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  1. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    My pledge this month: The Kirai Box set and Datsue Ba (not on the picture). Some miniatures are already started but I will repaint them wholly, so nothing to fear ;-)
  2. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    Unfortunately, yes :-/
  3. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    What a stressful month, but I managed to finish a lot of Ressurectionists, but of course, again, I had to change my goals mid-month due to work Madame Sybelle - 8 SS 3 Rotten Belles - 15 SS Flesh Construct - 6 SS Carrion Effigy - 4 SS Carrion Emissary - 10 SS 2 Crooligans - 8 SS summing up to a total of 51 SS
  4. klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins

    Here's a picture of all the Ressers with self-designed bases
  5. klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins

    Thanks a ton, @Butch The Ressurrectionist-Madness goes on and on :-) This time a Flesh Construct and two Crooligans!
  6. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    And the Ressurrectionist-Madness goes on and on :-) This time a Flesh Construct and two Crooligans!
  7. Sandmanns painted stuff

    Love the Hoffmann Crew and the Burning Dude - especially the nice effect on the coat!
  8. Far_Traveler's Malifaux Models

    Still a very fast and good-looking way to paint those miniatures, however, when using a lot of inks and drybrushing I would have filled the gap on the mantle. Nevertheless, Misaki is very cool!
  9. Torsuls Brush Adventures

    The blendings on the black cat are fabulous The shaman looks awesome, I can imagine it being a pain in the bumm to paint due to the tiny wings, but the result is beautiful!
  10. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    Amall update from my side ;-)
  11. klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins

    Just a glimpse inbetween and just a WIP since the bases are not finished: I am painting the Ressers of my mate since he is injured at the moment. I'm trying to get a good mixture of speed and quality here - my Gremlins and von Schill are better painted but the Ressers will be finished quicker ;-)
  12. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    Wohoo :-) I am painting the first bunch of Ressers for a friend this month. Madame Sybelle (8 SS), 2 Rotten Belles (10), Nurse (5 SS), Yin, Carrion Emissary (10 SS) and Carrion Effigy (4 SS) Pics follow
  13. klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins

    Thanks very much :-) Yesterday, I worked on the bases and filled them with dirty resin (clear resin + green pigments + some yellow ink. Ulix-Box Somer-Box The beginnings of the Ophelia-Box The rest and the band I am starting our campaign with :-)
  14. klatschis Project log - Outcasts & Gremlins

    The Pig-Frenzy goes on and on. Here's Ulix and some more Pig-stuff. And I've got a better foto of the Ulix Box as well ;-) Hope you like them
  15. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    Wow, here's some cool stuff going on! @Viruk I really love the Hoffman Crew in reds, looks really amazing! Nice alternative scheme, making it less steam-punky, more sci-fi (I always seem to combine steampunk and brass in my mind), but the effect is beautiful nonetheless! And those bases are just sexy as hell, especially the tapestry! @Sandmann Beautiful old lady, the model is a blast but your painting makes it even better. Looking forward to see the finished Guild Lawyer :-) @RikLok Very Good idea using Skinks as alternatives. it seems as if you have used Army Painter? Since the models are really glossy but I think a good coat of satin varnish will help! Love the vibrant colours on the skinks :-D @Kutslo The colour scheme on Snow Storm is really cool and the light colours give it a very good overall look. The Ice Dancers are fantastic, too, I especially like the ice effect on their bases! Well done! - - - - I am finished for this month (yay!) Since we are planning a campaign and I want to come pig-heavy, I changed my monthly goals (@prof_bycid Sorry for making your job more complicated again :-/) , which now consists of Ulix (15ss), Gracie (10ss), 6 stuffed piglets (12ss) Here are the pigs, unpainted: And here they are, painted: Hope you like them