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  1. I've been ignoring 52?pickup and final debt to instead focus on him as a support master with addict, expert cheater, and the rising sun, and let his crew do all the murdering. He just focuses on handing out brilliance. Huggy and Illuminated just murder and run schemes like crazy.
  2. Belles are also a bit easier to hit, and the only tricks they have are Lure and Pounce. IIRC they're Df4 and Wp4, so it's pretty easy to mess with them even if Hard to Wound and high wound count for a 5ss minion makes it hard to take them down. I'm just glad they at least reduced their Ca to 7, because Ca 8 on that lure was sick. I suppose that Beckoners were made 7ss because they get the positive flip against Brilliance, can hand out brilliance, keep brilliance going, stop models with brilliance in LoS from doing interacts, do have higher Df and Wp than the Belles, etc... The problem is that a few of their abilities make them want to be up really close (heal and keep brilliance going) and your opponent won't have to expend too much effort to squish them. By contrast, for the same range in points you can take The Illuminated, Stitched Together, or almost two depleted. I don't think the Beckoners are inherently bad so much as radically inferior to the other Darkened options. If you want to pull entertaining push tricks, one soulstone more will get you Graves the ultimate bodyguard for a few different schemes. If you want to talk about a model that's supposed to be theme with Lynch that's actual trash, look at my avatar.
  3. I must be misremembering. I thought the rules on the void bury effects were that if a model is already buried, and a model is buried, the previously buried model comes back. The idea being that you can generally only keep one model buried with the glimpse of the void effect at a time. I don't recall anything about killing a wretch bringing back a buried model like you can with Death Marshals. I think I have a better comprehension of why the list is powerful now that I've slept on it. Your opponent has eleven incorporeal reasonably fast scheme runners with the ability to either hand out Slow to wreck your opponent's ability to do anything, or hand out Fast and then pounce on the Fast model like a tank of piranha in a Bond film. It also acts as a strong disincentive for using tricks like using one model in your crew to grant Fast to another model in your crew. Your opponent will get at least one activation to go after the Fast model with two positive flips to go fishing for the bury trigger. The wretch's are Ht1, and can hide behind pretty much anything. There isn't any one trick to that Tara list. There's a vast catalog of dirty tricks. Some annoying schemes that most crews won't bother with like Inspection would be easy for her.
  4. Then I think the solution is self evident: Stitched Together, and lots of Ca actions that go against Wp. This might work best with Pandora or Lucius. Target Wp 5 Wretches with A Game of Chance, and give you more opportunities to do 'Tails you Lose' and force your opponent down to zero cards. Also works as an all comers list in case you're not certain if your opponent is really going to pull the Tara swarm. Voices Pandora and Candy aren't exactly going to lock Tara down, but it could work.
  5. Oh, I got it backwards, so there's an incentive to cheat and INCREASE their Df? I was working from memory, and assumed that would be stupidly powerful. Back to the drawing board.
  6. He said it was about taking nothing but Tara and the maximum possible number of Void Wretches, which would be eleven in a 50ss game if you put three upgrades on Tara. Void Wretch and Tara have multiple means of burying a model, and each wretch has a pretty solid damage track on a (2) attack that works on buried models. You force your opponent to take a pile of defensive duels until their hand is exhausted trying to cheat to avoid being buried. I assume you take the Voiceless Words upgrade that forces a model to take a WP:13 duel to avoid being buried when it kills a wretch. Knowledge of Eternity to bury at range, and Dead of Winter to knock 2 WP off models within 6" of Tara, so you can almost guarantee the death of any model that goes after her directly, and doesn't kill her. Because if you pile on enough attacks they're going to get bad cards. In the meantime, you cheat the crap out of things to increase the wretch's Df to crazy high levels. Even when you have no cards in your hand (especially then) the wretches will be hard to hit. Additionally you can pass around a lot of Fast to get extra positive flips on the attack, to guarantee the bury trigger will happen at least once. You can just concentrate on burying the highest SS thing your opponent's got with a bit of effort, and then leave it buried while your several remaining wretches fulfill schemes and the strategy. Or murder the buried model. Nasty stuff. I'm still trying to think how best to deal with it. Neverborn at least have multiple means of wrecking low Wp models like the Void Wretches, but my first thought, Pandora, will be a fail. Tara can run up to her with her six actions, and drop Pandora's Wp to five.
  7. I forgive you!
  8. So cheat in severe damage with a Changeling, or get nothing. Got it. Cornercase, but hilarious if you can pull it off. One imagines a heavy hitter with low WP like Ryle freaking out when a grade schooler with no face starts reciting laws and ordinances at him. Easier to just use a knights challenge to yank a model into pounce range of the changeling and have it make the OBJECTION!!! attack that way. With what I actually own: Lucius - Secret Assets, Secret Objectives, Suprisingly Loyal Primordial Magic Aeslin with Taproot The Thorn, Tooth, and Claw Guild Lawyer Changeling Should probably drop Surprisingly Loyal and Lawyer for two Changelings...
  9. At some point I'm going going to go hard core dirty bastard and build a crew around Lucius and three Stitched Together. Those things are crazy good. My last game I used Lynch and two stitched, and my opponent summoned a stitched next to Lilith in range of the Addict effect. I got Brilliance onto her, and that was the end of Lilith. 10 damage from Gamble Your Life, and then her black blood triggered two bouts of rotten contents for four more damage.
  10. I'm sorry, but I don't understand your comment. I just figured that since the Changelings are mimics, Lucius is running an evil baby orphanage somewhere in Malifaux. In the recent Schemes and Stones podcast about Titania, the guy talking about Titania made the assertion that for some masters, the Changeling is the best scheme runner in Neverborn, since while his blink requires a bit of work and planning, it's not as unreliable as the Terror Tot's sprint. There are some inherent boosts to the attacks on the knights, austringers, and lawyers that would work well with the terror tot. That brings up a rules question. If you've got a Changeling next to a Lawyer, and an opponent charges, they spend their two actions already, right? So if the Changeling pimp slaps the charging model with OBJECTION!! and causes Slow or Paralyzed, the model still gets to make its attacks, because it spent the two AP at the start of it's move right? Yet another fun combo, if significantly less likely to work unless you can cheat in the damage. Push an enemy model into close combat range of a Changeling replicating a lawyer to inflict Slow or Paralyze on it with OBJECTION!!! If it's a heavy hitter like a 12SS+ Henchman, totally worth it right?
  11. Lucius is no longer a Guild master, not when Nellie does everything he wants to do, but does it better. Truly, the pen is sharper than the sword! However, Neverborn has a number of really hard core minions that do some pretty unique stuff, and he can bring along Queeg to intimidate your minions into using their zero actions. I've already explored the potential hilarity of this combo in my 'Lucius, Champion of the Fey' list idea in a separate thread.
  12. You take the horrible dirty trick if you're going to go Titania, which is this: Use Barbaros with her, and give her the "Behold My Glory" upgrade. I can't take credit for this one, it was on the latest episode of schemes and Stones. It works like this: Barbaros activates early in the turn (if not first) and issues a challenge. Enemy models within 8" of him have to make a WP14 duel to attack anything else. Titania activates and plinks two, maybe three, heavy hitters with a trigger to put the "She'll End us all!" condition on them. Your opponent has to discard two cards if those models want to attack anything other than Titania. This means that you can arrange for heavy hitters to have to make a WP test to attack Titania, discard two cards to attack Barbaros, or do both to attack anything else. This leaves your other models free to pursue strategies and schemes relatively unmolested. It falls apart when your opponent has a horde of models that can easily make WP duels, or hit hard enough to take Barbaros down quickly if you have to cheat in the duel.
  13. You're welcome! Horror duels are no problem, as minions near Lucius and/or Lawyers laugh off horror duels. The extra flip to attack actions with the spear, sword, and vines is just gravy. I'm loving the new version of Lucius. Before thinking up crews for him was boring, but now it's fun! I think of him more and more as a NB master now that Nellie does just about the same thing, but does it a million times better. The way I see it, double HTW is just as likely to make them pull a Black Joker, and apart from that rare cornercase situation, they're going to be doing weak damage. Honestly, I'm happier to see them waste a red joker taking out a knight than Lucius. I really am torn as to what to take for the last model. Lawyer, Changeling, or Austringer. The combo of Changeling pounce and The Tooth's sword is fun. "Sorry! Your Yasunori, Nekima, etc... got shut down by an eight year old with no face!"
  14. I've been obsessing over the fae recently, because the models themselves are amazing. I'm also rather fond of Lucius and his lawyers. If I was a smart person I'd expend all the effort I'm putting into perusing the rules into painting, but I'm not smart, so I came up with this weird idea for an army. Forgive me if I get some details wrong. I don't possess the rules for Queeg, and have to rely on sources like PMF. One of the things I'm vague on is whether Queeg's Put the Fear in Em only applies to (0) tacticals, or if it can work on the Challenges of the fae knights. Lucius with Hidden Weapons, Secret Assets, and Surprisingly Loyal - Most of Lucius' abilities work on the fae knights just as effectively as on mimics or guardsmen; the only exception is Issue Command being limited to an 8" range. ALL the other abilities work on The Tooth, The Thorn, and the Claw just fine, and would you look at that? Hidden Weapons and Secret Assets want for one or more scheme markers near enemy models, and those knights have attack actions that generate scheme markers! The knights want to start their activations near enemy models and scheme markers, and isn't that what lackeys are for anyway? The knights already move pretty fast, but with lucius they should move like greased lightning. Primordial Magic - While I'm tempted by the new incarnation of the Scribe, the pukeworm giving a slight advantage in card draw and the ability to act as a mobile scheme marker is too good. Aeslin with Taproot - She's there because apart from Titania, she's the only model I'm aware of that can hold Taproot, and give the knights 'fairy squeal'. The ability to spend a scheme marker to push 3" when attacked. There's relatively little synergy with Lucius, but she can plant scheme markers on enemy models at range, Lucius can do "What Lackeys are for" to drop her next to an enemy model that wants to do Ca actions, or keep her next to that model after your opponent has managed to push it away. She makes a good sucker for Frame for Murder. She's got a high enough Wp to pass the horror duel on commanding presence. Master Queeg - Queeg give the knights near him the option of dropping schemes as a (0) instead of a (1) with Welcome to Hell, and I am your devil. All your fae will have scheme markers to burn on the defensive push from Taproot. I know it has a proper name, but it's permanently in my brain as 'fairy squeal', and I shall refer to it that way forever. You can do two walks and an interact on turn one with the knights and still get a scheme, and then Queeg can lash other knights in the butt to get extra moves from A Clear Path or to run pit fights by forcing the Knights to issue challenges, if that's actually possible. Doppleganger/ The Claw: Haven't made up my mind here. For now the Claw, because backorders. - The advantage of The Claw is that Queeg can lash him in the bum to do his (0) actions. The Claw is my last choice of knights in this list because he burns schemes faster than provide them, though his challenge is the best of the lot. It provides the option of easily putting two negative flips to Df on an enemy model when you attack it with a hidden sniper from Secret Assets. Has fairy squeal trigger baked into his Df. The Tooth - Drag enemy models in with her challenge, and get up to three scheme markers next to that model with the baked in trigger on the Blade of Summer. Double the fun of her challenge by challenging models that have had Fees inflicted on them by a Lawyer. With a lawyer and Lucius backing them, they should be harder hitting and faster than when under Titania, but get fewer scheme markers. The Thorn - Lashing Vines gets you a card draw every time it hits. Lucius can theoretically give her the ability to hit two additional times in a turn, and it doesn't look TOO difficult to pull off, assuming your opponent gives you relatively durable low Df targets to repeatedly lash with the vines. Lawyer/Changeling/Austringer: Haven't made up my mind here, but I don't yet own an Austringer, so I'm going to start with a Lawyer. - I want to experiment with a Guild Lawyer, because Hard to Wound +2 knights from Impassioned Defense, unless I'm misreading, and you can't inflict multiple negative flips to damage that way. Extra entertainment value can be derived from putting Fees on an enemy model, and then forcing it to attack the Tooth with her Challenge of Summer. Finish the Job has some extra merit when you can drop a scheme marker next to the model that killed the Guild Lawyer. - The Changeling can get an extra blink from Queeg, and gets a boost to horror flips and attacks from Lucius and Lawyer to make up for its abysmal Wp and attack value. Could be a respectable bodyguard for The Tooth, as it can pounce with the Tooth's weapon, and then push the enemy model 4" away. Basically, make a formation of Lucius, Tooth, and Mimic working together as a team. Charge. Failed. - Austringer is kind of a 'doy' inclusion, as it can Issue Orders to create schemes, and Lucius lets that happen even when those models are engaged. Provides additional ranged attacks that ignore LoS. It's such an obvious and easy inclusion that it makes me resist including it.
  15. One of the very best things about your company is how it's about the art and look of the game, and you're always forging new ground instead of giving us slight variations of the same thing over and over again. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff she creates for you.