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man, i hate when people can paint the eyes... they are cool

It's one of those things that's not that hard, but takes a little patience and practice. One suggestion (that I don't always follow) is to paint the eyes black then add white to the sides, rather than vice versa. Also, paint a line 'through' the eye rather than trying to be perfectly accurate, then clean up the flesh around it. 'Dabbing' an eyeball makes it look funny.

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Yep, those are ways to do it.

I find that it is often easiest to paint the eyes before you have painted the rest of the face. Paint them white first, and don't worry about going outside of the lines. Then add a black line down the middle. Then clean up around the edges of the eye to create the shape (it is best if you clean up in a lining color like black, so that you'll have a dark line between the white and your flesh tone).

Hope that's helpful. I'm currently working on getting the shine and color just right (if you want to know what I'm talking about, go have a look at the Dark Sword minis that Marika Reimer and Jessica Rich have painted).

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