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  1. As I was rereading the card that was sort of how I was thinking it could be interpreted as well since it is an ability (always active) and only once an activation. I guess it is made more for getting stuck in and then when other models move him shenanigans. thanks.
  2. I was watching a Vassal battle report and a player tried to use the Sound of Thunder on his second move but was told by the opponent he could only use it the first time Sovereign moved. Is this true? And if so, why? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the update. I know in previous posts you had stated that pickups via USPS are Mon-Thursday, has this been addressed with USPS for Friday pickups for a few weeks? I was going to request a pickup for my boxes from USPS website, but didn't want to cause you guys any issues.
  4. I'm using the Twisted Apparitions WYRCP002 as my Night Terrors. Painting them up as ghosts and will possibly drape some seaweed on them. The Forgotten Marshall is a slightly converted Razig Undead Pirate from Reaper with a Death Marshall's coffin on the base. I had this one on hand but there is an updated version as well. Updated Razig. I figured a pirate captain would be good since he can summon Rabble Rousers. They all tie in together. Maybe convert a Whisky Golem into a Grave Golem? I was going to convert a Rogue Necromancy using the base rogue necro and putting a shark head and tentacles on it, but will just wait for the Alt version and sell the one I have.
  5. I'd like to thank Kimberly and Shannon for the updates on my orders. #ToysforusLivesforWyrd
  6. Is it one Reva per $150? Or one for any order over $150? Thanks.
  7. Crap my subtotal was $64 and change. $69 and change with tax. Can I send you guys a buck to make up for it?
  8. I'm not sure, but my order has shipped already. Label was created this morning.
  9. Got in around 8:00 last night. I ordered on my iPad and didn't see any note section to post my vote. :/ I sent an email with my order #, explained I didn't see a note section and submitted my vote that way. If it counts, it counts. If it doesn't, oh well. I'm happy I got my order in either way. Found it odd the Kentauri stated and showed three models in the box. Didn't Aaron state there were only 2? Now to wait for my precious.....
  10. Most players are a little odd. Often one person will either bow out to model or paint. Depending on level of experience of the other players, they will often assist with rules or any questions.
  11. I've had it open and orders placed on Wednesdays before a sale, but can't remember if that was Black Friday or Gen Con. :/ Either way, I wander through and click on it every so often to make sure.
  12. Just seeing who else feels a little like Pavlov's dogs checking into the webstore every so often. I'm at 3 times a day today. I need help...
  13. I have a kissing Perdita NoS that I would like to trade for a NoS alt bishop. Thanks, Bryan
  14. Probably a long shot, but does anyone have a Parker Barrows box they would be willing to trade. NIB/NOS preferred. Looking for him to put my Sue and 2 convicts to good use. Money is tight, so I can't buy it, but would be willing to trade in your favor for it. Have some Guild, Neverborn, Rezzers, Ten Thunders and Arcanists to trade if anyone has any interest. Thanks. Here is "top of my head" list that I have to trade. Ressers: Metal Datsu ba and 4 metal seishen Metal kirai with avatar ikyro and lost love Yan Lo box set all assembled and based Plastic canine remains box based 2 metal onryo 3 metal guild autopsies Toshiro based Yin based Plastic crooked men box based Bete noir based Plastic nico crew based and partially painted University of Transmortis based and black base coated 2 komainu based Izumu based Crooligans NoS Mindless zombies NoS Rogue necromancy NoS Arcanist: Ramos box Nos Miss fire NoS Baritone lola nos 3 plastic doves assembled 2 plastic razor spine rattlers nos Rasputina box painted with old snow storm painted and a counts as Blessed of December. Actually a werewolf figure from Reaper. Never born: Iggy nos Plastic black blood shaman nib LE barbaros nos 6 metal alps stripped to bare metal Metal tuco based and black primed Lilith plastic box set based Nephlim plastic box based Plastic dreamer box based
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