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  1. Rathnard

    What do you like about the King's Empire?

    I love the WW1 aesthetic of the units, not to mention the Kings Hand being the best looking Titan of the bunch. They've also got some great stratagems, possibly the best of the available allegiances. It gives them a strong tactical feel, with plenty of objective manipulation and subterfuge. If I wasn't so into the maDnESS oF tHe bURniNG mAn, Kings Empire would totally be my Allegiance of choice.
  2. Rathnard

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    These are some rather dashing fellows. Am I the only one who wants to run a crew of these guys, some Wastrels and Graves/Tannen for the classiest crew about town?
  3. Rathnard

    Next Allegiances

    Completely agree. TOS and the first four Allegiances look to have an official release this year, probably around Gencon since that seems to be a thing games companies do. The rumoured Guild/Court Starter box is something we have almost no info on - just a couple of art pieces and IIRC, a few *possible* prototype sculpts shown at previous conventions. Beyond that, we've no idea where this set is at in terms of production, so it's anyone's guess as to when it's coming out. If we're really lucky it'll be Gencon, but I'm not holding my breath. The Three Kingdoms/Kimon will presumably be part of the next major expansion for TOS, likely with it's own book full of rules and background. If Wyrd follows the pattern they have with Malifaux then I'd expect to see a Gencon 2019 release. But that assumes they don't decide to stagger major releases with Malifaux (ie. Malifaux book one year, TOS book the next). I think it's very unlikely they'll do that, since surely they'd want to maintain consistent releases for both systems year round? But then again, who knows what nefarious plans they're brewing?
  4. Rathnard

    Next Allegiances

    Not that I know of - the only info we have on the Kimon is a sentence or two pretty much confirming that they'll be an Allegiance in TOS. The closest you can probably get to pics is by looking at the Oni found in Malifaux. I like to think that Ohaguro Bettari, the Obsidian Oni, Yokai and Jorogumo in particular would inform the design of the Allegiance as a whole.
  5. Rathnard

    Is Kimon purely comprised of Oni?

    At the moment I'm assuming that the Kimon would all be Japanese mythology Oni. As per Asami's story the Obsidian Gate is located in Japan, and "Kimon" translates to "Demons Gate" in Japanese. Asami herself links the Oni in Malifaux with the Obsidian Gate in Japan, and all of the Oni represented in Malifaux thus far have had origins in Japanese folklore. So based on the above, it seems a pretty safe bet that all of the characters in the Kimon Allegiance will be Oni or at least be rooted in Japanese folklore. Having non-Japanese spirits in the TTB Campaign is certainly interesting though (I've not read anything from the campaign, mind you). It might mean the Kimon allegiance will draw from more cultures than just Japan. Or it may mean nothing at all.
  6. Rathnard

    Proxy Games

    Here we are. The bottom base is black on one side, pink on the other. So I can flip it over according to how badly the pink damages my opponent's retinas.
  7. Rathnard

    Friday Preview - Egg Clutch

    What is it about TOS previews and bad puns?
  8. Rathnard

    Gremraida and the problem of too much support

    IIRC Merris can only target enemy models with her Burning attack. Which is a real pity when it comes to the Voodoo Doll. I've got nothing else to add at the moment (apart from the fact that Zoraida was my first love in Malifaux ). But I'm hoping to pull out Gremlin-Zoraida again some time soon so I'm following this thread with interest.
  9. Rathnard

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    I've always preferred a Discard-focused playstyle with Misaki to get maximum use out of that Assassination trigger (also because it's really fun to empty your opponent's hand ). I've played 10-T Misaki alot more than her Outcast version. But when I have gone Outcast, my top picks have generally been Convict Gunslingers and Montressor. The former provides threat range and is great for encouraging your opponent to cheat (unless they actually like receiving Slow or extra Trigger Happy shots) while Montressor provides both push effects and plenty of simple duels to drain that hand. After that I'm less consistent about what I've taken. Yamaziko is a bargain of course, and Desperate Mercs would probably be my scheme runners of choice (plus there's a bunch of henchmen in the crew they can give soulstones to). I'd like to Try Hans at some point but I've yet to fit him in. Beyond that, Wokou Raiders and Hodgepodge Effigy are pretty great. If you're not taking Shang then the Malifaux Child could be good for an early push via Downburst. As an aside, I did once try an anti-charge Misaki crew (ie. Alyce, Ronin and Desperate Mercs), which was pretty darn fun.
  10. Rathnard

    Proxy Games

    I got a friend with an industrial laser to make some fireteam bases for me. Basically two MDF bases on top of each other (both 80/100/120mm diameter), with holes for the 30/40/50mm bases cut into one of them. I've modeled and painted a few, and they look pretty nice with some Malifaux minis on top of them.
  11. Rathnard

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    The Samurai is great not solely because it encourages your opponent to cheat, but because (with the Earth upgrade) he's an absolute tank and a threat at any range. At melee he's got an armour-ignoring sword, then at range he's got a Gatling gun that can put out some obscene damage at 14" thanks to it's raking fire trigger. Honestly with a triple positive it's not that hard to keep flipping/cheating rams to hit 2-3 models per AP. As for encouraging your opponent to cheat, it's just one half of a win-win situation for you. If they cheat and you miss (remember with a triple positive they're usually cheating first) then they're one card closer to a Misaki Assassination run and the damage on an Earth Samurai is not enough to neuter them. 5 Wounds with Armour 2 is still hard to get through and you can recover the damage with a Low River Monk or Obsidian Oni. But if they choose to save their card and not cheat, they've just made it easier for you to keep shooting their models up with your Raking Fire trigger. So the Samurai is either emptying their hand, or your opponent is willingly letting you win duels to deal more damage to them. Win-Win. The Lotus Eater looks like a good addition for Discard Misaki, but I wouldn't say it replaces the Samurai at all. My approach with Discard Misaki is to build a crew that can force cheating/discards early and often. With his 14" Gatling Gun the Samurai is perfect for this. In most games he's opening up on targets from Turn 1 (with 1-2 pushes from the likes of Lust or Mr Graves), whereas the Lotus Eater instead has to waste AP getting within 6" to start throwing out Threaten attacks. Not to mention that shooters like the Samurai encourage your opponent to come to you (as opposed to you chasing them down), which is a big advantage in its own right. I'm not saying the Lotus Eater is a poor choice. In fact once they're out I'm pretty tempted to try them in a more scheme marker-focused Misaki crew. But it definitely doesn't outright replace the Samurai. IMO he just offers too much to a Discard-Misaki crew.
  12. Rathnard

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    Misaki's actually one of my favorite Masters to play. On the surface she seems pretty simplistic - just ninja-flip into combat and start lopping off heads. But there's alot more to her playstyle than that, especially if you want to use her well. The way I see it, there's a few (not mutually exclusive) ways to play Misaki and her crew; 1. Misaki the Loner Basically build a crew that's going to get the job done and score you VPs, then equip and play her as an independent murder machine. The benefit is that she's pretty good at killing things and with your crew not relying on her being around, it won't matter too much if she dies. In this way you can treat her almost as an expendable missile. 2. Smoke and Shadows Build a Last Blossom crew that will let you use Smoke and Shadows to both throw up cover and teleport powerful minions like the Wokou Raiders or Jorogumo around the table. This seems pretty good on paper, but in practice I've found it to be not worth the trouble. IIRC you need a Mask to get the teleport off (which competes with Misdirection, if you take it) so at best you're only teleporting a few models around over the course of the game. And at least in the games I've tried it, it's never done anything for me. Still, if you want to give it a shot, go for broke. ;) 3. Alpha Strike Misaki Ten Thunders are pretty good at throwing around AP and push effects to friendly models, and with Misaki you can really take advantage of this to turn her into a super-charged killing machine. Basically you take models like the Shadow Emissary, Mr Graves and Senesei Yu to push her up the table, give her additional AP when she activates and sometimes even apply additional buffs. Then when she activates, she charges into the enemy crew and kills their key model/s with her glut of AP and buffs before your opponent has a chance to properly retaliate. Like any Alpha Strike it can be devastating when it goes right, but if it fails or she doesn't kill enough, you'll likely find yourself with a dead Misaki and a crew that isn't really equipped to handle the opponent without their Master. To be fair, this is a playstyle with Misaki that's discussed online alot. I'm not personally a fan though. It just feels too much like putting all your eggs in one basket, which is why I prefer to build a crew that complements, but isn't dependent on Misaki. 4. Discard Misaki One of Misaki's best tricks is her Assassinate trigger to auto-kill anyone who doesn't discard two cards or soulstones. It's potentially devastating, but becomes less so if your opponent has a hand full of cards (especially considering the suit requirements of activating the trigger). So if you really want to take advantage of Misaki's Assassination trigger, the best approach is to build a crew that can force as much cheating and discard effects on your opponent as possible. Obvious examples are the likes of Yamaziko or Misaki's own Misdirection upgrade, but attacks that your opponent simply MUST win help alot too. Oiran can be good at this with their Ca 8 Lure (even if you don't have the suit, just the threat of it can be enough to force your opponent to cheat), as are my favourite models in the Faction - Samurai (the damage they take if they miss their Gatling Gun attack can make it very tempting to cheat). Attacks with a natural positive to the flip can be great too, since you're more likely to win the initial flip and force your opponent to decide whether to cheat first. All of this can whittle down your opponents hand for a potential Assassination run with Misaki but perhaps more importantly, it encourages your opponent to be really cagey with their conytrol hand. They're less likely to use effects that require them to discard a card, or cheat duels they might otherwise want to win. So as long as even the threat of an Assassination run is there, you're crew is already at an advantage vs your opponent. This is my preferred playstyle for Misaki, and it's why she's my favourite Master in the game. ;) --- To be honest t's been a while since i pulled out my Ten Thunders so I'm a little rusty on what everything does (mainly with the newer models). But from what you've got in your collection you seem to have all the elements for a solid Misaki crew. Given my preference for Discard Misaki, my immediate inclination is to grab the Oiran and Yamaziko (minus Smoke and Shadows ;) ). Then the Shadow Emissary (because it's just amazing, even before taking the Misaki Conflux) and some combination of the Crime Bosses and Wokou Raiders. Then I'd spend the last few SS on a few cheap models (Shang and/or Tanuki are my preference) for support, scheme running and to pad out the activations (you generally want 8 activations, 7 at minimum). Of the others, Performers might find a place as a scheme/anti-scheme runner, especially with the Oiran's trigger on her attack to make Showgirls untargetable. Akaname and Fermented Monks play pretty well together and Wandering River Monks are great for scheme running. Ototo is a nice melee tank, but you might want some healing to go with him to make sure he doesn't die too quickly. Torakage are cool, but they've proved as useful as they look on paper for me.
  13. Rathnard

    Friday Preview - Devouring Eel

    Make it stop. Please.
  14. Rathnard

    How many eels... And eggs?

    I've never played Gibbering Hordes, so take this as a bit of TheorySide based on my experience with the game as a whole. Split in Two, while great, doesn't feel like a necessary part of the Eel's playstyle. Perhaps if you find yourself with 4-5 Reinforcement Tokens (not unlikely if your opponent doesn't try to kill or Pin it) you'd use it, but otherwise it seems like a big risk to strip away its best defense for a turn. In any case while you might get two on the board, you'll almost never have the time/tokens to poop out a third. So if it were me I'd buy two, but wouldn't be upset with one if I couldn't otherwise afford it. As for Eggs, they're a very cheap filler unit who can be eaten for Glory, and can be summoned by Karkinoi (although they'll probably be trying to kill things most of the time). Given their disposable nature I suspect two...possibly three would be enough: 1-2 to deploy with your company (who'll then likely get eaten within the first few activations), then a third in case the Karkinoi decide to sit around summoning eggs for a turn. The good thing about eggs is that they'd be really easy to scratch build if you wanted. So you could buy one or two official minis, then model up a few more just in case you need them.
  15. Rathnard

    Alison Dade & Pathfinder - How do you use it?

    It's suit dependent, sure. But it's only a 6 that you need (from memory) and few other models tend to need that suit (especially if you design your crew that way). Also if all else fails he's still pretty good at shooting things for his cost. If he's engaged and has some traps around he can hold his own in melee for a bit, otherwise you can get him out with your own push effects or if all else fails, leave him to his fate while you tend to more pressing matters (because why would a 6SS model be essential to your plans? ). This is also a good reason why I don't deploy him off on his own, without support from the rest of my crew!