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  1. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Just one at the moment; Nellie, a printing press and 11 Field Reporters. I call it the Malifaux Press Corps.
  2. Expanding A Lady Justice Crew

    IMO, the best three early buys for LJ would be; Death Marshall Recruiter: Has so many amazing synergies with LJ and her buddies that it's not funny. Austringer: The shooting is neat and adds some nice zone control, but you really want him for the Deliver Orders. It helps your crew get scheme markers down where you need them. Executioners: They can be a little squishy, but hit like a truck, can charge in from quite a distance thanks to their 0-cost upgrade and can remove nearby scheme markers, which is important for denying points to your opponent. They also help take pressure of Lady Justice, since they're way too dangerous to ignore once they're in melee. There's alot of other great options for LJ that have been already mentioned by others, but these three would be the first I'd grab.
  3. Suggestions for getting pushes

    Ha! Well spotted.
  4. Where: South Perth Community Hall, corner of Sandgate and South streets, South Perth (Australia) When: 29th July, 2017 A Malifaux Tournament with a twist! Power up your Master with Avatar upgrades and choose a FATED minion to gain skills and equipment as they progress through the day. Three games at 40SS (plus Fated), in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with great terrain, a great venue and great opponents! For more details, contact myself (event organiser), visit the facebook page or download the players pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ppn9x956f7bq62s/Winter%20Skulls%20Malifaux%202017.docx?dl=0 NOTE: We will also be holding a charity auction on the day, with money made going to all proceeds to Muscular Dystrophy WA. The lots on sale will be almost entirely Games Workshop product, but I'm mentioning it here nonetheless. More details are on the Facebook event page.
  5. Suggestions for getting pushes

    What Lugonn said - Master Queeg might damage the models around him to do it, but his push effects are great. Add to that his Promises upgrade and giving everyone (0) Interacts, and he's a seriously useful Henchman for the Guild. As far as Mercanaries are concerned, the Oiran has Lure (needs a suit, but nonetheless useful) and the Performer has a push effect. Lust is also incredible for moving friendly and enemy models around - she's well worth tracking down. Also don't forget the Brutal Effigy. He can't push people but he can bury models to later teleport them to another scheme marker in LoS. There's also the Death Marshall Recuiter, who offers ALOT to Lady Justice and his (0) self-push can give an engaged model (like LJ) a free attack.
  6. I have to agree. The thing with removing the risk/reward element with adding suits to duels, is where do you stop? If there's no risk in burning a stone for a suit, why should there be any risk in re-flipping initative, adding positive flips, drawing extra cards or preventing damage? Should Soulstones simply guarantee that something works, with no risk of wasting that stone if the result isn't in your favour? I realise I'm making a ridiculous arguement here, but my point is more that risk/reward is a consistent part of how soulstones work in Malifaux. So at least to me, it doesn't make alot of sense to remove the risk from just one aspect of how Soulstones are used.
  7. What do you want to see in the future?

    Random ideas I'd like to see: A commander so bad, so incompetent that he actually makes your Company worse. On the flip side he gets like 30+ scrip to spend on his units. More wierd and wacky commanders ala Frenzy and Horo. Like an Abyssinian with a Combined arms mech that follows him around. Or (and I'm not sure how well this'd work within the rules), an Adjunct Commander who is attached to a squad at the beginning of the game. More alleigances. Which is pretty likely to happen anyway. Something something Australia something. Models with rules for Malifaux and ToS. Although that's been discussed on another thread.
  8. TOS figs for Mali?

    Ooh, I like it! You don't need to make it too complicated - maybe at the end of each turn the Titans both flip a card, with the higher winning that round and doing something to the other based on the suit. Stuff like pushing them back, tearing off chunks to create 50mm terrain markers or dealing additional damage to other nearby models. In fact, why stop at Titans? You could even add 1-2 TOS squads on each side and have the Malifaux crews attempting to achieve their mission in the middle of a warzone. Basically have the fireteams count as blocking terrain with soft cover, and at the end of each turn the players flip for each fireteam to see what they do. Again, stuff like moving and shooting other fireteams (to damage nearby crew models). It'd play like having mobile, intermitently hazardous terrain on the field.
  9. Already have a problem

    I totally agree. December can't come fast enough. In the meantime though, I've been doing whatever modelling/painting I can for TOS that doesn't involve models. Recently that's meant building my own Fireteam bases, but I also have terrain to paint for a 6x4 board, and some 50mm objective markers to make.
  10. TOS figs for Mali?

    I'd love to see this too. People have mentioned Warped working as Illuminated, but there's a pile of others. Hell, you could probably make an alright Guild crew just by proxying Kings Empire minis. Mind you if they don't, I and likely others will do it in an unofficial sense anyway. Limited or Miss models that have rules for both systems would be awesome too. I kind of suspect that will be on the cards once TOS is officially out, provided whatever they come up with makes sense within both game systems. Finally, am I the only one who is thinking of using a Titan as a kind of objective/terrain piece for a Malifaux story scenario?
  11. I've updated Meridion, the Court of Two and the "Mt Etna Entity" accordingly. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the Other Side Core Rulebook, that's for sure. :)
  12. Misaki + Mei Feng

    Well if you're after models that'll work with both Masters, here's a few that'd work; Shadow Emissary - for what i hope are obvious reasons. Samurai/Katanaka Sniper - Both Masters like a shooter or two. I prefer the Samurai for its toughness and flexibility, plus the synergy with Shadow Emissary Obsidian Oni - great all-rounder, with scrap markers for Mei Feng/Toshiro and healing for your upgrade carriers (another reason i prefer the Samurai) Tengu - Scheme runner/anti scheme markers. Mei Feng needs it a little less but it's still good. Terracotta Warrior - just amazing for support, plus it's a construct. Low River Monk - Healing, condition removal and scheme markers. All of which is great for any master 10T Brothers - Scheme runner. One of the better ones, plus Mei Feng in particular really appreciates a mobile model like him. That should get you started. EDIT: Don't bother with the archers. As much as i love the models, they're really not great compared to all of the other great shooters in the Faction.
  13. June 23rd - Stormsiren

    I'd quite like to go dual faction (just Burning man ATM) but I don't think my wallet could withstand it. So instead I'm just sticking with the one, but will probably expand later on down the track. :)
  14. From my experience, I'd say the weakest are currently Mah Tucket and Kaeris. The former by reputation (though I really want to try her myself) and the latter has some cool synergies that just don't seem to work well enough. Strongest is harder, but the ones I hear alot about (both locally and online) are Sandeep, Parker and Reva. All new Masters, which actually makes me feel that some of it has to do with people not being used to facing them. EDIT: I think alot of people underestimate the power of Brewmaster. There's some neat tricks in his arsenal, but the Swill condition in particular is brutal. Just take a solid crew of models with him and they'll clean up anyone Brewie hands drinks to.
  15. Book 5 wishlist!

    I must admit, I'm struggling to see how people are seeing certain things as gaps in the 10-T lineup. In particular: Armour IMO Ten Thunders are better equipped than most factions to deal with armour. Off the top of my head we have the Samurai, the Hard Worker upgrade, Lone Swordsman, McCabes Sabre and if you're using Yan Lo, the Goryo. I believe that's as good as, if not better than most other factions. On top of that we've got better access than most to Focus attacks, which allows for nice boosts of damage and is a good way to minimise the effectiveness of armour. Scheme Runners For specifically running schemes we've got Tengu, 10-T brother, Low River monks, Yokai and Wandering River monks, all of which are fantastic in their own way, depending on exactly where and when you want those scheme markers. If you want a cheap, indepenent Scheme runner then Yokai and 10-T Brothers are your guys. If you want a independent scheme runner who's near-impossible to counter then look no further than the Wandering River Monk, who's absolutely worth the 7SS you pay for him. I used to think 10-T were lacking in scheme runners, but that's really not the case any more. Master/Models w. Blast You mean besides Misaki, Mei Feng and Shenlong? All three have good melee attacks that can put out blasts, and they're made all the more dangerous with positive damage flips from Stalking Bisento (for Misaki) and/or Recalled Training. Outside of Masters there's the Shadow Emissary, Yamaziko and probably a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. I think we're pretty good for Blasts. 7-value attacks The question here isn't whether we need a 7-value attack stat (you missed Yan Lo BTW, who can get up to 8), but whether we need more ways to deal with Df 7 models. And to be honest, I don't think we do. As above we've got access to blast and there's a bunch of models who can choose to target Wp too. Easy access to focus and positive flips reduces the need for a high attack stat too. 3-SS minion Eh, this is neither here nor there to me. I've never had a problem with Interference (I usually play Misaki for it, though Asami and Mei Feng can summon if you really feel that's necessary for the strat), and model count/out-activation has never been too much of an issue. Some kind of Oni hound thing would be neat, but I wouldn't say it's strictly necessary. Damaging Ca-attack actions Other than the Shadow Emissary we've got Lust, the Komainu, Yan Lo, the Obsidian Oni and of course Hungering Darkness. Plus alot of the Book 5 models look to have Ca-based attacks too. Then there's Izamu and the Lone Swordsman, who have triggers to ignore incorporeal (which is what you're really after, right?). Honestly this is something I've never felt a need for. --- As for what the 10-T needs, well, to be honest I think from the perspective of tactical options on the board, they're in a really good position. There's actually nothing that I feel the faction strictly NEEDS. As for commenting on the models we've gotten, that's for another thread. ;)