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Strong Wave 2 Neverborn Minions and Enforcers


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As some may know, I've been writing a series of articles looking at each faction's minions and enforcers at the end of the Wave 2 Beta, with an eye towards their general utility rather than specific crews. I'm onto the Neverborn now, and the forum's been very helpful in throwing out suggestions, so I thought I'd keep it rolling. I'm more familiar with them than the last two so I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to write, but I want to know what YOU think. Is a particular model strong? Underpowered? Who are the standouts?


Thanks in advance.

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Id say take a look at the shaman. He is basically two of Liliths upgrades combined in one model with added utility. The shaman grows your nephilim, buffs them and deals AoE damage and the wounds your own models take are nothing compared to the benefits they get.

While i think you'd have to protect him over the course of the game, your oppenent will likely not focus him because your other nephilim will rip him apart if he does.

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Lilitu adds a bit of utility. 4" Ml, great lure, nasty sting for already wounded models, can boost her own flips (at the cost of ap) and solid all round stats - all for 7ss. Whilst I don't rate her twin brother, the 2 of them together can be formidable depending on who they are working with.


Personally I also think Coppelius is a strong utility choice. Being a Nightmare he obviously works best with the Dreamer, but I think there's enough about him to stand alone in other crews - especially as he's only 8ss. He can dish out horror duels (which will also deal damage), slow, good heals and can summon pesky little Alps (who in turn dish our more slow). Top that off with reasonable stats, terrify and a half decent melee ability, I think he makes a good addition to any crew.

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Its a little early, as final results are coming out Monday, so things could be tweaked. Some thoughts below.


Lelu and Lilitu - Lelu is definately the weaker of the pair, feeling more or less like a slightly weaker illuminated with no gun. Yeah, yeah, I know, Illuminated are stupid good. But would you ever really hire this guy on his own? I feel he's pretty much in the "Dreamer Summons Only" crowd, where his healing (and Pleasant Dreams) can help get a summoned Lilitu up to speed. He's slow for a Neverborn (speed 4), though it can be mitigated a bit with Lie in Wait. I just wish this ability didnt require a discard, but it can still get him out of most engagement ranges and let him charge something else (and grants Pounce to Lilitu). Neverborn doesnt really grant a lot of beneficial conditions, so the "Same Oppressive Force" ability isn't amazing. Lilitu on the other hand is pretty awesome, and will replace a beckoner in many lists that don't rely on brilliance, offering a better all around Lure package. When in the thick, her whip locks down a sizable area with its 4" range for denying movement and scheme placement. It would have been nice to see Whispers as a 0 action (and require a discard, or something to compensate), but we can't have it all. 


Iggy - His pitch a fit is pretty great. -2 to WP for enemy models in 6" that haven't activated. This pairs well with the Woe specific upgrade Deression, which grants woes the Melancholy attack which can force models to activate later in the round. Being an enforcer, he can carry this upgrade, though I feel Tannen might be a better choice to carry it, since the wording doesn't allow the carrier to use the ability. Martyr lets him take a damage for a woe, essentially trading 2:1 damage for incorporeal woes in many instances.  All in all, a solid addition to Pandora. Oh, also he throws fire, but given Neverborn doesn't really have much way to capitalize on that, you aren't taking him for that reason.


Tannen - another woe and potential Pandora friend. The damage on Bore to Tears isn't amazing by itself, stacking some Misery damage on it makes it more respectable, particularly given that ranged damage isnt Neverborn's strong suit.  Still would have loved to see the walk and charge penalties stack on this to help lock down a model. His chatty can come in handy in certain schemes/scenarios. Cooler pairs well with Lynch's expert cheater. Not a bad piece of tech for 6 points.


Graves - reasonably survivable with Armor 1, Hard to Kill and Black Blood to discourage death by weenie melee. His fence post is a decent (literal) beatstick attack with a built in mask to help with Obsidian Talons, though i still dont like the "Your Fight is With Me" being Tannen specific or its mechanics. Show Ya the Door is a nice way to move him and a Buddy 6", which is good for slow masters/units, and of course can be used offensively such as throwing into tots, who appreciate the meals on wheels. Keeping the Peace isn't amazing, given that Abuela does it automatically with no way WP test, but at least the action doesnt compete with any other 0 action, and who knows, you might get them to cheat a card or two. 

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