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Found 5 results

  1. So as I have mentioned before here is my pursuit that uses dolls. let me know what you think. Also, this is the first draft so it is missing a lot of fluff. This is meant to be connected to my advanced pursuit like the grave robber is connected to the grave servant and tinker to steamfitter. Starting gain rank 1,2, or 3 marionette (not sure which yet) On the pursuit Fail artifacting draw a card. Epilogue increase any magic skill Step Talent 0 Puppeteer 1 Ventriloquism 2 General talent 3 Tripping hazard or extra control bar 4 General talent 5 Wicked friends or Child’s Play 6 General talent 7 Life Like or special effects 8 General talent 9 master of puppets 10 No strings attached Puppeteer- gain animate construct magia and if no current magical theory gain the imagination magical theory Imagination magical theory- same benefits as the whisper but with prestidigitation magia Ventriloquism- discard a card to see and speak through one of your subordinate constructs Tripping hazard- when an enemy moves between you and one of your subordinate constructs they must make a tn 10 acrobatics duel or fall prone Extra Control Bar- When you give an order command to a subordinate construct you can give another subordinate construct an order command as a 0 ap action Wicked friends- gain 2 wicked doll subordinates and the ability to make more should one of them be destroyed. Child's Play- you can cast animate construct on your constructs to heal them 1/2/3 damage, as well as when you make new constructs you can give them the Adorable Doll Talent. Life Like - constructs animated by this characters animate construct spell now remain active for a number of hours equal to this character's steps in this pursuit Special Effects- any magia both beneficial and harmful that are cast on this characters subordinate constructs have their duration immediately doubles however the increase duration immuto cannot be used on magia cast with the constructs as targets Master of puppets- when you take the order action you can order two subordinate constructs instead of one. No strings attached- Once per session you may discard a card to transplant your consciousness into one of your subordinate constructs this lasts until the end of the session.Replace all mental statistics of the construct with your own. Should the construct be destroyed your mind returns to your body but must make a tn12 horror duel due to the sudden shock that it causes
  2. Hello, as the topic states I am looking for the Rasptuina Avatar, the old metal Union Miner, and old Wicked Dolls. I'm from Europe (Austria) Thanks!
  3. Will o' the Wisp can put a lure condition on a target model that says "When this model takes a walk action it must walk towards the model that applied this condition" My question is, if I use this on a voodoo doll then the doll and the hemmed target both get the condition; but does the hemmed target walk towards the Wisp or the Doll? Who counts as having applied the condition? ive gotten 2 (3 after comments below) primary and conflicting answers to this question: 1. The Wisp counts as having applied both instances of the condition as the hemmed condition simply adds an addition target. Both targets must walk towards the wisp. 2. The Wisp counts only for applying to the voodoo doll. The doll counts as applying to the hemmed target. The Doll must walk towards the wisp, the hemmed target must walk towards the doll. 3. The Hem Condition is responsible for putting on the Wisp Lure so the hemmed target doesn't have to walk towards anything since no "model" applied the condition. Can anyone provide a definitive answer?
  4. Think the 10T (and Collodi, etc.) will receive a new Effigy next year? Any guesses on its abilities? Any guesses on what it will look like? I'm guessing it'll have the straw hat and a weapon of the Wxu-Sju, maybe a mask.
  5. After reading both the Rulebook, and Rising Powers I finally decided on a Zoraida crew with Collodi bring up the rear so to speak. First up is my Collodi: After that is her accompanying Primordial Magic: Here is the basing scheme that I've decided to go with. Kinda playing on Collodi being a street performer so being outside...in the street. Finally we've got a couple of props to use in a small scene for Zoraida's Hoodoo Dolls.
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