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  1. GenCon Hotel Room

    Sadly, there are no more Saturday or Sunday badges for sale.
  2. I did a copy and paste of the Sours rules text from the book, and can find no errata on her.
  3. Thanks for hunting down the rules, and thanks also for putting a lot of different eyes and perspectives on it. While we're at it, here's the text of Sours and Reactivate: Sours: If an enemy model Activates within O3 of this model, and it is the last model in its crew to Activate this Turn, it immediately suffers 3 damage. Reactivate A model with the Reactivate Condition is available to be Activated one additional time during this Turn, as if it had not already taken its Activation. A model may not benefit from the Reactivate Condition more than once per Turn, even if it lost the Reactivate Condition and then gained it again. Note that Reactivate just says that the model gets to take another activation during the turn. Not during the Activation Phase! Here's my thought after cogitating for a long while, and rewriting this several times: We did it right the first time. Tara was the last model to activate that turn, but didn't gain reactivate until after the activation phase was complete. No matter how you cut it, with timing and strange rules interactions, Tara did end up being the last model in her crew to activate, and Tara wasn't forced to activate before the Nothing Beast, because she didn't have reactivate on her yet. The fact that Tara's rules are a horror show does not change the literal intent of what the designers wanted for each of those abilities, and that Tara did end up being the last model to activate that turn. If Sours had said 'end of activation phase' instead of 'end of turn' it would have gone the other way around, and NB would have taken the 3 damage.
  4. Jinx! Two perfectly reasonable, and opposite, answers to the question. I think Tara's Eternal ability reads as 'after last model in her crew activates', which would imply that the Nothing Beast, for a brief moment in time, was the last model in her crew to activate; just before reactivate drops on Tara, and she becomes the last model in her crew to activate. By that very rules lawyery reading, Candy's sours could damage both of them!
  5. The setup: Nothing Beast is within 3" of Candy Tara activated first in turn, to get reactivate after all other models in her crew activate. Pandy (though any model could have) dropped 'Nobody Loves me' on Nothing Beast to force it to activate after all other models The weirdness: Nothing Beast forced to activate last, so takes three points of damage, but now Nothing Beast is last model in crew to activate, so Tara gets reactivate, so now Nothing Beast not last model in Tara crew to activate. Does Nothing Beast take three points of damage from Candy's 'sours' for being the last model in crew to activate? We decided that 'no' it was not the last model, but there's some bizarro timing and rules interactions in there, since it was the last model that my opponent activated before Tara's end of turn thingamy triggered, so we decided it was one for the rules lawyers. This lost me the game, had the Nothing Beast died, I would have mopped the floor with what was left of Tara's crew, since it didn't die, it killed Candy when I was relying on her to survive, and the Beast to die instead.
  6. June 5th - Monster Hunter

    I don't play Guild any more, and I want that model. So full of win on the heels of a conversation I'm having elsewhere on the internet about other companies having nothing but teen boy fantasies for every female miniature they produce. Well done Wyrdos, keep up the good work.
  7. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    She's in the playrest, and is Outcast only. Upright Man ended up as an Arcanist Mimic, so will work for Lucius under Guild and Neverborn.
  8. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    So it looks like we may have a set of dual faction models. Trickster: Neverborn and Resser The Man: Arcanist and maybe Guild Child: Neverborn and Leveticus/Outcast
  9. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    I tried looking up the results of all the rounds, but came up blank. Can someone repost them here?
  10. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    Looks Neverborn as much as Outcast. More even. She looks like she'd fit right in with Pandora and Dreamer. I hope the purple dress is a strong hint at that. Merc or dual faction maybe?
  11. Any use for the Rougarou?

    Tooth, Changlings, and Rougaru all together with other pushers like Bandersnatch. Chalenge, Rougaru pounce, changeling pounce with Tooths sword, bonus if you push enemy model into range of another changeling/rougaru. You could set up a chain pounce.
  12. Completely New: Dreamer advice

    Has anyone ever tried doing an Evil Baby Orphanage theme list? With Dreamer and other Neverborn, you could have a crew of evil children and toys. Iggy, Candy, Kade, Changelings, Dreamer, Terror Tots, etc... Tots and Changelings are pretty good scheme runners, and for hitting power you could add teddy. I know there are better builds, but it would be such an excellent themed crew.
  13. Jakob Lynch - A Comprehensive Guide to Gambling

    I've been ignoring 52?pickup and final debt to instead focus on him as a support master with addict, expert cheater, and the rising sun, and let his crew do all the murdering. He just focuses on handing out brilliance. Huggy and Illuminated just murder and run schemes like crazy.
  14. Jakob Lynch - A Comprehensive Guide to Gambling

    Belles are also a bit easier to hit, and the only tricks they have are Lure and Pounce. IIRC they're Df4 and Wp4, so it's pretty easy to mess with them even if Hard to Wound and high wound count for a 5ss minion makes it hard to take them down. I'm just glad they at least reduced their Ca to 7, because Ca 8 on that lure was sick. I suppose that Beckoners were made 7ss because they get the positive flip against Brilliance, can hand out brilliance, keep brilliance going, stop models with brilliance in LoS from doing interacts, do have higher Df and Wp than the Belles, etc... The problem is that a few of their abilities make them want to be up really close (heal and keep brilliance going) and your opponent won't have to expend too much effort to squish them. By contrast, for the same range in points you can take The Illuminated, Stitched Together, or almost two depleted. I don't think the Beckoners are inherently bad so much as radically inferior to the other Darkened options. If you want to pull entertaining push tricks, one soulstone more will get you Graves the ultimate bodyguard for a few different schemes. If you want to talk about a model that's supposed to be theme with Lynch that's actual trash, look at my avatar.
  15. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Titania

    I must be misremembering. I thought the rules on the void bury effects were that if a model is already buried, and a model is buried, the previously buried model comes back. The idea being that you can generally only keep one model buried with the glimpse of the void effect at a time. I don't recall anything about killing a wretch bringing back a buried model like you can with Death Marshals. I think I have a better comprehension of why the list is powerful now that I've slept on it. Your opponent has eleven incorporeal reasonably fast scheme runners with the ability to either hand out Slow to wreck your opponent's ability to do anything, or hand out Fast and then pounce on the Fast model like a tank of piranha in a Bond film. It also acts as a strong disincentive for using tricks like using one model in your crew to grant Fast to another model in your crew. Your opponent will get at least one activation to go after the Fast model with two positive flips to go fishing for the bury trigger. The wretch's are Ht1, and can hide behind pretty much anything. There isn't any one trick to that Tara list. There's a vast catalog of dirty tricks. Some annoying schemes that most crews won't bother with like Inspection would be easy for her.