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  1. Spend time reading and understanding the schemes and strategies. Otherwise, it's possible to table your opponent and still lose. Ive played Lynch, Lucius, and Voices Pandora. Of all of them, Lynch with Endless Hunger, Huggles, three Illuminated, and three Stitched together was the most forgiving to me as a new player. It was a very easy and forgiving army to play, but still effective for all that. And all you need is the starter and a stitched together box.
  2. ADDITIONAL IDEAS FOR YOU Pyrrha - In mythology, this is the daughter of Pandora, and her myth is what the Christian Noah's Ark myth is based on. There's no much to go on in the myth beyond that, other than she was able to create people by throwing rocks on the ground. So maybe a variation of Nephilim grow type Hench can be made of her? Abyzou - Ran into this one farting around in wikipedia as a myth related to Lilith. Abyzou was blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy as she herself was infertile. So instead of something that helps you grow your Nephilim, she sacks friendly Ht 1 models to gain you some beneficial effect. Brilliance Smuggler - If Lynch is based on the Opium trading of our world, then a dual faction 10T or Guild smuggler working with Lynch and Lucius to cripple their foes with addictive drugs could be a thing. In fact, there's a whole bunch of ideas there. 10T Dual brilliance addict/martial artist, street dealer, etc... Queen Marie - There's so much good mythology with voodoo that Mama Z can lay claim to. For a hench the idea that springs to my mind is something based on the Voodoo Queens of New Orleans. A woman named Marie who made a deal with Mama Z to learn her secrets so she can bend men to her will, and has of course come to regret it. Mister Jolly and Miles - Base the model and themes from Scarface in the Batman cartoons. A ventriloquist controlled by his puppet, and linked thematically with Collodi of course. I have no idea what you'd do for rules, but the model and themes would be creepy and weird, which is all that matters. ---- COMMENTS ON EARLIER POSTS IN THREAD Any reference to circus entertainers with baggy pants, large shoes, and red noses gets transformed into 'penguins', because they probably don't want us calling each other c-l-o-w-n-s. If this is to be a Henchman, a generic name like you've given won't work! It should be something like: Mister Happy, Sister Trudy, Strange Harold, Simple Clyde, etc... You CAN'T have it be a mimic! Lucius is a serious man doing a serious job! Here's my thoughts: Mister Happy Odd Socks Rare1, Living Nightmare, Woe DF:4, WP:6, WD:8, WK:4, CG:6, HT:2 FRONT OF CARD: Terrifying 12, Expose Fears (like Pandora), Disguised, Frighten the Children: All Ht:1 models within 6" take negative flip to WP duels. BACK OF CARD: Entertaining Tricks: A low damage track attack with a trigger on every suit, and you MUST use a trigger. There's an infinity of ideas for triggers, the challenge is reducing the list to just four of them. Incite: As Pandora but not as good a CA as her. So what brings you to these parts (add chatty condition to prevent interacts like Phillip and Tannen) Right behind you... (just like Nurse Heartsbane, shudder....) So you get a creepy model with good Pandora combos to act as a control piece after your Candy model snaps off at the ankles. ------ Sphinx: Cool idea. Should be a beast so Marcus can play with it, and there are certainly some fun thematic ideas there like something to lock down enemy models (none shall pass) and maybe do some shenanigans with WP duels to reflect the riddle. Since it'd be NB, probably a card draw type effect. ------ Jack the Ripper and Doctor Jekyl/Mister Hyde: That's been covered by Seamus. Look at his Avatar and his general themes in addition to the mad hatter. I suppose he and Molly were themed to be the Mad Hatter and Alice originally, but he's swallowed a few other character themes over the years. Fiddler - Isn't that Hamelin? Nostradomus - Isn't that already thematically covered by Aionus? Dracula Nosferatu - I'd rather see that as a Resser model. Makes more sense for him to have zombies and canine remains.
  3. This might set a bad precedent of doing 'epic' versions of henchmen in place of creative new ideas. So instead of anything new and interesting we get a current master, but with a few rules swapped around. I don't want to see Malifaux get stagnant by letting themselves create lazy masters this way.
  4. Maybe it's the vodka? If the trick is to drink lots of vodka, then I could probably do that.
  5. Does Russia have some sort of intense arts curriculum in its school system? Is miniature painting more mainstream there than in North America? I see high talent coming from both Russia and other Eastern European nations. AlexiZ was certainly the first and most prominent artist I saw from her amazing Golden Demon wins, but I see a lot of cyrilic in the top end of Putty and Paint too.
  6. It's like any other skill. You have to love the work in and of itself, dedicate at least fifteen minutes of every day to it, and be diligent and careful in how you practice. The concept of natural talent is mostly a lie. More accurate to call it discipline and disposition. Practice, practice, practice... And thin your paints.
  7. Your experience with Stitched Together seems strange to me. I had a game last week with Lynch, huggles, three Illuminated and three Stitched Together. They were rock stars,and did almost as much killing as the Illuminated, while letting me provide cover as they camped on areas of the board for schemes. Though in that case I was able to combo addict on the attack rolls and mulligan myself better hands of cards. I can see how Stitched could be terrible without a good hand of cheats to stop them from blowing themselves up or giving your foe card draws.
  8. Snake Oil Salesman. It's an icon of Old West and Victorian fiction and history I don't think Wyrd has covered yet as a miniature in Malifaux. We've got opium dens covered by Lynch, so I could see it as a solid hench for the Darkened, and would work well thematically with Lynch, Lucius, Graves, Tannen, and maybe also Pandora. The real life person to look at would be Clark Stanley, so let's call him Professor Stanley Clark. http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/08/26/215761377/a-history-of-snake-oil-salesmen Attributes should be Darkened and Mimic (to link him thematically with Tannen, Graves, and Lynch) and he should have the Lynch ability that makes him immune to brilliance. Not inconspicuous, but I could see him as disguised, since any Snake Oil Salesman should be able to stop someone from charging him. Maybe also a DF/WP trigger like squeal would be appropriate instead/also. Don't make him durable so much as slippery! You'd want synergies with Lynch, and probably also Pandora ("I thought I was cured!") and Lucius, and Tannen. My thought is "A cure for what ails you..." that removes all conditions from a model, and then does X damage for each condition removed. Dump brilliance, slow, and poison onto a model; then remove the conditions to do six damage. Also a 0 action that works like Lure against enemy models called "Gather around good people!" that makes them walk towards him, but has a much shorter range. So the idea is that you have this guy activate later in the turn after your other models have dumped conditions onto enemy models, and he walks, does "Gather around good people!" and then "purges" one of them with 'A cure for what ails ya.' The model is obvious. Smarmy looking man in top hat with either salesman's case of bottles, or holding open coat with bottles inside. Google Image Search has abundant examples: https://www.google.com/search?site=&tbm=isch&q=snake+oil+salesman I suppose you could even make him a performer, so he'd work with Collette crews.
  9. Reworked and completed Illuminated.
  10. Reworked huggles, and I'm halfway done reworking the illuminated and Lynch to match.
  11. Neverborn seem to have quite a good toolkit in faction already. The only thing that's jumped out at me is how the Oiran are way better with Lure than anything we have in faction. CA:8, and with Pandora you can use them to rope enemy models into Pandora's death bubble, or so I assume. They (and Performers) are certainly way better at it than Kade or Beckoners, which you won't use because you don't want Lynch. Since NB have all kinds of built in card cycling hijinks, the lack of a crew built into the Oiran's Lure should be less of an issue. To be honest though, I've been thinking about Oiran more in the context of Lucius, since he can help them walk twice, and stack another 3" on top of that, and thence put them unexpectedly into aplace where they can use their 2AP Assassins Gift with Elite Training stacked on top because they're minions. Chop-chop-chop-chop.... Not sure that any thread involving mercs with NB would be complete without a mention of Killjoy. He's got black blood, so there are synergies there that don't exist with other mercs. I've faced him once, and it was not fun. Aionius Lord of Time is a neat model, and looks like he'd be really frustrating for an opponent when paired with a Voices Pandora and Widow Weaver. Spendy though, and this is just me throwing random ideas out there.