle and the guardian card still shows it at 8 stones but the version on the wyrd errata shows it at 7 stones. Did they just not update the graphic on the vault?
  9. I just visited the wargame vault site to order the most recent range of errata'd cards and none of them are up yet. Does anyone have a idea when they'll be updated? I plan to order a good 30+ cards easily and I don't want to order the same cards I already have.
  10. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. What's even better is the fact they're located not too far from my state.
  11. My wife and I are trying to find a nice 3x3 table top mat to put our terrain on however all the decent looking ones are coming from the Russian Federation. Unfortunately we happen to be in the US and that is a wee bit away. While I understand that good things are worth the wait, we kind of don't want to wait over a month to have a pretty tabletop. What mats do you guys use and where did you get it from?
  12. My wife painted these guys up for me so I wanted to show them off. Wonder Weasel http://img10.deviantart.net/65e9/i/2017/135/9/6/kamaitachi_by_spankybat-db9ab2s.jpg Akaname http://img12.deviantart.net/85d4/i/2017/135/0/6/akaname_by_spankybat-db9ab2n.jpg I'm making a Oni themed crew to challenge the Collette crew my wife is working on.
  13. While I was taking some Malifaux minis out of storage I had the misfortune of discovering that one of my Bayou Gators was missing it's foreleg. After a bit of frantic searching and an eventual trip to the ever handy Bitzbox I had a lantern that (when filed down) made for a perfect prosthetic leg. It looks like Sparks got his greasy little gremlin hands on a gator now. http://img14.deviantart.net/6b50/i/2017/121/8/2/spark_s_gator_by_spankybat-db7qyvf.jpg I hope that when painted it will look a little more swampy and a little less like I put down too much greenstuff.
  14. We're going to try to pin her first before resorting to surgery. Thank you for the suggestion.
  15. Welp my wife is gonna be disappointment. Ah well, thanks for quickly answering my question.