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VS Perdita


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Any opinions on ways for TT to go up against a Perdita list? I have a friend who's going Guild.


My immediate instinct was Misaki, but upon looking at battle reports it looks like Perdita can actually beat Misaki in melee..kind of ridiculous.


Do you think it's possible for a Shenlong crew to outshoot a Perdita crew?


Or are we better off going with McCabe and wastrels and running around the board? 


What about Lynch? My first instinct is that it's way too easy to focus fire him down and that's it.


Mei Feng I think seems like a winner with Vent Steam and expressline, but I think Kang might need to be replaced since he doesn't offer much against Guild.

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I've actually used Misaki to smash Perdita in the past. Perdita appears as though she would be in a position to hammer Misaki in melee but Misaki becomes more durable against Perdita because of her Bulletproof +1. Katanaka Snipers work well to whittle their wounds down from range, Smoke Bombs can be great for blocking LoS to prevent lots of shooting getting to you. Torakage work well because of their One with the Crowd ability. 


If Perdita gets into melee with Misaki furiously attempt to trigger Assassination to drain her hand/SS pool. Other things that help are Misdirection so you can pass the damage off onto other models. 

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I'm a passionate Dita player, so some hints from the enemy:


Perdita is ridiculously resilient, as long as Francisco is protecting her with his "El Mayor". Francsico is by far not as resilient as she. Try to kill him first (perferably with something expendable, as the killer is likely to be taken down by Dita in response).


Perdita really doesn't like blasts. Really not. I mean her stats are marvellous, but her Wds are not. Blast onto her and she will go down.


Don't bee-line for her in turn one. Dita has a very strong assassination game i the first two turns, so try to keep your Master away. Warning signs that your opponent may attempt this are the Student of Conflict, Papa Loco and the Vengeance Bullet upgrade.


Dita, and Ortegas in general, hate Vent Steam. Oh God, how I hate this negative flip, as its one of the few defences against shooting Perdita cannot simply ignore. Mei Feng cuts her damage potential in half, so she has to play a positioning game. She will still be dangerous, but less.


Dita and Francisco don't like conditions, as they cannot Shrug them off. Burning is especially hated by me.


Play with enough terrain. Only Rasputina punishes boards with too many LOS as hard as Ortegas, so make a balanced board happen. Balanced, mind you. Playing Ortegas will not be fun for your opponent either if everything is blocked.


Don't underestimate Perditas speed. She only has Walk 5, but don't let it fool you. Especially if the Nephilim is in the crew, Ortegas are blindingly fast.


So, I'd be looking for fast models, especially with some damage reduction, and if you want to be cruel, protect them with Mei Feng. Illuminated make good models, as they do against most crews. Support them with some blasts and see how it goes. Change it up for personal preference (as always).


Hope you have a fun game!

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I was looking at the Lone Swordsman, the guy actually seems like he was built to take down the Ortegas...BulletProof +3? Wow. Plus, "You Shall Not See Another Sunrise" would get a lot of use against a crew that's primarily hench/enforcers.


That's actually a pretty damn good idea. Between his triggers and abilities there aren't many Ortega's he can't hammer into dust. 

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A really fair post from Dirial giving some inside on Perdita.


I was looking at the Lone Swordsman, the guy actually seems like he was built to take down the Ortegas...BulletProof +3? Wow. Plus, "You Shall Not See Another Sunrise" would get a lot of use against a crew that's primarily hench/enforcers.


A really good idea to use him. :)

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Came up with another idea:

Nino is usually problematic as a sniper, so you can do this if your opponent uses "From the Shadows"


Use this with

  • Katanaka Sniper
  • Guild Pathfinder

Since you ought to have more models than he does, you should deploy your "From the shadow" last.

Drop the pathfinder or sniper right ontop of Nino in melee. Since he doesn't have a melee attack, you should be good to go.


This can countered by deploying around Nino, so deploy your sniper LAST. If he doesn't deploy Nino from the shadows, then at least you've denied him that.

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I don't get it. How do you want to ensure that Nino deploys before your model? It's all in one card flip.


Also, getting Nino into Melee is not a constant solution. He can push away, so no disengaging strike, and has a kill trigger on short range. Best idea against Nino (in my opinion) is to hide and ignore him or shoot him himself.

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Went up against my friend's Perdita crew, it was very ugly for the TT


I was using Shenlong, Peasant 2 Katanaka Snipers, Lone Swordsman, Sensei Yu and an Illuminated.


I overcommitted my Snipers by deploying them both close to Nino, meanwhile I lost one and the Lone Swordsman to concentrated fire from the Ortega cluster.



fighting the Ortegas piecemeal is dumb, I should either have committed them all at once with cover fire from the snipers or chosen a different list with more minions..didn't help that it was reckoning with the schemes

  • Cursed Object
  • Deliver Message
  • Murder Protege
  • Take Prisoner

So pretty much everything involved needing to get up close and personal.

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