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  1. Mixing Fractions with Brewmaster

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. It's time to make lemonade! The bods behind pmf looked at options to move to another platform not too long ago so I imagine those options are still available. Not sure why the move never happenened but now we have no choice. To be honest pmf could benefit from the opportunity of a bit of a refresh. Interesting times...
  3. Puppet Wars - PDF Cards for the 'missing' models

    Hi Pantoporos, I believe the following if correct (if anybody spots any mistakes then please let me know): Puppet Wars First Edition Box (18 metal figures) Masters: Lady Justice & Seamus Sidekicks: Judge, Bette Noir, Misaki & Rusty Alyce Pawns (1 each): Executioner, Death Marshal, Austringer, Rotten Belle, Nurse, Punk Zombie, December Acolyte, Razorspine Rattler, Silurid, Malifaux Cherub, Ronin & Convict Gunslinger Multiplayer Expansion (6 metal figures) Masters: Marcus & Pandora Sidekicks: Joss, Nino, Baby Kade & Sebastian Pawn Booster 1 (8 metal figures) Pawns (1 each): Executioner, Witchling Stalker, Rotten Belle, Moleman, Bad Juju, Sorrow, Bayou Gremlin & Ronin Pawn Booster 2 (8 metal figures) Pawns (1 each): Death Marshal, Guild Hound, Guild Autopsy, Zombie Chihuahua, Razorspine Rattler, Malifaux Cherub, Mature Nephilim & Convict Gunslinger Pawn Booster 3 (8 metal figures) Pawns (1 each): Austringer, Nurse, Punk Zombie, Ice Golem, December Acolyte, Silurid, Hog Whisperer & Piglet Puppet Wars Unstitched (44 plastic figures) Masters: Lady Justice, Seamus & Pokey Vik Sidekicks: Judge, Bette Noir, Misaki, Rusty Alyce & Hooded Rider Pawns (3 each): Executioner, Death Marshal, Austringer, Rotten Belle, Nurse, Punk Zombie, December Acolyte, Razorspine Rattler, Silurid, Malifaux Cherub, Ronin & Convict Gunslinger My cards based on the playtest information previously on the Wyrd website Masters: Lucius, Colette, Marcus & Pandora Sidekicks: Nino, Sebastian, Cassandra, Joss & Baby Kade Pawns: Guild Hound, Witchling Stalker, Guild Autopsy, Zombie Chihuahua, Ice Golem, Moleman, Bad Juju, Mature Nephilim, Sorrows, Bayou Gremlin, Hog Whisperer & Piglets Therefore you can see that the Unstitched box includes everything from the original box plus an extra master (Pokey Vik) and an extra sidekick (Hooded Rider). Also of course it provides three of each pawn instead of just one, and is in plastic rather than metal. The extra cards I made (based on the playtest information previously on the Wyrd website) would allow you to play all of the other first edition figures from the multiplayer expansion and the three pawn booster boxes. You would need to buy the multiplayer expansion and three of each pawn booster box to be able to fully recreate the 'old' figures as if they were available as an unstitched expansion with three of each extra pawn (though you would end up with lots of spares this way too). The playtest information previously on the Wyrd website was marked as 'playtest' and there would probably have been some changes before eventual publication, had that ever happened. For one thing, there are two upgrades with the same name. My cards are of course now "100% unofficial" as the Wyrd website removed the information they're based on several years ago. Hope this is useful. Mat
  4. Hi all, The FAQ page says that most recent changes "will be marked with the date: (11/1/17)" and sure enough there are some entries dated 11/1/17. The download button is labelled 3/30/17, but the link itself has January 18 in it. However it looks like the errata on there is up to date as I recognise some of the SS point reductions for the guild models. I'd always assumed that the FAQ and errata were updated at the same time but now I'm wondering whether the last FAQ was from November 17 and the most recent errata is January 18. Is that right? Sorry if I'm being a bit dim. It doesn't take much to confuse me these days. Thank you.
  5. Weight on Base

    Let me guess... you're building a death marshal?
  6. The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Hello. Could you let me know whether there are still places available at this event, please? If so, how many? Thank you.
  7. Hi folks, Would there be any interest in collaborations to combine orders to Europe (especially the UK); eg from Wyrd's webstore or print-on-demand cards from WargameVault? I order most of my purchases via my local gaming store. However I want to order a henchman pack soon, plus there are other things on the Wyrd webstore (T-shirts, posters, etc) that presumably aren't available via the LGS. Combining orders to save on packaging costs would seem a sensible thing to consider. The logistics would need thinking through eg to ensure that payments are made and onward distribution organised. A policy on how to split customs costs would presumably be needed too. I know some people would want to make their own orders around Black Friday and Gencon so that they qualify for any freebies that have a minimum spend criteria, but even then it seems a shame to put money into the postal delivery service that could otherwise be spent on more goodies. Anyway, I'm probably being really naïve and the whole thing is far too complicated and laden with potential risks to make it viable. But if anybody wants to give it a go then let me know! I look forward to hearing what people think. Thank you. Mat
  8. Malifaux Demos in Worcester UK

    Hello wyrdos, A quick message to let people know that I am now around at Worcester War Games (Worcester UK) to offer demos and to arrange any other Malifaux related activity. I'm going to keep the first Saturday of each month free as a regular slot but happy to potentially meet anytime if people would prefer something else. Hopefully there will be some organised play events later this year. We also now have a facebook group for the store's Malifaux players so feel free to join us to arrange any games with local gamers. The store is located at 3 Trinity Street, Worcester, WR1 2PW. There are plenty of tables and a vibrant community of gamers. Drop me a line, either here or via our facebook group, if you want to arrange a specific time to meet. In the meantime, take a look and please let me know if you have any questions or want help setting anything up. Cheers. Mat Richardson-Jack Brass Monkey Henchman @ Worcester War Games (Worcester UK)
  9. Henchmen help needed in Birmingham uk

    I may be able to help. PM sent.
  10. Henchmen help needed in Birmingham uk

    I may be able to help. PM sent.
  11. Henchman Cologne

    Henchman cologne... because you're worth it
  12. Joining the party late via backerkit

    Well, no funds taken and message was "Your card will be charged when the project creator decides to collect funds." Hope that isn't too far away as I also need to budget for Christmas, school shoes, food for the family, this month's Malifaux purchases, etc.
  13. Joining the party late via backerkit

    Ok I've taken the plunge at commander level. I'll let you know when funds are taken. Any other players in the Worcester area of UK?
  14. Hey all. Just decided to join the party for TOS. If I sign up now via the backerkit, are funds taken straight away? Thank you
  15. Hi folks, Some of you will know that about two years ago I created PDFs of the Puppet Wars stat cards for the old metal puppets that weren't in the unstitched box. This started as a personal project, though I've let it be known on this forum that they exist and have shared with anybody that has asked for a copy (roughly one person every 4-6 weeks, though I think the link has been shared via BoardGameGeek too). I asked Wyrd for permission to share more widely and they said they'd have to think about it. Well, two years later, especially given LuckyReplica's effort to rejuvenate interest in this game, I think it's about time I just posted the link here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/15iq21nmqzf5d8z/AACh2PoNvhjAHXaIMRVSib2da?dl=0 These are based on the online crew creator that Wyrd used to have up on the Puppet Wars site (but which they've since taken down). They are only for the extra puppets not included in the unstitched box - i.e. the puppets that were in the first version of the game but which were never officially released in the unstitched version. I hope these contribute to revitalisation efforts. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Brass Monkey