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    Eggenfelden, Germany
  1. The Pig-Frenzy goes on and on. Here's Ulix and some more Pig-stuff. And I've got a better foto of the Ulix Box as well ;-) Hope you like them
  2. Wow, here's some cool stuff going on! @Viruk I really love the Hoffman Crew in reds, looks really amazing! Nice alternative scheme, making it less steam-punky, more sci-fi (I always seem to combine steampunk and brass in my mind), but the effect is beautiful nonetheless! And those bases are just sexy as hell, especially the tapestry! @Sandmann Beautiful old lady, the model is a blast but your painting makes it even better. Looking forward to see the finished Guild Lawyer :-) @RikLok Very Good idea using Skinks as alternatives. it seems as if you have used Army Painter? Since the models are really glossy but I think a good coat of satin varnish will help! Love the vibrant colours on the skinks :-D @Kutslo The colour scheme on Snow Storm is really cool and the light colours give it a very good overall look. The Ice Dancers are fantastic, too, I especially like the ice effect on their bases! Well done! - - - - I am finished for this month (yay!) Since we are planning a campaign and I want to come pig-heavy, I changed my monthly goals (@prof_bycid Sorry for making your job more complicated again :-/) , which now consists of Ulix (15ss), Gracie (10ss), 6 stuffed piglets (12ss) Here are the pigs, unpainted: And here they are, painted: Hope you like them
  3. I haven't been idle myself so far and startet with Ulix :-)
  4. I am trying to catch up on last month and finish the Ulix Box and start painting the Zipp-Box. So my plan is: Ulix (15ss), 3 Iron Skeeters (18ss) --> 32 ss in total :-)
  5. Basically we just say that you cannot cross the water except for using the platforms and bridges inbetween. (if there is an inch between platform and the pavement we just imagine miniatures jumping over it). If you can fly, you may cross the water without penalties. This is not ideal in a tournament sense, but from our perspective, this never was a bigger problem, since we are not playing competetive and choosing the right side of the table gets more important by that And with all the terrain we've got, you can always increase the amount of bridges - here is an example of our last game, where water really was not that much of a problem
  6. As I am participating in the monthly painting challenge, I finished some more Gremlins in April: Penelope (2ss), Old Mayor (9ss) and three wild boars (18ss) --> 29 Soulstones.
  7. Unfortunately, I didn't finish everything I was aiming for (building a house and working in a start up takes astonishingly much time from your hobby-account ;-) ) but I fulfilled my point limits for my Master pledge nevertheless :-) Here they are: Penelope (2ss), Old Mayor (9ss) and three wild boars (18ss) --> 29 Soulstones.
  8. The Sky Pirates are next on my painting desk, too. Awesome models and they read like a lot of fun Your colours are splendid (as usual!) and I like the vibrant tones!
  9. Always nice to see you, Maulwurfmann. And always nice to see your beautifully painted Malifaux Models - definitely a double plus flip with cherry topping! This way I can *squee* more often when I see them here and on TTW
  10. Yeah, very vibrant colours, I like that
  11. Holy moly, that's a ton you will be working on! Good luck :-) But you're right - the different models, even in one faction - help to stay motivated :-)
  12. Very beautiful and stunning models. Thumps up - I love how you blend the miniatures together with your "dusty" theme, that spans from bases to de-saturated colours!
  13. I'll tell him ;-) That really is an astonishing piece of terrain. But a bit costly, as well :-/ Maybe, I'll consider it, however
  14. Thanks a ton; although I feel my board does not match the quality of your city board ;-) Your vine-overgrown buildings are simply breathtaking! We had another game yesterday: I am planning on increasing my collection of terrain with the upcoming Renedra Fences and some advertising colums. I've found beautiful posters (http://www.beastsofwar.com/wolsung-ssg/put-posters-wolsung-tables/) I want to distribute here and there. Maybe I'll try to lay my hands on a Garden of Morrs Set, too?
  15. Thanks a ton :-) The trees are bought from Noch, a German distributor for model railroad stuff: http://shop.noch.de/produkt-kategorien/baeume-buesche-fuer-dioramen-modell-landschaften-und-modelleisenbahn-anlagen/profi-baume/laubbaeume/21802.html I decided to gor for more expensive trees this time but taking tall ones. I didn't want a board with trees that are maybe twice as big as a miniature.. The statues are bought from thomarillion, again a German shop that has a lot of nice terrain-articles. And I like supporting small companies ;-) http://www.thomarillion.de/?page=catalog