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  1. Malifaux originally started with 5 factions (Guild, Ressers, Arcanists, Neverborn, Outcasts), and when a sixth (Ten Thunders) was added they got around the model deficit by making most of the new masters & minions dual faction. That let them make enough models for an entire faction whilst ensuring the original 5 didn't miss out. It worked pretty well IMO. Conversely, at the dawn of M2E Gremlins were created as a faction the "hard way". Ophelia and So'mer were transplanted straight from Outcasts (requiring the creation of new Outcasts Masters/Minions to replace them) and only Zoraida came along from the original lineup as a dual faction Master. The model/master deficit had to be made up with entirely new entries, although since it was an edition change effectively done over two books that wasn't as big a problem as it could have been. While I've very little against the Factions as they are, I'm nonetheless a man who likes to embrace change. I'd love to see the existing system shaken up next edition with a new faction or seven. If I were in charge (watch out Aaron!), the way I'd add new factions would be to split all of the existing factions in two. There'd be some dual-faction crossover when it makes sense, but otherwise you'd be left with a more contained 4-5 Masters per faction. Arcanists are the easiest in this regard, since the M&SU already feel like a faction within a faction. Outcasts also very achievable, with the humans vs supernatural entities. The rest are harder, but arguably achievable depending on what you do with the back story. As an aside, I might just use my mod powers to move this to the general Malifaux discussion forum. This isn't realy an arcanist-specific topic, after all. ;)
  2. To me, the best thing about Gibbering Hordes is that they're a "Horde" army done right. No need to hire hundreds of cheap mooks, just keep bringing back the ones that die every turn! The aesthetic certainly doesn't hurt either of course, not to mention the Cthulu-type vibe, links with Meridion and the shared ancestry with my original favourite minion in Malifaux - the Silurid.
  3. You might need to be a bit clearer with you thread title - i assume you mean 2nd ed for Through the Breach? :)
  4. I think a Memory of Honor was a good move, but it perhaps should have gone further. Before the upgrade Fuhatru was almost useless if engaged. Sure he could push them away with that TN17 Wp push, but if an enemy model passed that duel then they've just effectively tied up a 10SS henchman. With a Memory of Honor he's at least a threat in melee, which solves one half of why I never took him. Of course the Braced ability is still there - useful vs enemy Lures but severely limiting his own ability. And as far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather spend a 10 SS models AP on killing things and generally being awesome, rather than walking up 4" at a time in the hope he'll be effective later.
  5. I think a Memory of Honor put him more on par with an Earth Samurai in usefulness, but I'd still take the Samurai every time for one reason - Fuhatsu can't be moved out of activation. 10T are a faction packed with great push effects, both to disrupt your opponent and move your own crew into position for maximum efficiency. For me it's been an invaluable tool to have on hand, so taking a model who can't take advantage of that is a deal breaker for me. Fuhatsu is the only model in the entire 10T faction (infiltration options included) that i don't have. Hell, i even had the box at one point, but traded it away because i didn't see myself ever using it. Sadly, it's likely to stay that way for the forseeable future.
  6. I want an Other Side preview sculpt. That'd just be sweet. Beyond that (and assuming no prereleases) I'd like to see a translucent Zipp, Wong or Mah (so i don't have to paint them to complete my collection) or just whatever looks cool. Especially if it's 10-Thunders EDIT: Oh! It's a long shot but an Alt Phillip & the Nanny would be nice too, if only because it's the one model i don't have that would otherwise involve buying a crew box.
  7. I'm incredulous that I somehow haven't responded to this thread yet! For me it's been Cult all the way. The insanity and body horror really appeals to me (Twisted Horrors especially - The Thing is one of my favourite films), so it was an easy choice. Add in the teleport shenanigans and some truly awesome models with even better nickname potential (Noodle Wyrm, Fire Pope, Cinnamon, Special Agent Noona etc) and it's a faction that appeals to me on every level. The only negative is that I worry they might be too popular and/or frustrating to face. Abyssinia was a possible alternative (I've enjoyed painting models with heaps of battle-damaged armour), but there's just too much that I like about the Cult.
  8. Awesome! It's great to finally have a bit more info on how soon I can get my hands on those Reva & Parker Boxes. From the looks of it the only unreleased models left after June are: Witchling Thrall Draugr Goryo Amina Naidu Dead Outlaw Banjonista Sun Quiang Terracotta Warrior That's enough for 4 releases each over July/August, after which I *assume* we'd start getting whatever might come in Book 5? It could get stretched out further though, depending on what Wyrd's nefarious plans actually are. ;)
  9. I fully acknowledge that TT archers may well be left alone until M3E. Wyrd can't and shouldn't respond to every single complaint about why model X or Y is too good or too bad. But if the latest errata is anything to go by, Wyrd has demonstrated an interest fixing models that are believed to really need it. As Aarin said future erratas are unlikely to be as extensive, and will probably be saved for units that are either completely useless or actively ruining games. ...and at least in my opinion, the archers are completely useless. In fact I think you'd be hard pressed to find more than a few units that are worse and taken less often that the 10-Thunder Archers. As an aside, while I think TT brothers are probably too good for what you pay, they're not auto-includes or grossly overpowered. In fact when I was playing 10T last year I only used them occasionally. There are plenty of great alternatives for scheme runners in 10T, depending on exactly what you want to do with them.
  10. The Guardian went from 8 to 7 SS. Also the Blot the Sky upgrade is 1SS. So it's certainly not an auto include. You're right in that any buff would need to take Blot the sky into account though. Though i don't think that makes it impossible. Especially since the upgrade already has a cost.
  11. What @newsun said. I love the Ten Thunders Archer sculpts. They're some of my favorites in the Faction and they look awesome in my display cabinet. Unfortunately, there's where they're staying until they get a serious update. Archers are unfortunately pretty bad in-game. They're very easy to kill for a 7SS model, completely useless in melee and their shooting is merely okay. Being able to shot into engagement or ignore LoS with their (2) action is neat, but that's literally the only thing going for them and that's not worth 7SS. What's worse is that the archers are competing with 3 other similarly costed shooters in-faction - the Samurai, Katanaka Sniper and Pathfinder. All three are amazing in their own ways, meaning that unless you REALLY want to shoot into engagements (and refuse to take a melee-focused Illuminated instead, for instance), there's no reason at all to take an archer for your shooting needs. And that's ignoring McCabe's ability to bring in Austringers and Riflemen - two models who are again, far better than the archers for less SS. Personally I think they'd be worth consideration if they were dropped to 5 SS. That feels about right for a dedicated shooter who's so fragile. That, or make them much, much more evasive and difficult to kill/pin down. Side note: Who on the forum is suggesting TT Archers? And can I get whatever they're smoking?
  12. While I'd like to play Puppet Wars again, it competes with my Malifaux time so if I'm being honest, it's unlikely to come off my shelf. That said, I LOVE the sculpts, and have used a bunch as proxies for my Malifaux crews. If nothing else I'd be all over future Puppet Wars releases for just that reason. Hell, even a Nightmare Puppet crew next Gencon would be awesome. ;)
  13. My standard Yan Lo setup was something like this: Yan Lo w. Brutal Khakkara, Misdirection and Recalled Training/Fortify Spirit/Reliquary (depending on mood) Soul Porter Yin Shadow Emissary w. Ancestral Conflux Tengu Chiaki Earth Samurai Komainu Is been a while since I pulled him out so I've probably made some mistakes. But that's basically the jist of it. The way it'd work is that Yan Lo would pile on his upgrades and get in the enemies face, while Yin ties up the problem models and the shadow emissary/Samurai provide the muscle
  14. This. Seriously. This right here. When I was playing 10-T Misaki I developed a strong appreciation for discard/card drain effects in conjunction with Misaki's Assassination trigger. Basically as you put more pressure on your opponents hand, the threat of a Misaki-powered assassination run becomes much greater. Every cheat becomes harder for your opponent to justify and discard effects are something to be feared. You don't even need to use Misaki's Assassination trigger. So long as the threat of it is there, your opponent will be freaking out about it and second guessing every card they cheat. This is why Montressor should be Misaki's BFF. Everything he has is just a card sink for your opponent, which in turn makes Misaki much, much more threatening. EDIT: And if that wasn't enough, he also provides a convenient way of pushing Misaki into/out of danger.
  15. I think @Tokapondora has it - High River Monks just don't fill a niche that makes them worth taking. At best they have potential for priming eneny models with Burning for Mei Feng to charge later. Otherwise they don't have the resiliance or killing power you'd expect for a 6 SS model. And more importantly, at 6 SS the Obsidian Oni and even Bunraku offer more utility for the same cost. Bumping up the monks killing power might give it a niche as an efficient glass cannon, but i think it also/instead needs something else.