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Sonia or Raspi?


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In general:

Sonnia drops more blasts overall. She also has a very easy time hitting, as she can boost her Ca to 9, and gets a :+fate to attacks against any model with a Wp of 6+ (which is a lot.) And, once you are on fire, she can ignore cover. (Also, as noted, she sets you on fire.)

Rasputina offers less Blasts, but tends to do more damage with them. Her moderate is inherently higher (very important when dropping Severe blasts), and she can also get a +1 damage boost from nearby Ice Gamin. 5 damage blasts are pretty fearsome, and tend to do more damage than even Sonnia can do with burning. Especially since while Sonnia is getting her burning trigger, Rasputina is getting her trigger for a bonus cast.

Sonnia has a bit more inherent range, but Rasputina can use her ice mirror tricks to fire from across the battlefield.

Neither is especially durable, though both have a few tricks up their sleeves. I'd say Rasputina probably has the edge there, given some of her upgrades. Rasputina brings much more utility to the table, as she can paralyze and can buff her friends with Armor. Sonnia can, however, gain a very nice summoning upgrade that spawns free Witchling Stalkers whenever nearby Burning enemies are slain.

So both have their own areas of expertise. Overall:

-Go with Sonnia if you want unstoppable attacks, lots of blasts, lots of enemies on fire, and free minions.

-Go with Rasputina if you want raw damage, lots of attacks, nasty conditions and bonus armor.

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Both sound fun. Maybe I'll get both.... I am guessing they cannot ally.

Wonder how Kaeris would get on with Raspi....

She won't.......they are both masters.....so unless you're playing a fun 'old Brawl' style of game they won't be together on the table (except as foes).

And I agree, they are both fun......I flip-flop between the two (when I'm not playing 'Dita or Marcus).....they're both tied for 3rd place on my favorite masters list.

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I prefer a more balanced game....even just for fun......there are too many possible broke-tastic master and master combos.

Though Kaeris and Sonnia could be equally interesting with synergistic fiery doom.

I'm hoping that Sonnia's Avatar upgrade will allow her to hire or summon Fire Gamin....that would be hot. Unlike Stalkers, they give Burning even if you hit them with their Df Trigger.

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As a Raspy player, I've been considering adding Soniia to my collection for a similar, but different crew to play with. After reading the most recent update for the beta, I think Kaeris will actually fill that void nicely! Lots of models in the Arcanist faction that can work nicely with Kaeris outside of her expected box set...

The thing about Soniia, in my opinion, is that while she does good damage herself, she can hire quite competent minions that are better offensively than Raspy's average minion. Now, on the flipside, Raspy's average minion won't run away in fear of anything and Raspy can use them as the origin of her Ca attacks. So, it's about the kind of game you're playing. Both are really neat masters and it would be fun to play either.

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