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  1. My standard Yan Lo setup was something like this: Yan Lo w. Brutal Khakkara, Misdirection and Recalled Training/Fortify Spirit/Reliquary (depending on mood) Soul Porter Yin Shadow Emissary w. Ancestral Conflux Tengu Chiaki Earth Samurai Komainu Is been a while since I pulled him out so I've probably made some mistakes. But that's basically the jist of it. The way it'd work is that Yan Lo would pile on his upgrades and get in the enemies face, while Yin ties up the problem models and the shadow emissary/Samurai provide the muscle
  2. This. Seriously. This right here. When I was playing 10-T Misaki I developed a strong appreciation for discard/card drain effects in conjunction with Misaki's Assassination trigger. Basically as you put more pressure on your opponents hand, the threat of a Misaki-powered assassination run becomes much greater. Every cheat becomes harder for your opponent to justify and discard effects are something to be feared. You don't even need to use Misaki's Assassination trigger. So long as the threat of it is there, your opponent will be freaking out about it and second guessing every card they cheat. This is why Montressor should be Misaki's BFF. Everything he has is just a card sink for your opponent, which in turn makes Misaki much, much more threatening. EDIT: And if that wasn't enough, he also provides a convenient way of pushing Misaki into/out of danger.
  3. I think @Tokapondora has it - High River Monks just don't fill a niche that makes them worth taking. At best they have potential for priming eneny models with Burning for Mei Feng to charge later. Otherwise they don't have the resiliance or killing power you'd expect for a 6 SS model. And more importantly, at 6 SS the Obsidian Oni and even Bunraku offer more utility for the same cost. Bumping up the monks killing power might give it a niche as an efficient glass cannon, but i think it also/instead needs something else.
  4. Different models, different roles. As far as I'm concerned it's not a question of whether you'd take one over the other, but what job you want that model to do. I take the Tengu in my 10T crews quite alot, but that's because they're so good at removing scheme markers and hence denying VP to my opponent. 10T Bros are much better at running up flanks, placing scheme markers and keeping those markers around despite your opponents efforts. So that'll usually be what i take one for. Realistically though, the 10T bro is competing with the Low River Monk, Wandering River Monk, Yokai or Oiran. The Low River Monk is better at planting markers in the middle of fights, while the Wandering is costly, but far more evasive and better at getting those markers to remote parts of the board. The Yokai is amazing for scheme running, getting across the table fast and dealing far more damage than a 5ss model has any right to...so long as you're cool with it not surviving the game. Scheme running is kind of a secondary purpose for the Oiran, but it's very capable of it if you can consistently give her fast with the hidden agenda upgrade. All have their place and their reasons to be taken. It's just a matter of deciding exactly what you want to do with the model in that slot.
  5. Not really. The Twisted Horrors are my favorite unit in the faction so I want those regardless of the rules. Mind you if you were forcing me to be practical (ridiculous, I know!), I'd probably start with the Immolated Rhino. I like him alot more now I've seen his rules and he's cheap enough to fill gaps in the list, saving you from messing too much with assets. Raving Madman would be a close second (again, for gap-filling), but I'm hoping we'll hit 300k before tomorrow and we'll get one anyway.
  6. Here's a rough idea of what I'm thinking: Adeodatos +2 (for Assets) Fenton Brahms +2 (for Assets) Noodle Wyrm - 8+3 (for Assets) Warped - 9 Stalking Portals - 3 Broken - 5 Doomseekers - 7 Twisty Horrors - 8 Cinnamon - 3 This involves adding Cinnamon and probably a couple more breachlings to my pledge. Which is alot of money. I'd like to cram a Raving Madman in there somewhere too (probably by downgrading one of the assets to a 0-cost one), but otherwise that's the plan.
  7. I'm grabbing the commander level, plus Twisted Horrors, Broken and a Breachling. Should be more than enough for a 2 commander game, since I'm planning to use one squad of warped to test colour schemes. As much as I'd like to get more, my finances will only stretch so far so I'm leaving the rest until the game's released proper.
  8. While the Doppelganger and Graves are great models with Lucius, shouldn't priority go toward getting some minions for Lucius to actually use his Issue Command with? It's why I think the Illuminated/Beckoner combo is a good choice for Lucius. Yeah it involves buying the Lynch crew box, but Illuminated are one of the best minions Lucius could be Commanding and a Beckoner gives you the threat projection (v. important IMO), Brilliance synergies and some mobility to boot. Yeah she's not amazing. But in a Lucius crew with Illuminated, I'd argue she's worth her cost. Other than that, Terracotta Warriors are pants-down amazing with Lucius. Definitely a must-buy IMO.
  9. Cult of the Burning Man: Twisted Horrors. Because god damn those models look amazing! Anyone else: The Cult Starter box. Because I should be playing Cult instead.
  10. Off the top of my head, here are some models I'd like to see get an errata one day: Governors Proxy: He just needs to offer something useful because thus far, I've never seen him on the table. Guild Guard: I like that they get better when paired up, but they sadly just don't get good enough to be worth using. Malifaux Raptor: This plus Interference or Practiced Production has been too silly for too long. At the very least, I feel like it should unbury at the start of the next turn (to reduce the interference abuse) and that it can't bury in the same turn it was unburied (so no yo-yo Raptors) Thunder Archers: Too expensive, too fragile, too specialised and most importantly, costs about the same as three other 10-T shooters who are better at almost everything (Pathfinders, Samurai and Katanaka Snipers). It's a real pity because I love the models, but I just can't justify including them for any reason except LOLs. IMO they either need a complete rewrite or a drop to 5SS. High River Monks: Too fragile for front line fighting, these guys seem best used as punchy scheme runners. But in a faction with Yokai, Tengu, Torakage and 10-T Brothers they don't really seem to compare. Illuminated: Yeah. They're just a little too good for what you get. At the very least I'd say the healing needs to be curtailed. Mah Tucket: To be honest I don't feel right adding her to the list just yet, mainly because I've never seen her on the table. She seems pretty lackluster though, and I get the impression she's taken Lucius's title as "The Internet's Worst Master".
  11. [MODHAT]I've moved the thread to the Malifaux General discussion which is a little more appropriate to the topic.
  12. So he's a Crazy Fire Pope? Hells yes.
  13. It's hard to say just what was pre-planned in the Malifaux story and what wasn't. For instance there's hints about the Governor's eventual link with Jack Daw as far back as the 1st ed. Malifaux rulebook, where the Governor's mansion and the Hanging Tree was described as directly opposite one another (I need to confirm that, and the exact wording though!). Other stuff might have evolved more recently, like the nature and story of Meridion. In any case, it's almost impossible to say just how the Malifaux Story has evolved over time, what threads were introduced when and how early it was decided that certain Masters like Titania were to be a part of the Lore. In all honesty, only Nathan knows and unless I can one day corner him and get him REEALLLY drunk, we'll probably never find out.
  14. Put Nekima vs Yasunori and I'm pretty sure Nekima will win 90% of the time. Under ideal circumstances Yasunori will come in with more attacks, sure. But that Armour +1 she has will massively blunt any hits and Nekima will do far more damage with each strike. And she doesn't need an Emissary and Master to help her along either. More on topic, think Joel has nailed the crux of the problem here. Malifaux isn't a game where you can charge headlong into your opponent and kill everything for the win (usually). AP denial/efficiency and concentrating on scoring VPs is what wins games. Not a supercharged Yasunori or Misaki wiping out models.
  15. In the just released Wyrd Chronicles I've written up a guide on starting the Ten Thunders masters on the cheap. It includes Misaki of course, but IIRC my recommendations were Samurai, Obsidian Oni and Mr Graves.