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new forum issue - chat feature

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Dear Ratty and/or other forum admins,



I encountered a bug this evening when I attempted to use the chat feature on the forums. The initial attempt to log in worked fine, and I was able to gain access to the chat feature. However, upon clicking the small button entitled "open in another window" situated below the user list, I was promptly removed from chat and the following message was displayed:




Oops! Something went wrong!

You do not have access to our chat room.

Need Help?


I was running chrome at the time, so I attempted to change browsers. Initially safari worked, but upon repeating the sequence above to verify if it was a once off, i was locked out in all browsers and across multiple devices.
Before I attempted to verify the glitch, I asked others in the chat area to verify it, and they reported no problems. This leads me to suspect that the issue is linked to my account in particular.
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I was in chat  Ratty asked henchI openen to reline, usingh. I did so, and now I get the same message. Have logged off and on and rebooted browser. Still no go. 



On mobile Dolphin Browser. 


My text cursor always jumps to the first line using SwiftKey crashes everytime I use more than one tab. 



Also Dolphin crashes every time i. 

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