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  1. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Gunner

    Less on the mini side of things, this pursuit could be an amazing blend for both the Mercanary and IMO Guard pursuits. Depending on final talents.
  2. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Black Friday Sale

    I know they arent doing pre-releases outside of Gencon. I was hoping it would be available to purchase.
  3. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Black Friday Sale

    Wonderful list as always. Only thing I see not on there i wanted was the new TtB Book for the Guild. Oh well, maybe at Easter.
  4. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Doll maker- basic pursuit

    all your text is white.
  5. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Bureaucrat

    Sounds like an interesting Pursuit. One of my Players, who's pretty new to the world of Malifaux, is chomping at the bit to get his hands on the details of this Pursuit.
  6. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    yup. Guild, Ten Thunders and Lastly Neverborn.
  7. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    ya i figured the outcast was not likely, that part of why i labeled it last.
  8. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    The Neverborn book was named in the Resser book, that would put the assumption that it was next in line. However it didn't happen that way. So it will eventually be here. Patience. Maybe even after the Guild book, but I wouldn't be surprised if a Ten Thunder Book came 1st, followed by Neverborn and lastly Outcasts.
  9. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Magewright

    Finally an excellent Enchanting Pursuit! Can't wait to see it in action. Oh the fun!!
  10. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    I bet the Amalgamation Division is pretty small. From the few stroies with Hoffman, he probably just pulls from the Guild Guard when he needs more bodies for field ops. Mask's could also easily be the Public Relations section too.
  11. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    I'm not against random. Ram - Guild Guard Crow - Marshall's Tome - Witch Hunters Mask - Monster Hunters Red Joker - Pick one two. Black - Infiltrator for a different factions.
  12. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    True but in the fatemaster almanac there was an NPC called a "bag man" that worked with the Marshal's I was hoping for something more along those lines. Not a Marshall but a supporter of the Marshals or Witchhunters. Kinda like the new Monster Hunter model - someone who picks a faction of the Guild and gets bonuses for dealing with that groups enemy.
  13. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    Also can't wait to see the Witch Hunter and Death Marshall stuff.
  14. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - Marksman

    But I want my Walking Dead Daryl style Fated to be super awesome now...
  15. TemplaroftheMS&U

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    Can we expect a few Lucius style options from the Pursuit? Like What lackey's are for?, Elite Training?