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Advice appreciated for painting Pandora crew


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Hi all,

I've ordered the Pandora crew 'No Shelter here', and want advice on painting Sorrows. I do not want to do them the green of the box art, nor the following: blue (Ice Gamin in my collection are that colour), torquise (as per previous reference), bright green (flames on my death marhsalls are painted that way).

That still leaves me with many colours to work with, but I want them to looking suitably ghostly, to stand out, and use colours on them I am comofortable with. I do want to do them in a bright glowing ethereal style.



Red (which I find hard to do well) - do them in a fashion after a red sith force ghost (think the end of Return of the Jedi, only red instead of blue)

Purple/Magenta - still not sure how to pull this off to look cool enough

Any suggetions to expand on this, or to paint the above examples accordingly? Please don't suggest yellow. I hate painting yellow.

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I have seen examples of Purple Sorrows and they definitely looked good, though I think Red would look good also (I have a very hazy recollection of seeing Red Sorrows as well).

In either case (and this would also include your dreaded yellow) painting them "suitably ghostly" isn't very difficult at all. Start with a White primer (brush on or spray on) after that it is really just a matter of applying a few thin translucent layers. I would recommend the following combinations:

For Purple: Citadel Druchii Violet Shade followed by Citadel Carroburg Crimson Shade

For Red: Citadel Reikland Flesh Shade followed by Citadel Carroburg Crimson followed by Citadel Bloodletter Glaze

With the exception of the Glaze all the shades should be thinned a bit. I recommend either the Citadel Lahmian medium or a custom blend of Matte Medium/ Gloss Medium and Flow Improver over plain water.

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I went for a "whatever theyre based on" aproach rationalizing them rising up and spawning from whatever was on the base at the time. And since i based them on orphanage bases one in the crack in the floor got green/yellow abyssal glow, another spawned from the carpet with other faces trying to push through and was purple/ magentaish and the last one rose out of one of the books so he was bleached bone yellowed and as soon as a find a thin enough caligraphy pen im going to add scribbly lines acros him to simulate text


The idea came from a combination of terror on elm street the scene where freddy pops a crucifix of the wall and try to push through the wall and one of the orpanage bases that has a similar effect with things trying to force their way through from another dimension.

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well you could always start with a mid tone grey as your darkest shadows, and work your way up to white highlights for a casper the ghost type effect.

or you could go darker with a 50/50 deep blue/black as your shade and then work up through cool greys that have a blueish tint.

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@ Omenbringer


Purple sounds good, as does red. I have green as a spot colour on my death marshals and don’t want to use blue, I want my neverborn to look a little different.


I hate working from white primers, but I could do several thin layers of Ceramite white with Lahmia medium (I use the GW paints), or I could use a grey car primer that is a little thick. Otherwise I always work off of GW chaos black. I’m not a fan of Citadel shades though, even thinned with Lahmia medium, and the glaze isn’t great either. I don’t have the Crimson Shade, but I do have the older ink washes and some P3 inks. The shades I have gotten dry very oddly, even with medium. I do not like them, not one bit.




Is that ‘whatever they are based on’ from the background or just your own idea? Either way it is cool. I’ll be keeping the bases simple enough. Sounds cool with the text.




I don’t like the casper effect, but not the actual effect. That would be okay imho for human ghosts, and while I am not sure if Sorrows are evil spirits, daemons, or were once human, I think they should be painted for my own taste in a sinister and unusual colour.

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