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  1. @Kutslo Very nice ice effect :-) I will try to copy that at some time. @Viruk Cool conversions, I like the transition from the flesh tones to tentacle-tones. Good looking models! @ringsnake Wow, the rework on these models did work - good job! - - - In finished my pledge for this month: Ophelia (15ss), Bayou Gremlin (3ss), Pigapult (8ss) and Pere Ravage (6ss) = 32ss in total Some colours seem a bit dull on the foto, but what can you do
  2. @KrazyIvan Astonishing Scheme, very good idea symbolizing the void by doing star clusters and nebulae. I am impressed how the overall picture turned out, I thought it would seem strange in the group but I was wrong: It fits stunningly well. Well done, Sir!
  3. I really do envy this composition: The towned down colours in sharp contrast to the skin. The differentiations of black. The Zombie-Skin. This model is superb!
  4. I really like your miniatures - the hamelin band is my favourite, I love the sewer-bases and I'm a big fan of tying the band together by using scenic bases that fit the background of the gang!
  5. @ringsnake No need for feeling down on your models, they look really cool and scary, actually (especially Huggy it's such a gross model). It seems as if you re-startet painting after a long break. You can always come back when you feel more confident with the brush and place one or two highlights on certain parts of models - just write down the colours you use, that's always a downturner... forgetting which colours to use. Nevertheless, it's a solid tabletop quality and I prefer playing against miniatures painted on this standard then one or two crazily well painted miniatures, but 80% of the warband are not painted at all. @prof_bycid A simple white or black sheet in the background should be sufficient for the beginning ;-)
  6. @wizuriel nice vibrant colour. Did you paint the skin and the gloves in the same colour or does my problem with greens and reds give me that impression? @iamfanboy Yes, cool face paint. Really looks scary as hell seeing that gang in this style! @Sandman I love the worn-out look on the coat, gives the model a very travel-worn look! I like that. Did some painting on my models too on the weekend, although I couldn't get as fast forward as I hoped...
  7. @Kutslo very nice effect on the icycleand very cool base :-) Did something like that on a Legion of Everblight army once, the crackling medium really gives a cool effect
  8. Thanks, I am glad you like it. I basecoat the green areas with P3 Thornwood Green, one highlight with P3 Traitor Green, then a wash with GW Athonian Camoshade, highlight with traitor Green again and then subsequently building Traitor Green up with yellow :-)
  9. Hui, very impressive NMM and OSL work here! I somehow constantly fear doing OSL because I fear messing up everything I have been painting before. Thumbs up
  10. Holy flippin' moly, didn't see this thread before. you're painting style is very beautiful, I really like the bright colours and comicy style, especially in a "time" where a lot that is been painted on a high professional level seems to be very muted in colours and tone. This makes your miniatures even more appealing in my eyes, it's really shining out ;-)
  11. @athelu Very nice colour on the unfortunate piglet. I am really looking forward to my pack of Pigs, hopefully coming soon. I could finish the skin colour and start working on the blue trousers today - since I cannot paint the whole coming week, it was important for me to get as much done as possible: Normally I vary more with the colours of the trousers and do grey or an off-white from time to time, but I seem to have my blue phase at the moment There will be more alteration in the future, however EDIT: The bases will be filled with resin in the end. They are really cool swamp bases from Tabletop Art, unfortunately, I had some trouble getting the Pigapult on the base - therefore, I came up with some solution ;-)
  12. Very beautiful terrain pieces, I like details like the snow blowing into the cringed door of the hut. It makes the whole scenery more desolate and depressing. Good job, Sir!
  13. Yes, I especially like the details like the stripes. Gorgeous minis. I am a big fan of this way of painting / comic-style miniatures and I think it suits the style of the game really well!
  14. Thanks for these videos - I watched some of them yesterday before going to sleep, they are really well produced and explained! Thank you, this is really awesome!
  15. Very fast and efficient way for solid looking table top minis. I like that approach and the result! However, the base rim is somehow not really the colour I'd use - I would recommend something less eye-catching like black ;-)