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  1. Oh damn, you're right @Carecalmo. And here I was, thinking I was so smart for picking up on it. post has been edited to erase my shame.
  2. Beginner Misaki

    Personally I'd recommend Samurai, Mr Graves and either the Obsidian Oni or Low River monks. Samurai give you some great shooting and tempt your opponent into cheating to make them miss (very handy when Misaki has her discard or die "Assassination" trigger). They're also pretty tough and solid in melee, so there's very little not to like about them. Mr Graves provides another melee beater, plus he can help push misaki into position to save her walking like some kind of chump. Obsidian Oni pair really well with Samurai (they can heal them easily, plus they're decent at both range and melee), and Low River Monks are good support models who also offer healing, but additionally condition removal and scheme marker placement. They're also very cheap in SS, so well worth having. There's other great options for Misaki or Ten thunders in general, the common ones being Tengu, Yasunori, Lust, Sensei Yu or the Shadow Emissary. But despite what some might say you don't NEED them to have a good Misaki crew. Most of those are also pretty expensive or come with other models your friend might not want, so there's no need to rush into buying them.
  3. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    If you're after more background on some of these characters then the TTB books can be a great source for it. For instance the Bandersnatch has an entry in Under Quarantine (IIRC) and the Autumn Knights get a pile of extra detail in Nythera. I know it's not exactly what you're asking for, but I thought I'd point it out nonetheless.
  4. UPDATE TIME! With the recent release of TTB 2nd ed, Broken Promises, yet more TOS info and the Homefront campaign I've gone through the original post and updated the entries accordingly. The TTB core rulebook in particular is a great source of info on the history of Malifaux and the Tyrants. I think most of the Tyrants/characters have been updated to some extent, the biggest ones being Shezuul, the Dragon/s and Witness. There's also a significant development for Lingxuzi, - I'm pretty sure I've figured out his identity in Malifaux.
  5. Here we go!

    I think I'll be going Council. With aesthetics being a bit of an unknown for these syndicates I'm left to decide based on background. And the background of the Council seems to have more potential than MOAR NITEMERS (Sandmen) or Mythological Egypt tropes (Chimera). As a bonus, it'll get Ramos and his stupid Ramos-face out of Malifaux for good, which is fine by me. Maybe he'll be less boring in TOS.
  6. Homefront Questions

    Don't I know it. Parenting is like a black hole for hobby time. ^^This! As per the thread I posted before realising there was this Q&A, the Council seem to be at a disadvantage in this fight thanks to the lack of an apparent visual theme. Any more info on how they might look would be very helpful.
  7. So since it involves TOS, this Homefront Campaign has me excited. I haven't yet decided which of the three Syndicates to back - the Sandmen and Order of the Chimera both sound really cool, but lagging way behind is the Council. The fact that they involve Ramos (one of my least favourite Malifaux masters) doesn't help, but that's something I can forgive. What's more important is that I can't picture what they'll look like. For the other two allegiances it's easy to guess at their aesthetic - Sandmen will likely be alot of Nightmares led by the Tyrant himself, while the Order of the Chimera is clearly going to be inspired by Egyptian mythology. But the Council? We know they're led by mages, and with Ramos himself I guess they might have a bunch of Steam Arachnid-type constructs. But it's not at all clear. And I feel that puts them at a disadvantage compared to the other Syndicates. If people can't imagine how the Syndicate might look, what chance does the Council have? What are your thoughts? Am I missing something here? Is Aaron going to chime in and give us some more info?
  8. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World, Life in plastic, It's fantastic! You can brush my hair, Undress me anywhere, Imagination, Life is your creation,,, --- So for a story that was the arguably least impactful on the Malifaux lore, the Guild story was actually one of my favourites this book. I enjoyed it purely for the the character interactions. Stuff like how Perdita and Hoffman share a degree of social ineptitude, or the contrast between Lady Justice and Nellie. The only disappointment for me was Lucius's bit, which didn't really seem to add anything and felt a bit tacked on at the end. Yeah he's grumpy about no longer being in charge of everything, we get it. Maybe there's more to it than what I read, but it felt like a let down given the rest of the tale. The Resser story was my favorite. It was a big plot development for McMourning, but I also enjoyed the element of wackiness, especially with McMourning trying to convey the imminent camel attack and the trio's increasingly chaotic plan to foil it. Nicodem is one of my least favourite characters, but his role as the "straight guy" was an excellent contrast to the utter insanity of Saemus and McMourning. But the best part was the climax of the story, where McMourning regains his mind for long enough to choose between fame and fortune or creative insanity. That, to me, has made him a much more interesting and engaging character. Ironsides is my favourite Masters in the Arcanists, and her story only further cemented that. I loved her portrayal in this one, and I might be in the minority but her choice to betray Ramos felt justified given what she got in return. Sure, as we all know from history equal rights, universal sufferage and emancipation was not the end of America's problems, but she doesn't necessarily realise that and even if she did, it's still a major step forward on an issue she clearly cares deeply about. Anyway, the story was cool, and not just because Ramos (the other Master I don't like) got his ass thrown in prison! The Tyrant reference was cool too - I'll be interested to see where that eventually leads. The Neverborn story was another good piece. As one of my favourite Masters it was a little sad to see Zoraida just fail at everything, but I can see it's necessary for her character development. Having someone who just knows everything gets tired, so I hope this low point for her will eventually lead to some real growth later on. Lilith's imprisonment has some interesting implications too - the possibility of her becoming another undead master later on is intriguing. The only real disappointment was the absence of Pandora. I know not everyone can be in every story, but I'm very curious as to where she and her Box has wandered off to. The Outcast story, ugh. I'm very sorry to the author but I didn't like this one at all. To me, the whole thing felt really contrived. It doesn't make sense to me that these VERY different groups would just decide to set up their own town in the Badlands. Sure, I can see Von Schill and the Mercs doing it. Possibly Parker and Tara although that's really stretching it. But Levi's got a legitimate business that he's been running for years, and Hamelin surely cares more for the ruins of Malifaux City and its high population density for His plagues. But the lowpoint for me was the reason for Jack Daw coming to this new town - Parker's going to steal the Hanging tree? Really? Like I said before, it felt really contrived. Not only that, but the major plot point, all the Outcasts joining together, feels like an erosion of the Faction's identity. To me, the Outcasts are defined not by their unity (like other Factions) but their independence. They might occasionally work together out of necessity (or money), but each group is otherwise an island - beholden to nobody, with all the strengths and weaknesses that entails. Clearly the folks at Wyrd have a plan with this, either in terms of plot development or in what they want to do with the Faction in future editions (or both). But it nonetheless doesn't sit right with me. The one shining moment, though, was Karina. I swear, that girl just makes everything better. The Gremlin story was...alright. I absolutely love that Lenny became Gremlin General but I'm still confused as to how it all happened. As I read through it sounded like all the tribes had decided on Lenny, in their own ways. But then it's a 3-way tie between Lenny, Ophelia and Brewy? I just kind of struggled to understand how that matched up with the previous 2/3rds of the story. Other than that it was a fun read - Gremlins always make for good reading in that sense. Finally, we have the Ten Thunders story. To be honest I don't feel strongly about it one way or another. It was a good story, but I've been expecting Misaki's coup for a while now. It would have been nice to see more from at least some of the other 10-T Masters though. They all got a cameo (aside from Brewmaster) but as has already been said, this really was the Misaki show.
  9. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Just one at the moment; Nellie, a printing press and 11 Field Reporters. I call it the Malifaux Press Corps.
  10. Expanding A Lady Justice Crew

    IMO, the best three early buys for LJ would be; Death Marshall Recruiter: Has so many amazing synergies with LJ and her buddies that it's not funny. Austringer: The shooting is neat and adds some nice zone control, but you really want him for the Deliver Orders. It helps your crew get scheme markers down where you need them. Executioners: They can be a little squishy, but hit like a truck, can charge in from quite a distance thanks to their 0-cost upgrade and can remove nearby scheme markers, which is important for denying points to your opponent. They also help take pressure of Lady Justice, since they're way too dangerous to ignore once they're in melee. There's alot of other great options for LJ that have been already mentioned by others, but these three would be the first I'd grab.
  11. Suggestions for getting pushes

    Ha! Well spotted.
  12. Where: South Perth Community Hall, corner of Sandgate and South streets, South Perth (Australia) When: 29th July, 2017 A Malifaux Tournament with a twist! Power up your Master with Avatar upgrades and choose a FATED minion to gain skills and equipment as they progress through the day. Three games at 40SS (plus Fated), in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with great terrain, a great venue and great opponents! For more details, contact myself (event organiser), visit the facebook page or download the players pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ppn9x956f7bq62s/Winter%20Skulls%20Malifaux%202017.docx?dl=0 NOTE: We will also be holding a charity auction on the day, with money made going to all proceeds to Muscular Dystrophy WA. The lots on sale will be almost entirely Games Workshop product, but I'm mentioning it here nonetheless. More details are on the Facebook event page.
  13. Suggestions for getting pushes

    What Lugonn said - Master Queeg might damage the models around him to do it, but his push effects are great. Add to that his Promises upgrade and giving everyone (0) Interacts, and he's a seriously useful Henchman for the Guild. As far as Mercanaries are concerned, the Oiran has Lure (needs a suit, but nonetheless useful) and the Performer has a push effect. Lust is also incredible for moving friendly and enemy models around - she's well worth tracking down. Also don't forget the Brutal Effigy. He can't push people but he can bury models to later teleport them to another scheme marker in LoS. There's also the Death Marshall Recuiter, who offers ALOT to Lady Justice and his (0) self-push can give an engaged model (like LJ) a free attack.
  14. I have to agree. The thing with removing the risk/reward element with adding suits to duels, is where do you stop? If there's no risk in burning a stone for a suit, why should there be any risk in re-flipping initative, adding positive flips, drawing extra cards or preventing damage? Should Soulstones simply guarantee that something works, with no risk of wasting that stone if the result isn't in your favour? I realise I'm making a ridiculous arguement here, but my point is more that risk/reward is a consistent part of how soulstones work in Malifaux. So at least to me, it doesn't make alot of sense to remove the risk from just one aspect of how Soulstones are used.
  15. What do you want to see in the future?

    Random ideas I'd like to see: A commander so bad, so incompetent that he actually makes your Company worse. On the flip side he gets like 30+ scrip to spend on his units. More wierd and wacky commanders ala Frenzy and Horo. Like an Abyssinian with a Combined arms mech that follows him around. Or (and I'm not sure how well this'd work within the rules), an Adjunct Commander who is attached to a squad at the beginning of the game. More alleigances. Which is pretty likely to happen anyway. Something something Australia something. Models with rules for Malifaux and ToS. Although that's been discussed on another thread.