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  1. The comma is still in the wrong place in The Night Calls, and I'm still vague on who takes the 2 damage if you have a model with Whispers in the Night on it, and a condition remover like Johan takes the condition off the model.
  2. No matter what miniatures game you're talking about, it's not exactly fair to compare models across factions. The Arcanist masters, henchmen, and utility models do very different things from what those models do in Neverborn. I think he compares very favorably to other NB 5ss models, as we don't have many of those, and all of them are tightly themed on Nightmares, Woes, and Nephilim. From a purely fluff perspective, I'm not keen on putting the Fae characteristic on a creature from African folklore. It causes the gears in my brain to start making horrible ratcheting noises. I hope if the model continues to be a fae it be renamed after a Western or Eastern European myth. Neither here nor there, but it's the sort of thing that will stop me from buying a model. Same thing will happen if the model just looks like a shrunken down version of the Rougarou. I advocate calling them Redcaps, and change 'savage mauling' to 'put the boot in', and 'scavenge' to 'dipped in blood' AS TO RULES: I like the transition to fae, and the mechanics on his (0). The ability to always be able to discard an enemy scheme on a (0) from a five soulstone minion seems solid. I can see how it could be instrumental in winning games. I find myself craving good cheap fae models to round out my Titania lists. I'll certainly give him a try in a list with Taproot, and see if triggering Stalking Pounce works. I expect that the cost of a scheme marker AND a discard will be too steep most of the time. Though maybe the THREAT of that maneuver will keep him safer than I expect. Honestly, a 5ss face beater with a slightly different purpose in life from the Bloodwretch is a welcome addition. Resser and Arcanist summon lists give me fits, so I'm rather fond of savage mauling's trigger.
  3. I did a copy and paste of the Sours rules text from the book, and can find no errata on her.
  4. Thanks for hunting down the rules, and thanks also for putting a lot of different eyes and perspectives on it. While we're at it, here's the text of Sours and Reactivate: Sours: If an enemy model Activates within O3 of this model, and it is the last model in its crew to Activate this Turn, it immediately suffers 3 damage. Reactivate A model with the Reactivate Condition is available to be Activated one additional time during this Turn, as if it had not already taken its Activation. A model may not benefit from the Reactivate Condition more than once per Turn, even if it lost the Reactivate Condition and then gained it again. Note that Reactivate just says that the model gets to take another activation during the turn. Not during the Activation Phase! Here's my thought after cogitating for a long while, and rewriting this several times: We did it right the first time. Tara was the last model to activate that turn, but didn't gain reactivate until after the activation phase was complete. No matter how you cut it, with timing and strange rules interactions, Tara did end up being the last model in her crew to activate, and Tara wasn't forced to activate before the Nothing Beast, because she didn't have reactivate on her yet. The fact that Tara's rules are a horror show does not change the literal intent of what the designers wanted for each of those abilities, and that Tara did end up being the last model to activate that turn. If Sours had said 'end of activation phase' instead of 'end of turn' it would have gone the other way around, and NB would have taken the 3 damage.
  5. Jinx! Two perfectly reasonable, and opposite, answers to the question. I think Tara's Eternal ability reads as 'after last model in her crew activates', which would imply that the Nothing Beast, for a brief moment in time, was the last model in her crew to activate; just before reactivate drops on Tara, and she becomes the last model in her crew to activate. By that very rules lawyery reading, Candy's sours could damage both of them!
  6. The setup: Nothing Beast is within 3" of Candy Tara activated first in turn, to get reactivate after all other models in her crew activate. Pandy (though any model could have) dropped 'Nobody Loves me' on Nothing Beast to force it to activate after all other models The weirdness: Nothing Beast forced to activate last, so takes three points of damage, but now Nothing Beast is last model in crew to activate, so Tara gets reactivate, so now Nothing Beast not last model in Tara crew to activate. Does Nothing Beast take three points of damage from Candy's 'sours' for being the last model in crew to activate? We decided that 'no' it was not the last model, but there's some bizarro timing and rules interactions in there, since it was the last model that my opponent activated before Tara's end of turn thingamy triggered, so we decided it was one for the rules lawyers. This lost me the game, had the Nothing Beast died, I would have mopped the floor with what was left of Tara's crew, since it didn't die, it killed Candy when I was relying on her to survive, and the Beast to die instead.
  7. Also many schemes want minions, henchmen, or masters in their conditions; but not as much for Enforcers. I thought I posted this comment before, but must have edited out by mistake. Granted, there are ones like Hunting Party that like Enforcers, but I often find myself hurting for good cheap midrange minions. Neverborn is already spoiled for choice on Enforcers (and for most things Henchmen are just as good) while I'm often hurting for good midrange minions. Even without playtest (and I've monkeyed with the Cyclops playing by myself) there's a very good rule of thumb for determining if a set of rules works in any situation: How often do I have to say 'if-then' before I get to something happening? If I have to say if A and if B and if C and if D then something excellent will happen, while a different rule says if A then something happens, the second is better. Its especially bad when the payoff isn't worth it, and the costs of each IF is high, or the conditions are rare. This is where the design (this applies in computer programming too by the by) results in something complex that could have been simple. Ice Pillars: IF I flip a 7 or better and IF there are no markers and IF I don't want to use Frozen Runes, and IF my opponent doesn't have models that fly, are incorporeal, or ignore LoS, then I can create a 100mm wide obstruction. Frozen Runes: IF there are a few or more scheme markers, and IF I flip the correct suits, and IF there are friendly or enemy markers and models to affect THEN I can do some irrelevant things, or inflict slow. The Cyclops is full of stuff like that, while many other models, the popular ones like Terror Tots, Thorn, Illuminated, Stitched Together, and many others just do stuff with only the cost of an action and a duel. That's why I suggested stripping it down a bit, and making it a 6ss minion. Not as much competition there.
  8. Good point, though it gives people more reason to ignore Aeslin. I'm more concerned that I will never ever take the Cyclops over Rougarou, or any of a few other 8SS models. He can't really help complete schemes or strategies, he's significantly less murdery, and he doesn't have any clear or easy combos with other models. Playtesting on the Cyclops has been decidedly 'meh'.
  9. You put the comma in the wrong place in The Night Calls. It should be: The Night Calls: If an enemy model ends the Whispers in the Night condition within O3 of this model it suffers 2 damage, and you may draw a card. --- I'm also a little unclear on your intent. Say I've got a model that can remove conditions, and another model with Whispers in the Night on it; and both are within 3" of an Adze. If the condition remover removes the condition, who takes the damage? The model that did the condition removal, or the model that had the condition on it? Or is the intent for the damage to only happen if the condition is ended by walking towards the adze? I think it must be this last one, but this is picky rules lawyer stuff that might bite you. For example, the text on Witchling Stalker's Dispel Magic says: End one Condition on target model. A literal reading of that combination of abilities has the Stalker taking the damage.
  10. I hate to be critical of game designers, because I'm well aware of just how difficult game design is, but the Cyclops is just about a clone of the Rougarau, except the Rougarou has way better tacticals. We can see that there's an intent to work with Fae models, but he doesn't have reliable combos with them, and I never find myself saying: "I've got two Rougarou as 8ss fae, but what I really need is another 8ss Fae, except one that's an enforcer, so I can't use him with Lucius." Now this is only rules we're talking about here. If the physical model itself is as unto heaven and walks upon the water rules don't matter for squat, I'll buy it. Here are the other models available at 8ss: Widow Weaver: With Df4 Wp7 Wd10 Terrifying + Webs, and inhale for card draw; and is a henchman that can spend soulstones. A lot of the fae attacks are resisted with Wp, and I'd call her a damn sight better than a Cyclops in that crew. Wrath: I don't know much about him, but he's a hench, can spend stones, is tougher, and hits harder. Bad Juju: Technically a 10ss model when with swampfiends, but even without the upgrade way tougher, almost as fast, hits harder, henchman, causes paralysis, excellent (0) tactical Mr. Graves: A beatstick and a half. Bodyguard with push effects. Black Blood. Great model. Has good combos with multiple masters, all of them just about. Coppelius: Has more Wp and Wds and causes Terror, and can add to Df with eyeballs. Good tacticals. Combos with multiple masters (Pandy and Dreamer mostly) Scion of the Black Blood: I'd say the Cyclops is about equivalent to this guy. Same Ml with same reliance on getting maimed, cornercase abilities, exceeded by other models like Johan. Rougarau: Nearest equivalent model. Except a minion, which is better than an Enforcer, because Lucius+Queeg. Same stats except +1Df, and same Hard to Kill. IMNSHO Fresh Meat and Pounce are significantly better abilities than Foresight and Rage; Frozen Heart might tip the balance, but only against certain crews. From the front of the card the Cyclops looks like a near clone of the Rougarau, and that's not a good sign. Back of card we see that the Rougarou's Wulfen claws are solid attacks not reliant on the model being wounded, and can overcome Hard to Wound. Again, we've got something that looks like just about a clone. And now to the saddest thing about the Cyclops, the (0) tactical actions. The Cyclops spits out a bunch of random weirdness on scheme markers, or can try to create walls on a board likely to be littered with markers. The Rougarou can push enemy models close to himself to be pounced on, or get a free attack with it's claws. He's also in competition with some 7ss mercs like the Friecorps Librarian, but I have no particular thoughts on that. Here's my advice. Scrap it and start over. Slay your sacred cows. Create something that's unique and themed rather than a near copy of an existing pair of models; it currently looks like a hybrid of Scion and Rougarou. Neverborn isn't spoiled for choice on good models at 6SS that attack against Df instead of Wp. This is the point range I find myself looking for when I'm making my Fae lists. Carve off some of the Cyclop's abilities and lower his stats and weapon damage a bit. Dump the Ice Wall and drop or alter Foresight, Cyclopean Rage, and Hard to Kill. Frozen Runes isn't so bad when it's on a cheap model. Maybe replace Ice Wall with Ice Field to create an area of severe terrain around the Cyclops, so he has combo options with other masters like Lilith. I'm probably spitting in the wind, because I know how people can get invested in their creations and dig in their heels, but I felt that I needed to say something.
  11. It just occurred to me that maybe some of the weirdness we're seeing might be unforseen combos with Leveticus running Pariah of Iron and taking Hinamatsu as a hench. There's just too many models there that I don't know enough about, but I don't recall anyone talking about potential problems with her and Leveticus. If you do take it, Alyce would give it Reactivate with Burn Out, and that still works. That could be good in a Levi crew. I wonder if we might see her showing up arm in arm with Lazarus more with him than in Neverborn. Assuming that the Assimilate action can even work on Hina. Does the text for the Cut by Hinamatsu count against the 'does not list a model by name' in the restrictions on assimilate? Might be worth it for that once in a blue moon combo where you combine Alyce, Hina, and Laz to reactivate and plant a giant pile of 'Cut by Hinamatsu' on an enemy model.
  12. From a thematic perspective I'm a little unsure about the Bultungin being Fae. It's a beastie from African folklore along with the Adze and the Grootslang, and while elves and faeries are common in European folklore, there are no fae monsters in African folklore. It makes the Asperger's in me twitch. A lot. This info from wikipedia might be a little better themed for those stats with the Fae keyword added: In Scandinavia, there existed the famous race of she-werewolves known with a name of Nattmara. The mara (or nightmare, as is the English word for them) appears as a skinny young woman, dressed in a night gown, with pale skin and long black hair and nails. As sand they could slip through the slightest crack in the wood of a wall and terrorize the sleeping by "riding" on their chest, thus giving them nightmares. They would sometimes ride cattle that, when touched by the Mara, would have their hair or fur tangled and energy drained, while trees would curl up and wilt. In some tales they had a similar role to the Banshee as an omen of death and if one were to leave a dirty doll in a family livingroom, one of the members would soon fall ill and die of tuberculosis (also called "lung soot", referring to how the lack of proper chimneys in old 18-19th century homes led to many contracting aforementioned disease due to inhaling smoke at a daily basis). There is controversy as to how they came into being and in some tales the Maras are simply restless children, whose souls leave their body at night to haunt the living. If a woman were to have a horse placenta pulled over her head before giving birth, the children would be delivered safely; but all the boys will turn into werewolves, and all the girls will become Maras. To avoid being haunted by a Mara a man could place his shoes at the front of the bed, as it is from there that the mara climbs up and seeing as something is in the way will deter her, or nail a horse shoe over it.
  13. I don't play Guild any more, and I want that model. So full of win on the heels of a conversation I'm having elsewhere on the internet about other companies having nothing but teen boy fantasies for every female miniature they produce. Well done Wyrdos, keep up the good work.
  14. So what did you think of Marlena and the Riot Breaker. Are they good with their current rules?
  15. Thematically, it's obvious that they wanted to give a different hench option for Collodi, who doesn't seem to get much love. Hard to say what else they are aiming for in terms of theme, since we don't know the backstory, and haven't seen the concept art. All we know is that it's a Ht2 puppet with four arms, and that it's probably linked to the Buraku. I'm sort of confused about why it's not a 10T model like them if that's the goal, but whatevs. That's up to the Wyrd writers, and not us. The question then is: Will anyone playing Collodi, or any other Master, take this over 8 to 10 ss of other hench? Either for theme or to win? You're passing over an additional Bunraku and 2 to 4ss of other stuff, but for variety in the appearance of your crew I will always give a model the benefit of the doubt. However, there's a great deal of anti-synergy there: Personal Puppet? Nope! Pull the Strings or any of the other puppet boosts? Nope! Any other way to address Collodi's fragility? Nope! I suppose you can use Inhuman Speed to cheat garbage cards face down in a fishing expedition for better cards to summon with, but that's a stretch. Statistically, Cut by Hinamatsu could be dropped for a 2/3/4 damage track.