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  1. Any reason why Pandora's entry at PMF seems to have vanished? https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Pandora
  2. Abuela's hat. The three little skulls are on a single piece that ought to fit in a corresponding slot in the hat brim. Had to gouge huge hole in brim to get it to fit then copious miliput needed to fill gaps afterwards On this occasion, three separate skulls would have been much easier to attach to the hat. Also, brass arachnid was tricky to position as intended.
  3. Weren't they always locked? My version works just like it always has.
  4. Gmort deserves a bloody knighthood!
  5. Welcome to the wyrdness.
  6. The game is viable now as a stand-alone game. It's a little neglected perhaps, and is begging for an expansion box or two. I don't think a third edition is needed. We know that Wyrd have put some thought into expansions already, as the art and (playtest) cards for additional models were available for a while via the online crewbuilder (the broken link to which still exists under 'resources'). Sadly these have now been taken down, though as some of you know I have made a PDF of the unreleased playtest cards which I'm happy to share if you PM me. I really recommend reading the article in Issue 5 of the Wyrd Chronicles (click here) for some background on why Wyrd made the changes they did to Puppet Wars Unstitched. One interesting bit is the fact that the original version of the game was thought to be competing (but not well) against Malifaux itself too much. There are obviously plenty of Malifaux players with a soft spot for this game, but are there enough to make it financially viable? The cross-over ideas sound cool, but maybe it needs to be marketed better at non-Malifaux players too. I know I'm much more likely to get a game of this with my family, for example, than I would with a full-on wargame such as Malifaux. Fingers crossed for the future!
  7. Hi folks. Payday today (at last!) and I'm planning next month's purchases. There's no February promotion on the main Wyrd website (https://www.wyrd-games.net/where-to-buy) - is there likely to be one? We haven't had a "Spend $60 at your FLGS" promotion since October and I'm about to put an order in with my local store. If such a promotion was coming up in next couple of months then I will plan my spending accordingly. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you. B. Monkey
  8. PM sent. Enjoy.
  9. Oh yes please. A million times this.
  10. Both games have their rules available for free on Wyrd's website (see the 'Resources' page), so you can compare them yourself. Much of the flavour of Malifaux seeps into PWU but the latter is simpler. You still flip cards to resolve actions, have a hand of cards with which to augment flips, each character has their own set of actions and abilities, etc.
  11. Awesome news. Definitely the best Malifaux app out there.
  12. The what now?
  13. The what now?
  14. Wow thanks for that. Seems obvious now. It just seemed really counter-intuitive as I've always thought of 'defensive' as a benefit, so I hadn't considered using it to cheat that model downwards. Always good to learn something new before breakfast.
  15. How would this work? Putting Defensive on the friendly target will make cheating harder, not easier, won't it? I would have thought you'd have wanted focus+2 on the attacking model which (outside of special abilities) would require 2 AP before you even start the attack action. I hope my understanding is wrong, however! It would really make it easier to get blasts off with Sonnia. Thanks.